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I just got a great rate at the Waldorf -Astoria hotel in NYC. I have never stayed there and would be interested in thought about the hotel.

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I cannot begin to say enough wonderful things about the Waldorf-Astoria. I stayed there first about 4 years ago on my first trip to NYC and loved everything about it. When you walk through the lobby, you can feel the history. It is very beautiful. On my second trip to NYC, I was part of a group of Oregonians who went to NYC to give moral and economic support just a few weeks after 9/11. When the Waldorf-Astoria found out we were coming, they opened their doors and welcomed us like family. They were so generous and hospitable during such a tragic time. I will never ever forget the way the employees at that hotel treated us. I think you will thoroughly enjoy your stay.
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John K
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The rooms in the Waldorf can range from ultra-luxury to in need of renovation. I had 2 friends stay there last August and they both complained that their rooms had peeling paint and could have been cleaner. On the other hand the hotel is in a great location and the service is usually pretty good. Have fun.
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As per John, there is wiude variation in rooms at the W-A. If your great price is for what is billed as a "Staff Room" then you will be in a small room with a pull out sofa.
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We got the staff room and it had aqueen bed (no sofa). It was a great deal with run of the house.I would return in a minute!
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Try for a room on the concierge level -- or a room in the Waldorf Towers, which is the same hotel, but I believe the 30th floor and above. All the Towers rooms have access to the concierge level, which has a huge free breakfast and afternoon buffet in a beautiful lounge room. The different in room cost can be made up by the food! My parents got a great Triple AAA rate in the Towers and were thrilled with the accommodations and the free buffet.
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Stayed for $179 on a spur-of-the-moment trip in Oct '00. It was a really nice room, big and the linens were possibly the best ever! Interesting to see the very well dressed guests glide through the lobby in the evening.
One caveat: becuase it was Oct. they had turned off the a/c to the entire hotel. It was relatively warm that weekend and it was stuffy. My hot-blooded(temperature and temper) husband raised hell, but the best he got was a bellman that opened the window! (street noise followed). The extremely apologetic front desk took another $100 off of our bill. So we stayed at a famous landmark for practically nothing.
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Brian Kilgore
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It's a very formal place, and the scene of many a fancy New York High Society Function.

Be prepared to tip the attendant in the washrooms.

For people who think NYC is in a class by itself, an adventure to visit, and a city that is in many ways very, very special, staying at the Waldorf could be a great treat. If the rate is good, do it.

On my visits to nY, I try to at least walk trhough thelobby and get a feel for the vibrancy and exceitement that it New York at its richest. Last trip gave us a view of the kinds of fashions you only see in the gala-ballgown issue of Vogue; there was some society function going on, and the sightseeing was wonderful.

(We were staying at the NY Hilton, the dullest hotel in the city)

If you like big steaks and fine wines, Smith & Wollensky's, behind the hotel, is one of the great steakhouses of the world, and another NY City institution.

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I need some help: I have what I think is a pretty good rate for the Waldorf-Astoria for 3 adults ($249 night); one of the adults is disabled, and I've asked for a room close to the elevator and spacious enough that she doesn't need to worry about manuevering around furniture. Can anyone suggest how I should make this request? I did mention it when I made the reservation.
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Liz you need to telephone the hotel and make your request
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The Waldorf Astoria is a superb upscale hotel. It is well worth the money. It would be an insult to compare the "staff room" special to any other room at this luxurious hotel. You will get what you pay for. And, please remember to wear appropriate clothing for this type of establishment.
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I stayed there last year and found it to be vastly overrated. Yes, the lobby's lovely, but it's the best thing about the hotel. The room was fine, but not worth the money. I was expecting great service, and what was far below average. For example, after waiting 45 minutes to check-in (there were 3 people ahead of us in line), the keys we were given for the elevator didn't work (we were on the conceirge level). It took 3 trips back to the front desk (and an additional 30 minutes) to get a working elevator key--and we later discovered another elevator where you don't need a key. Then our room key wouldn't work. Luckily, a maintenance guy was walking by and explained that all of the locks had been changed, but that apparently the front desk hadn't bothered to change the keys. He let us into our room. I called the front desk and asked for the right keys, and was told they would be brought right up. Two hours later, we received them. There were never any apologies for the inconvenience, except from the maintenance guy--he should have been running the front desk.

We had paid extra for the conceirge level, and were told there was a room with coffee, snacks, etc. Each time we tried to go in, it was completely full of people, they were always out of food, when they did have food, it was bad, and the place was always dirty.

I had a much better experience at the Washington Square Hotel where we paid $100 a night!

Actually, my favorite New York hotel is the Marriott Renaissance. Room was huge by NYC standards, tremendous view, and the staff could not have been more gracious.
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I stayed at the W-A 18 months ago on business for 30 days. My room was very nice while other people from my company had tiny "servant rooms" which barely housed a bed and dresser. I had to be moved from my room due to sandblasting on my floor as they renovated the hotel (they never told me about the sandblasting; I returned from work and found masked workers all over the floor I was on, and noxious fumes)
Since I had seen some of the other, small rooms, I asked to see a few rooms before I chose one. They begrudgingly complied and I was given keys to three rooms. None were truly acceptable but I finally settled on a corner room on the fourth floor that was less than half the size of my original room.
I agree it is a beautiful old hotel and I also enjoyed sitting in the lobby and people watching, etc., but I think a comment by a teenager in the lobby says it all: "So tell me again, why is this place so special? Our room isn't that great."
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By the way, Priceline has recently been giving $115 rates to the Waldorf-Astoria.

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