Visiting Niagra Falls

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Visiting Niagra Falls

My husband and I are thinking of visiting the falls. We are from south Ga. and it will be our 1st visit to New York. We should be there during the 1st part of Nov. and would like suggestions on where to stay and if we should go to the Canadian side or not, we have about a week to travel. Thanks in advance!
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Allyson...I posted some old N.Falls info for a fodors check for info too.....
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Betty Ann
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IMHO, the Canadian side is MUCH better.
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Niagra Falls NY is an old indutrial,old tourist city. I have been there many times as I attended college near there and lived in the city of Niagara Falls.
The American Falls,Goat island,bridal vail falls are worth viewing from the American side.
its very easy to cross over the bridge to the Canadian side-a much prettier city. The Horseshoe falls are breath taking,you feel as if you can reach out and touch them.
Try to stay on the Canadian side-try to visit Niagara on the lake,a short drive from the falls.
It is very easy to go back and forth,they just stop every car and ask where you are from etc. No big deal!
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With a week to enjoy, I'd recommend the South Landing Inn in Queenston (they have a web site) midway between The Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake and just off the major highway. Due to the configuration of the falls and the favorable exchange rate, it's much better to stay on the Canadian side. Be sure to bring proof of citizenship (your drivers license is not sufficient). And, check out the tax refund website. There are fabulous websites for planning a visit to the falls. Be sure to e-mail for a copy of "Niagara Seasons", a magnificent brochure with a splendid map of the area.
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I think I'd kill myself if I had to spend a week at Niagra Falls. It's great for about 5 hours (enough time to see the falls from both sides and do the Maid of the Mist tour). After that, head to Toronto, or maybe hit the Finger Lakes in upstate New York.
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We just came back from the falls - When you cross the bridge, they ask your nationality and where you are going - they did not ask us for any ID.

One day (or half day) at the falls is enough. Consider Toronto, or Niagara-on-the-Lake, for beautiful B and B's, and a play at the Shaw festival.
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Niagra Falls is beautiful, but everything you want to see or do can be done in half a day. Stay right down by the falls. If you venture to the hill top above the falls on the Canadian side, all you will find is a carnival midway. If you really want to stay at the Falls, I would suggest just one night in a hotel with a view (there are two older, renovated hotels right by the falls on the Canadian side). Then I would move on to Toronto or Niagra by the Lake as previously suggested.
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We went to Niagara for our honeymoon (traditional, I know!). We saw everything we wanted to see in about 3 days. Granted, we took our time, strolled along the Canadian side more than once, strolled along the American side, ate at ?Turtle point? by the falls, etc. We were very ready to leave after the three days. I would think you could spend 3 relaxing days there at the most.
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Brian Kilgore
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Make sure you take the Maid of the Mist boat tour to the foot of the falls.
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Yes, the Maid of the Mist was one of our favorite things. Canadian side is MUCH better/romantic.
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The first time I went to the falls, my friend and I saw the American falls. We thought "Hmm. Nice, but not really worth that long drive." THEN, we finally found our way to the Canadian falls, and saw what all of the fuss was about.
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Make sure to see it at night when the colored lights are on it. Take the cave tour also. Goes in right behind the falls.
P.S. Watch your step.
Dont waste your money in the space needle resturant.
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Allyson: My wife and I went there on a whim, and loved it. Stay at the new Marriott (Falls View?) on the Canadian side, request a high floor, and enjoy an incredible view of the falls at night with a fire going in your fireplace. I think the room was $250 US. We're 33 and 35 and just enjoyed the relaxing time to walk and look around. I would definitely go back.
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As everyone said, the canucks have one up on us on this one..their side is way better. I also stayed at the marriott falls view, and had a higher view facing the falls. Gorgeous!

I would also agree with everyone, that you can spend three days there, tops. I took my mother there because she always wanted to see it. Even she got sick of it after a day and half. So we went to Toronto. Her best line while we were at the falls was, "everyone here is either japanese or old." Being that we're Korean, I couldn't help but reply, "Mom, to an onlooker, you look like both."

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