Travel to Hollywood/Beverly Hills area

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Travel to Hollywood/Beverly Hills area

OK... here's the situation. My birthday is on August and my mom (age 60 and phisically fit) and I (26) are planning a trip. We live in the Philadelphia area and we are planning to go down to Las Vegas and the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. This has been kind of hard to plan because my mom is a Vegas super and extremely fan. I have never been there before but my mom wants to take me there. She didn't want to go out of Vegas (did I mention she was a real Vegas fan?!?) but since it is my birthday I told her I have some rights to at least take a decision regarding where I want to go and I REALLY REALLY want to visit the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area.

Now that you know the story behind the trip. I need some REAL HELP... We are first-timers in California and I Really need some ideas on where to go, what to eat and what to do... Or, my mom will REMIND ME FOREVER what a bad idea was to get out of Vegas...

And, I almost forgot the most important details... We will not rent a car and we will be there for 4 days/3 nights at the end of August... I know is not a long time but that was the most I could get out of my mom and her Vegas-fatal attraction...

I will be checking often so PLEASE let me know if you have any questions that I could answer.

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Is there anyway you can rent a car? What is your hotel budget?
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It's pretty difficult to navigate southern Cal. without a car. Why no car? How did you expect to get around? I think your first step is to read up on the area either here
or elsewhere and then ask us specific questions. Why do you want to go there? What specifically do you want to see/do?
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If all you want to see is the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area, then I think that 4 days/3 nights is more than enough time. If you want to see anything else in the greater L.A. area, then you either have to rent a car or take bus tours. If you have to rely on taxis or public transportation to get around, your mom will definitely "REMIND YOU FOREVER what a bad idea was to get out of Vegas".

The Hollywood Renaissance hotel is located at the Hollywood and Highland complex right in the middle of the Hollywood attractions. Just a warning, although they have cleaned up the area quite a bit, it is still pretty seedy. If you want to stay in a more upscale area, then you should look for something in Beverly Hills.

From either area, you could take bus tours to see the major L.A. sights. Check out: and

A concert at the Hollywood Bowl would be nice on a warm August evening. Some shows have a fireworks display at the end: There is a shuttle that runs there from the Hollywood & Highland complex.

To get the full "Hollywood" experience, you can take a studio tour, or attend a taping of a TV show. Warner Brothers, Paramount and NBC offer tours of working soundstages. Universal Studios has the theme park attached. You can also check to see what will be taping in late August.

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We have done the LA/Vegas trip and it is very fun. I am a few years older than you, but visited LA when I was 24 and again when I was 27. You will definitely need a car. Here are some suggestions:
1) Staying at the Beach in Santa Monica is wondeful. We stayed at Loews and likes it. There is tons to do in Santa Monica. You would be ok in Santa Monica without a car - but if you wanted to leave to go to BH or Hollywood it would be difficult. Maybe just rent a car for one or two days from the resort?
2) Go to lunch at The Ivy on Robertson and walk around the trendy shops: Kitson, Lisa Kline etc.
3)Walk around Beverly Hills. We had a great lunch at a small restaurant on Via Rodeo - good people watching.
4) Get a star map and drive around to look at celebrity homes. Bel Air is beautiful.
5)Stop for a drink at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge.

On our last trip we decided to include Laguna Beach - this area was beautiful and worth the drive.
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Hard to recommend anything without a budget in mind, one of the reasons your Mom probably likes Vegas is that luxury rooms on weeknights in August are dirt cheap.
You'd probably want Santa Monica area because August will be so hot in the Hollywood area. Moving from blazing LV to ocean breezes might appease Mom a bit. You could take a Starline tour or something to see "Hollywood" (mom is not going to be impressed with Hollywood)....and you can hop the city bus to the Beverly Hills area (be sure to take the Saturday trolley tour around BH).

I hope you are planning to fly back east from Los Angeles and not backtracking back to Las Vegas first.
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ITA on the car. Vegas you can do without a car (best to stay on the strip without one). But LA will be difficult without a car. I don't drive myself, though have always be to LA with a driver.
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Hi Coral,

You will have a great time out here in Los Angeles ... and your mom will too.

I really suggest looking into the Hollywood Renaissance (like the lvk said). It'll be a good central location. Red Line Tours offer a GREAT walking tour of Hollywood ... check out their website: You'll not only see the highlights, but also learn alot of little known facts. (I just took a group on one of their tours, including many "locals", and they loved it!).

The Hollywood Bowl is a MUST. Check out their website for what is playing while you are here ... though it doesn't really matter; it's a great evening. You can make arrangements to bring a picnic dinner with one of the area restaurants, or eat at the Bowl (the restaurant there is run by the Patina group, you will need reservations .. more info on the Bowl's website.

If you want to go to see a working studio, I really suggest taking the Warner Bros VIP tour. Check out their website for more info. I do believe, though, it only goes on weekdays.

Los Angeles is a car city; it is really alot easier to get around if you have a car, but you might check with the concierge at whatever hotel you decide to stay at to make arrangements for a car/driver to take you around. It's not too far to BH from Hollywood (not walkable).

If you decide to stay in Hollywood, from Vegas I would suggest flying into Burbank rather than LAX. Southwest Airlines has a good schedule. I would guess a cab from Burbank to the Renaissance would run around $20 - 25.

Another place to visit (albeit not the usual place people tour) is the Forever Hollywood Cemetery on Santa Monica Blvd. (Backs up to Paramount Studios). There are so many Hollywood and Los Angeles History buried there from the Wilcox family who are credited with the founding of "Hollywood" to Rudolph Valentino to Cecil B. DeMille to Bugsy Segal. It's really a pretty place, and they do have a map available at the entrance. (

If you have any other questions, feel free to post ...


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you have received lots of good info. But I have a question for you -- WHY do you want to go to Beverly Hills/Hollywood? Not being rude - it is important to know what you expect to see. Is it mostly for shopping? Or the Walk of Fame? or the Chinese theater? or what??

Because there is a lot to see/do in and around BH/Hollywood - but maybe not the "Los Angeles" you are expecting. As mentioned, Hollywood is pretty sedey and BH doesn't really have a lot of "sites". So it is possible your Mom WILL be in "I told you so" mode.

So tell us what you dream of seeing on your birthday trip to LA.
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Oops - that should be "seedy" . . . .
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I wouldn't go to CA without a car.

I just signed up for the Universal Studios VIP tour, that looks like it will be wonderful. I can't think of anything much else to do in the Hollywood area without a car that would be interesting??? I guess you could take some tours where you catch a bus to do them.
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