Viking River Cruises - A Negative Experience

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What Tabernash quoted--absolutely WELL known by travellers that your passport has to be within that window.

YES, maybe you can expect "help" but they could not do anything until you got the passport issued. It might have been longer--they don't know.

"you were given false information and were misinformed on next steps in the process while half of your family is across the Atlantic Ocean."

WHAT false information were you given? The cost? Would you have cancelled the trip? You obviously misunderstood the $3000 (I can't believe you thought it would be for two for a full Viking cruise).
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What does the fact that the rest of the party was getting on the boat have to do with anything? Does it make you panicky that they are not in the same country you are? Do you think something awful will happen to them?

This is like people who get upset when they can't sit together on the plane. Just don;t get the issue unless one of the people is a terrified flier. The plane gets there the same time.

The OP is so focused on THEIR problem that they have not considered what would have happened if Viking did what they wanted. What if Viking went ahead an ticketed them for a flight the next day and the husband's passport did not come through for some reason. They then would have 4 plane tickets - not just 2 - that were useless. I'm sure the OP would then expect Viking to pickup the cost of those tickets.

And we don;t know what happened when the arrived in europe to board the cruise. Just a mention that it was a disaster - but who knows what they mean by that? Perhaps they expected Viking to pay for a cab to get them to the next port? (Everyone know that if a passenger misses the start of a cruise it is up to them to pay to get to the next port.)
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< the company you trust to help get you to where you need to go did not help you in the least?>

If that were true, it would be upsetting, but it isn't true.

You were re-ticketed and upgraded to Business Class. The new flights allowed you to join the cruise at its first stop. Problem solved!

You think they should have done that much faster, AND ALSO have provided the new tickets at no extra cost, AND conveyed you to the port at their expense.

That's nuts, frankly. The stress you underwent wasn't their fault, although I can see how pinning it on them rather than your well-traveled husband is more convenient.
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Sorry you had to experience this EatDrinkBeKeri.
And thanks for posting this as a reminder to all to check your passport.
Canada now has 10 year renewals gotta love that
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US passports for adults are also valid for 10 years.

And, yes, in order to get same-day service for passport issuance, one must be able to provide proof of imminent travel. But, as previously noted, proof of their booking on the cruise would have been sufficient--they didn't need proof of their flight as well.
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The issue is that they're not really good for ten years, as far as other countries are concerned. Many (all?) countries will refuse you entry if your passport expires within 6 months.

I really need to stop re-readng the original post, but reading between the lines it sounds like the cruise was booked at least 5 months out. If OP's husband had looked at his passport when the trip was booked, he would have had plenty of time to renew. It seems as though he never looked at it at all--the airline's agent broke the news to him that it expired in less than a month.

So the lesson is: set yourself a reminder to renew your passport a year before it expires; and check your expiration date before booking international travel.
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