travel checks or visa atm

Old Feb 20th, 2002, 10:35 AM
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travel checks or visa atm

I was wondering if anyone knew if it would be better to use travel checks or just use the atms. Are the fees high for atms? Are travels checks easy to use and cash? Any help thanks
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Owen O'Neill
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For any extended trip where you'll be needing cash infusions on a regular basis, traveler's checks make more sense in terms of cost. I have seen ATM fees typically running $2 in tourist areas and as high as $3 (Key West). Add to that the fee that your bank will add on and the cost per ATM withdrawal can be $3 to $4.50 total. If you're a AAA member you can get traveler's checks for free at your local office (meaning no fee to get them). Even buying them at the bank may be cheaper. I have always found them easy to cash everywhere I've traveled. On my short trips (2-5 days) I generally just take a few hundred in cash and use credit cards for any major expenditures.
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It depends, US or outside? Outside-definitely travelers checks. In the US-you could go either way, but checks are always safer.
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Definitely ATM rather than TC, which just aren't worth the hassle. Lots of places won't take them at all, or it's a hassle to provide IDs and they won't give change for larger ones, so get $20s if you do get TCs. It depends on how much hassle you're willing to go through to save $5 on ATM fees. And overseas, at least i nEurope, I would definitely go with ATM rather than TCs.
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Diane: Take a small amount in cash, use mostly traveler's checks ( a minimal # in 50's & the rest in 20's. $100 traveler's checks are not very conducive to your needs unless you're spending a lot at one time & they're a pain to get rid of.) Use an ATM sparingly. Don't use a debit card, if it gets stolen or lost they could wipe out your account in no time. Use a credit card as a last resort for major purchases.

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