Tix to Letterman or SNL?

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Tix to Letterman or SNL?

Beside calling on the morning of the taping, is there any other way to get tickets for Letterman or SNL next month?
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Rudy Maxa just did a feature on getting tickets to TV shows on Marketplace. Try either his web site (www.savvytraveler.com) or Marketplace's (www.marketplace.org). One of them may have some tips.
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We wanted to go to SNL. Found that we had to get tix during the month of AUG. and we couldn't choose the date. Contact NBC at Rocerfeller Center for info. Maybe they have changed their policies.
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We have been fortunate enough to luck into tickets twice for Letterman. The first time, we sent a postcard....the obligatory denial came later. Then we sent another, and a few weeks later got tickets. You don't get any choice of days. We had to travel to NY to see the show. It was well worth it! The second time, we were in NY on another trip, and went to the Ed Sullivan Theater at noon (a trick we learned the first time) and begged the nice people out front for tickets. They have always been so nice and we have always managed to get first two rows. I suppose my husband and I fit some type of demographic. Anyway, my advice....if you plan to be in the city, go the theater at or around noon. They have unfilled seats and cancellations. You quite possibly could luck out. They used to take numbers at noon for line positions when the show starts taping at 5:00. That is why they are out front of the theater at that time. Also, a fact that we learned in line....they tape two shows on Thursday....double you chances. Hope you have our same good luck. It is so much fun! We are great fans....so it was worth all the trouble. Good Luck.
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Per Robin's advice I checked out savvytraveler and got info on CBS' website. I applied for a drawing on their website and cross my fingers. I will definitely go to the studio at noon on the day of taping and try Cindy's approach. Thanks for your help!

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