Veags Rollercoasters

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Veags Rollercoasters

I will be in Vegas at the end of April with friends who won't ride coasters - I have convinced one of them to at least wait in line with me - can anyone suggest which is the best one to ride? And what time are the lines are the shortest? (maybe if the lines are short I can get her to wait in more than one line - else I have to tour the coasters by myself for a day)- thanks in advance !!
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FRed...The truly shortest line is the one about 1/2 hour from Vegas towards the border. I can't remember the name, but it is next door to a big shopping center..Some one here will know it. It was the fastest coaster both line and the speed of the cars that I've ever been on. Inside they have a water log/laser gun ride, and various other rides.
The Nascar Cafe coaster line was pretty short. New Yorks was the longest when I was there.
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My children went on the rollercoasters in LV. in November. My daughter said to save your money. It wasn't worth it. She does recommend the free fall from the Stratosphere. try that. My daughter is 22 and my son is 19. So they would know.
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The best coaster is in Primm. About a 45 minute drive from LV. It is right next door to an outlet shopping center. If you go during week should be short wait time..weekends will be longer. Enjoy!
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The travel section of the Philadelphia Inquirer for Sunday 1/27 has an article about the Vegas roller coasters. Try to see if they have a website.
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dan woodlief
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I haven't tried any of the Vegas coasters, but definitely go on the Big Shot on the Stratosphere. It is a fairly short ride but quite memorable. Just think about it. You are on top of the tallest building west of the Mississippi, 800-1000 feet off the ground and then get shot straight up in the air. As you shoot up, about all you can see is Vegas beneath you. I did it around the first of April four years ago. I went about 4-5 in the afternoon and had very little wait. The coaster at New York New York looked pretty good, but I didn't ride.
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My picks for the coasters in Vegas:

#1 "Big Shot" at Stratosphere.
#2 Circus Circus's roller coaster
#3 NY NY's roller coaster (ouch, those straps left welts on my shoulders.)

Random tourist tip: see the marshmallow factory about 20 minutes away.


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