Washington DC weekend itinerary--look ok?

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Washington DC weekend itinerary--look ok?

We're a couple staying in Dupont Circle, coming in Friday afternoon, have to leave early afternoon Sunday. We've been to Washinton a couple of times already and have seen major monuments.

This time I thought we would check into the hotel then:

go see the Phillips Collection in the afternoon. Evening?

For the next day (Saturday) I thought we'd take the bus over to Georgetown and take the Canal boat ride. Have never done this, how do people like it who have? Then see other sites in the area, like Dumbarton House, the Old Stone House.

Our train leaves at 1:30, so I suppose we could do some shopping Sunday morning at Union Station. We'll have our bags, and I'm not sure if we'd have the time to see another site, say in the Washington Mall area, before we'd need to be there for our train.

So I have some gaps in planning here, lol. Any help would be appreciated.
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The hours for the Phillips Collection on Friday are 10:00am - 5:00pm, I believe.
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You have already been to the Smithsonian, including the Air & Space Museum?
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I'd stop for a drink at the top of Hotel Washington. They have a nice deck that looks over the monuments/white house.

As far as shopping, Georgetown is always good for that. I've never taken the boat cruise, but I live here and we go to the waterfront to people watch on the weekends.

Any dinner plans?
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We're having dinner the Sat night at Tabbard Inn, that's all I've planned so far.

Thanks for the PHillips hours, may not work for us Friday, since we probably wouldn't be at the hotel until 2:30 to 3.
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Skip the canal boat ride. The canal is not much to look - basically steep embankments on both sides. An alternative would be a potomac river cruise. It begins and ends at the Georgetown waterfront (31st &K st). You want the "Capitol River Cruise" which leaves hourly and is at the far north end of the harbor - $8/person. There are other WAY overpriced cruises that also leave G'town waterfront and also serve you a crappy meal - steer clear of these. Enjoy a drink at one of the riverfront cafes after the ride. The old stone house will take you 30 seconds. In addition to the countless shops & restaurants along M st & Wisc. Ave, look around for walking tours of the neighborhood. If you see Dumbarton House, also make sure you tour the gardens. Also if you see "Cafe LaRuche" STOP IN for lunch (31st St just north of K st) Inexpensive, but great, great food. Here's more info....

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thanks, everyone, esp bardo. I really appreciate the tips.
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If you haven't left yet...

If the weather is nice and you like to walk, I very highly recommend walking from Dupont Circle to Georgetown rather than taking the bus. The two neighborhoods are very charming. The best route between the two IMO is Q Street (only a few of the streets have bridges over Rock Creek Park, I like Q Street the best). Once you cross over the Q Street Bridge, I would continue on Q until you get to Wisconsin Ave. Take a left on Wisconsin and walk to M Street. Wisconsin and M are the main commercial streets in Georgetown. Be sure to go down the the harbor and canal.
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Have dinner at Bistrot du Coin on the corner of Connecticut & Florida Avenues, NW. You will love it. If you have been to Paris, it will remind you of Paris. If not, you will like it anyway. Try the mussels with the "frites" (FREEDOM fries).

Please note that many of the major works from the Phillips Collection, including Renoir's "Afternoon of the Boating Party" are on tour. Last I heard the paintings involved in the tour were in Phoenix.
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carte005, would you happen to know how long the walk takes?

I did see at their website that the Renoir is on tour.

I'm going to have to do a little more research to round out how we'll spend out time there.

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You might like the political satire performance of the Capitol Steps, see www.capsteps.com The show would be at 7:30 this evening (Saturday), I believe.

You might be able to get in about an hour of shopping on Sunday morning. My guess would be that the stores open at noon.

I hope you enjoy your visit.
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Don't be too disappointed if you don't get a chance to go shopping at Union Station -- you can find most of the same stores at your local mall.
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Marge-realize you have already gone and come back from your DC trip..but your mention of the Tabard Inn delighted me. We stayed there which was ok not great but the bar at the Tabard was a great experience. We stayed at the Inn at Dupont in Dupont Circle and hope to go back. We also went to the Phillips while there and enjoyed it very much. Hope you had a good trip.
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Thanks, Pam. We're actually going in the next week. The bar is fun at the Tabbard Inn. I had a Russian cognac once that almost knocked my socks off, lol. Last time I went the food at the restaurant was terrific. I like the funky decor, and the huge bathtubs at the hotel.
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It only a thought but how would a tour of the Naval Observatory suit you? We've done it and it's about 90 minutes and includes watching the stars through the huge telescopes. It's not far from where you'll be staying I think it's Mass Ave and New Mexico or thereabouts. You can probably learn more about it at their internet site www.usno.navy.mil/ We have taken guests there on a few occasions and they've always enjoyed it.

For dinner i'd recommend the Old Ebbits Grill - something's always going on and the food is consistently good!
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From Dupont to the intersection of Q and Wisconsin is about 1 to 1.5 miles. I figure this will take you about more than 30 minutes at a leisurely pace. Once you get to Q and Wisconsin, you are in Georgetown, and where you go from there is up to you. The reason I suggest this walk is that I think the residential areas of Georgetown are prettier than the two commercial streets (M and Wisconsin). Walking from Dupont gives you a chance to see some of the interesting architecture and gets you off the main streets.
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Great suggestions. Thanks again. The Naval Observatory sounds fun. I love Washington, wish I could spend a couple of weeks rather than days.

If we get good weather the walk sounds wonderful.
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