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Apr 11th, 2002, 09:13 PM
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I would not go during the summer months. My first experience at WDW was during July. The days were miserable, the nights humid and the crowds unbearable. Remember WDW doesn't limit the number of individuals into the gate only at the rides(1-2 hour lines for a ride ruin all the fun of the trip). Fast pass is great, but some rides sell out during the day so then it is useless.

We thought the crowds would die down later at night, but were we wrong. I still remember the night at 12:30 AM waiting for the monorail with thousands of people in the heat and humidity,only one that has experienced WDW in July would know. Among the thousands of people were very small children whining, screaming and crying because they were exhausted, their parents had spent their life savings on the "vacation of a lifetime", and I waited for an hour to get to the monorail so I could get back to my hotel. We had no children at the time, but my wife and I vowed to never go to Disney during the summer or a school vacation. We have been back four times since, during off peak times, and have had the time of our lives enjoying all of Disney without the waits and nonsense that goes with vacation time visits.

If you want to spend the money a WDW vacation will cost you, certainly DO NOT go during the summer, take the kids out of school so they will have very fond memories of WDW and the great time they had instead of being tired and cranky. We have used this advice and been very satisfied with our WDW vacations!
Apr 12th, 2002, 11:04 AM
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Amen to that post. Amen, amen.Oct-Nov has the Int'l Food and Wine fest at Epcot, which is really fun. Surely your kids have Teacher's days and conference days which you can turn into a 3-4 day visit. I always get the school schedule in advance and plan from there. Disney is miserable in summer. Ditto for XMas, Spring Break. I've been 8 times and I will NEVER do it then again, not for a free vacation. Oct-Nov great.
Apr 12th, 2002, 12:10 PM
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Eric, how could you have been disappointed, after all, you were at Disney! So what if there were crowds and heat, just be lucky you got to go to Disney. Remember, a bad day at Disney is better than a good day anywhere else in the world.

What about the magic Eric, you still got the "magic", didn't you? Here, I'll sprinkle a little pixie dust your way so you have less crowds on your next magical journey to the happiest place on earth.

(Yes, these are actual quotes one can expect in response to a statement like Erics on the disboards.com. For these and more truly unbelievable posts take a peek on those boards. It will blow your mind!)
Apr 12th, 2002, 03:38 PM
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Heat and humidity are as moot a point in Florida as the crowds at WDW in summertime. We were there last July, the second week, and I found it much more bearable than, say, Houston. (But then, I've lived in Houston where you start sweating by February and join the living dead by June.) Definitely stay hydrated. What we do is fill a Camelback water backpack before we head out, put some bottled water in our bags and drink all day long. We also pack 2 boxes of granola bars and other snacks in our luggage, and then take those with us into the parks. Saves you money on snacks. WDW in July is more crowded than I prefer, but as long as you can avoid the chanting South American school groups, you'll be okay. (According to a former "cast memeber" friend, WDW is full of the South American school groups every July. They're nice, they just chant alot.)
Since your only option for visiting is during the heavy season, here are some tricks we use when we go: 1)veer left alot - 85% of the time, the crowd is lurching right, but you can bypass them on the left 2)take walkietalkies - lots of people have them, but if you devise a plan, you can find your party if you're separated (we have aliases and use codewords to change the channel, in case our conversations cross others. it sounds dorky, but you know you've got the right "Rob" if your Rob responds to "Moonshine".)
Always carry an umbrella, as it does rain alot, and taking your own umbrella or poncho will save you the $$ you'd spend on buying one of disney's yellow ponchos that everyone in the park wears. During the rain is a good time to hit the rides. Alot of people abandon the rides - even the ones that still run - when it rains, so take advantage of that. And enjoy the rain, it's a nice relief.
Apr 17th, 2002, 03:35 PM
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I agree with most everyone here. It depends on your point of view. If you LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney you'll probably be OK. But I've been in June and it can be very very hot and crowded which can ruin the vacation. I'm from Texas and it's about the same temperature in the summer here and I was almost wiped out myself. If your not used to the heat it could be bad. Be sure to keep water with you and wear hats etc.. Someone said in another person's question that the last two weeks of August are good, No Crowds because school is back in session. You might check that out. If you can't get in early to the parks anymore (be sure to call and make sure) that may make a difference also. When we went we had small children and found that staying in the Park was very helpful because we could go early and come back in the afternoon for a nap during the most crowded and hot time of the day. Then you go back in the evening. So inconclusion here's the recommendation. If you MUST go JULY or AUGUST try the last two weeks of August, stay in the Disney park on the monorail. Go early 30 minutes before it opens to the parks, go counter clockwise (to the left first) since the rest of the crowd goes to the right. Go straight to the most crowded ride and get your fast pass. At Magic Kingdom go back to the main street by the front gate and get your ticket to the Bear Jamboree Show (can't remember what it's called it's in a saloon) Ride for an hour or so the top 2 or 3 rides you want to catch, then take a break and at Magic Kingdom go eat lady and the tramp waffles at Tony's. Go see the show catch what rides you can and leave the park. Nap for a couple of hours. Go back at 6:00 PM or so. Catch the other rides you want. Leave the most crowded for the last 5 - 10 minutes the park is open, or during the parade. AT the other parks do the same the last 30 minutes or during the laser shows or parades go ride the most crowded rides. Be sure to make a schedule ahead of time of which rides your going to ride and which direction to do the park, and when to do the shows. A guide book like Birnbaums' will help you figure out the least crowded restaurants etc. Also make your dinner show, and dinner reservations when you book your hotel (these fill up quick in the summer). A good plan helps. When we went I did all this and we were able to do EVERYTHING we wanted to ride and see. Have fun and happy planning!!!

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