Weekend in Pittsburg

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Stephanie P. obvious is one of those defensive Pghers that I was telling you about.

"Have you ever heard of Cozumel? It's a Mexican restaurant in Shadyside w/a live band."

A Live Band! Oh, that makes the Mexican food great. My mistake. And we all know that Shadyside is one of Pittsburgh's many Mexican neighborhoods.

"There are 3 Indian restaurants in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh - my favorite is (Star of India). "

There is big difference between an Indian restaurant and a good Indian restaurant. Star of India is barely recognizable as Indian.

"There is Ali Baba (Mid-Eastern) restaurant right next to Star of India."

Of all ethnic foods, middle-eastern has also been the one that you could find in Pgh. Never understood why, but there are several good places. Unfortunately, Ali Baba is not one of them.

"There is Yom Wok for Chinese/Thai food. All these are on North Craig Street in Oakland."

A North Craig. The famious Pittsburgh Restaurant Row. I read an article about it in Conde Nast. Or was is Dull & Tasteless Monthly. Anyway,
I love these Chinese/Thai/Indonesian/Mexican/Italiansplaces. They figure that doing many things poorly is the same as doing one thing well.

"You are probably too lazy for look for anything cultural because your so ignorant of what it is. By the way, maybe you should leave Pittsburgh since you have such a distain for it."

Pittsburgh, love it or leave it? Now there's an intelligent, enlightened response. Anyway, I did. That's why I have perspective and you don't.

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Stephanie -

Why do you sound so unhappy and hostile on so many of these threads? Is engaging people in angry exchanges online, regularly, something you actually enjoy?
Old Apr 22nd, 2002, 05:11 PM
Stephanie P.
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Why do you care so much? I am perfectly happy with where I live, this guy has a problem with Pittsburgh, why doesn't he move? Is he being kept in SW PA at gunpoint? There is plenty of culture here, except with the likes of the guy posting here, he doesn't have culture or class.
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Stephanie - I'm confused. I've seen you BASH certain groups of people without mercy, i.e. New Yorkers, yuppies, etc. - in addition to disagreeing with others on certain points. Yet you have a problem with someone else expressing an opinion different than yours about Pittsburgh. Why?
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I would suggest staying at many of the nice hotels downtown, like the William Penn and visiting the Strip District for ethnic food. If you are not familiar with the strip district is is the place where food is imported into the city. Lots of warehouses and atmosphere. Casual dining along Smallman and Penn Streets and interesting shops.
Old Jul 22nd, 2002, 02:09 PM
michael j.
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As person who was transfered here form the west coast, it seems to me that these same people who who says how bad pittsburgh is are people , that are unhappy with themselves. I suggest they should go and take a nose dive & get it over with ! Pittsburgh is one of the most unique cities in the country, along with san fran, & new orleans. It's city like that you want to visit. Not cookie cutter places that are all the same. these people no nothing about culture or they don't travel much else where or in their on town that's why they are bitter. If you are a patheic bag of s----, then of course you will have noithng good to say.
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thanks,Mike.....ditto all...a fellow PGH lover...and I agree w/Stephanie....
Old Jul 22nd, 2002, 05:33 PM
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Pittsburgh is a clan unique city now that it is cleaned up. You will have a great time. I recommend staying at the Sheraton at Station Square. Its location will allow you to have access to the South Side, Downtown and Mt. Washington within minutes. The South Side is ethnic with a great night life and restaurants. On the South Side you have LePommier which is a french restaurant with food to die for; you have the Grand Concourse with its sunday brunch and you have Mallorca with its paella and seafood. Tons of bars and jazz clubs and just watching the people. On Mt. Washington, which I suggest you take the incline to, you have the Monteray Bay Fish Grotto (its crab cakes were voted best in the city), the Grandview Saloon (another great view of the city) and the Shiloh Inn with its piano bar. Downtown, which you can walk to if you want, has a Morton's, Ruth Chris and the Steelhead Grill (can't walk to here but a taxi will be cheap) which has great seafood. You can take a bus or taxi to Oakland with the Carnegie Museum, Frick Museum and Phipps Conservatory. Eat lunch at the Frick. I personally don't think that you want to stay in Oakland for late night because the gangs are making their appearances. The Strip is a must for Saturday. Go to Sunseri's to eat lunch. There are tons of neat little stores. Places to eat dinner are Sushi Kim and Valhalla (not on the level as Monteray Bay Fish Grotto or the Steelhead, but easier on the budget and still fun). Primanti Brothers is okay but personally too dirty for me. Robert Wholey's is also a must with its seafood and they have a great fish sandwich. I live outside of the city and often come in because it's so much fun. There is alot of shopping downtown, Kaufmanns, Lazurus, etc. I would not stay on the Northside, too far out and unsafe because of the winos and druggies though they are slowly pushing them out. I think the Sheraton is central because of the above and there also are many shops and restaurants right in the complex, Station Square. You can get a great view of the city and the water. You will have a great time. Enjoy.
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My wife and I spent a weekend there last year and really enjoyed it. We did the restaurant on Mt Washington, the incline railway, the museum that shows one room school house replicas from all over the world, and a boat ride/brunch that was excellent. We will go again soon.
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Winos and drugies on the Northside? Are they related to the rabid homeless of San Francisco? I was born in Pittsburgh and I left it. But it's still nice to return every now and then and they've got one of the best airports in the country.
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There is nothing like exiting the Fort Pitt tunnels and catching your first view of Pittsburgh! Some of the big cities of the world can't even match this site! Try it both day and night for a very unique experience.
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