Two Days in NYC

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Two Days in NYC

I have two days in NYC. How does this itenerary sound? Which order should i see these things in? Im going to be staying near times square.
Day 1:
Times Square
Rockafeller Center
Top of the Rock (instead of Empire State Building?)
St. Patricks Cathedral
Walk around Central Park for a couple hours
Lunch at Grand Central Station
United Nations Tour

Day 2:
Take Subway from Times Square to Lower Manhatten (which train??)
Battery Park
Take Staten Island ferry to see Statue of Liberty
World Trade Center Site
New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street
Federal Hall National Memorial
South Street Seaport
Take Subway over to Brooklyn, eat lunch, and then walk back over into manhatten on Brooklyn Bridge
Check out Chinatown
Subway ride back to Times Square

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Sounds OK.

Please note the Staten Island Ferry will pass by the Statue of liberty but not stop there. Please also note it is spelled Manhattan.

There is also very little to see at the South Street Seaport, in a two day trip I would skip it.

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You are packing quite a bit in but it is quite doable.

I personally would go to Top of the Rock and not Empire State. It's far quicker to get to the top - not bad queues - and I think the view is better. You get an amazing view of Central Park.

To get downtown you have 2 choices - take the free shuttle to Grand Central and then the 4,5 or 6 train (green) down to Bowling Green. Or you can take the R or W train (yellow) down to Wall Street or South Ferry. Checkout the subway map for the one to take you closest to where you want to go.

There really isn't much to see at the World Trade Centre site but I think a must is to visit St Pauls on Broadway. They have an amazing exhibition related to 9/11. Look at the website -

Chinatown doesn't hold great fascination for me as I am so used to visiting South East Asia but the surrounding areas I love. Also I think Bleeker Street is interesting especially if you are a foodie.

You really can't go wrong - there is so much to see and do. Enjoy.

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Is the subway ride from Times Square to the Staten Island Ferry (South Ferry) long? I know the Staten Island Ferry does not stop at the statue of liberty, but it does pass by it. Im seeing the Top of the Rock and the Staten Island Ferry as cheaper, faster, and possibly better alternatives to the ESB and SOL, which have very long lines. Plus, top of the rock looks like it gives you a good view of the ESB. Do you feel as high up at Top of the Rock than at the ESB?
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asdaven: You're correct on all points with the Staten Island ferry and Top of the Rock.

It will take you about 20 minutes from Times Square to the Staten Island Ferry (perhaps a bit longer, depending on the time of day). I'd suggest the R Train, which stop across the street from the ferry rather than the 1 train (which normally goes there). HOWEVER, if you are coming to the city in March, then take the 1 train. It might take a few minutes longer because it makes 2 or 3 more stops, but it actually takes you to the ferry building itself, and the new station should be open by March.

I'd also recommend skipping the South Street Seaport, which is a particular waste of time and energy.
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I don't mind walking at all, so i don't need to necessarly take the train that will take me RIGHT there. Just need to get to Lower Manhatten in general. Just curious, if you were to walk from Times Square to the Staten Island Ferry Teminal, how long is the walk? Is my Day 1 itenerary doable, including a couple hours in Central Park?
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Posts: 7,342 is a good source for walking directions, among other things.
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The walk from Times Square to South Ferry has got to be at least 4 miles, and is mostly through very busy streets. It seems like a waste of time , especially on such a short trip!

By the way, Day one seems very full.
Are you just planning on walking by these areas? For example, I personally don't think there's much to do or see at Rockefeller Center--it's a complex of office buildings. Interesting buildings, some with great Art Deco detail, but if that's what you want to see, you should definitely stroll by and into the Chrysler Building (which is between Grand Central and the UN).
Lunch at Grand Central--were you thinking of the "food court " or a sit down restaurant? There may be other better choices in that area

Central Park--everything else on your list is very close to each other. Can you do Central Park first thing? Buy some breakfast to go and walk around,and then go to your midtown destinations?
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Ditto on skipping South Street Seaport.

You can find better restaurants downtown on Stone Street.
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There used to be a ferry that travels from downtown/Whitehall Street to the Statue of Liberty where you can walk around and tour. I agree -- the SI Ferry will just pass the Statue. Also, there is a ferry from Whitehall Street that goes to Ellis Island.

The R train is a local train and it runs from Times Square (42 Street and Broadway) downtown to Whitehall Street.

Also, if you have never seen the Metropolitan Museum of Art (5th Avenue and about E. 80 Street/Central Park is right behind it), you might want to add this to your list and maybe reconsider Chinatown. Enjoy!
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Top of the Rock is much better/faster than the ESB - but do get tickets in advance.

Battery Park really isn't much to see.

For Central Park - when are you coming? Weather matters a lot. Go to the web site fo the CP Conservancy to get a map and list of what to see/do.

The Staten Island Ferry goes only to Staten Island - you will see the SOL in the distance - closer than from Manhattan, but not close up. But you do get to see the front (it faces out into the harbor to welcome immigrants) and the view of the city skyline on the way back is incredible.

Separately, I can;t imagine coming to NYC and not seeing the Met - but that's just me. IMHO about 100 times as interesting as the Broolyn Bridge - which is really just a brige - one of many into Manhattan.
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I agree with NYTraveler, the Met Museum is among the top three or four in the world.

I disagree, however, about the Brooklyn Bridge. There are those who think that two most important and elegant architectural structures in NYC are the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park.
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Well, yes Times Square and Rockafeller Center are just walk bys. BTW, Top of the Rock is in Rockafeller Center. For lunch, im thinking the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. I also want to see grand central station, making it a good place to eat lunch. I am not really into museums especially art museums, just sites and architecture. Battery Park I want to go to because its on the water and has views of the SOL. And as far as the SOL. Being on a boat in New York Harbor looking at the Statue of Liberty is the REAL SOL experience IMO, which makes the Staten Island Ferry sound like a good way to see it.
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Well in that case, you may want to visit the Met just to see the Temple of Dendur - unless you have no interest in ancient architecture.
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... and if you like architecture, what about the Guggenheim? Plus, the deck of the Met Museum has drinks and great views of the park. Speaking of which, if you're visiting anytime before, say, May or after October, you won't need (or likely want) to spend a couple of hours in Central Park unless you reeeeeally like parks. That said if the weather is nice, bringing a picnic lunch to the park with a book or the NYT is a great way to feel like a local for a little while. But otherwise you could just get a cab driver to take you for a ride around one of the ring roads and be done with it.

Wall Street is probably going to be another walk-by for you -- as far as I know the NYSE is still closed to public tours, due to security.

South Street Seaport is really touristy, much like the Baltimore Harborplace and Faneuil Hall in Boston. If you like walking and want to get a feel for the city you'd do much better, IMO, exploring areas like Nolita, the Village or the Lower East Side (the tenement museum might be interesting), or Soho - which is much more touristy than it used to be, but not as mall-like as the Seaport.

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Have to agree South Seaport is not really worth the time. However what I would recommend it the Vietnam veterans memorial. It isn't much to look at on first glance but get closer and read the engravings. Quite moving.

I have been to NYC in November for my last 3 visits and have visited Central Park on each. For me it was the best time as the leaves were changing colour and falling from the trees - just beautiful. Was cool but fine and with a good coat, scarf etc it is just wonderful.

Go to the Oyster bar for lunch - kind of an institution. You can just sit at the bar and have a quick lunch.

The NY stock exchange is still closed for visitors unfortunately but if you go down around luchtime there is a lot of activity with all the traders milling around going to and from from lunch.
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Frankly, I'd have lunch at Junior's in Grand Central over the Oyster Bar (unless you really want the oyster pan roast); otherwise, the food there is quite overpriced and not very good. But I can't ever resist the giant hot dog at Junior's.

If you are into architecture, then MOMA is probably a better choice for you. It has a rather extensive architecture collection and a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright stuff on display. The Guggenheim is merely a walk-by; one of the worst museums in NYC unless you are into the current special exhibit. Now, the building is a different story, but you don't have to pay $20 to walk in and look at the atrium.

The Statue of Liberty is close but not that close to the Staten Island Ferry, but on such a short trip I completely agree that it's not worth it to go to the statue itself.
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If you're coming this time of year, you'll need waterproof shoes or boots if walking in the park. Even with nice weather like this past Sunday, there were major puddles that sometimes can't be avoided.
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I am coming in summer. Again, i am not really interested in museums. Im not really a museum person, more so a sites person. As far as Central Park, ive been there on a short visit in the rain and even in the rain, loved it there. I want to show my "guests" Central Park. I walked up all the way to the huge reservior from Columbus Circle and it didin't feel like a far walk. However, my favorite area was the smaller lake. Anywhere else in Central Park i should check out?
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topping for oct trip. baysidegirl, can you elaborate on Bleeker st? excuse my ignorance but i haven't heard it mentioned before, but the 'foodie' bit got me.
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