New England Trip Ideas, Pls.

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New England Trip Ideas, Pls.

Of course, the title should mention WHERE in the great USA we are asking for trip ideas... So here we go again:
Going to be based in Providence, RI for 5 days in mid July.
Askin for day-trip ideas in the New England area.
Thanks so much. Amik.
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I'll give it a shot. You have to spend at least one day, maybe two, in Newport, RI (hint: since you will be in NE for 5 days, plan your visit to Newport on a weekday, summer weekends get crazy). You can get to Newport by a high-speed ferry from Providence. There are many websites and several threads on this board about what to do in Newport, too much to go into right now. The Bristol/Warren (RI) area might be nice for an afternoon during a weekend, not as crowded as Newport. On the off-chance you might be interested in native american history, one of the best collections of native american artifacts is at the Haffenreffer (spelling?) museum in Bristol.
Mystic aquarium and seaport (Mystic, Connecticut)are about 45 minutes from Providence. The Seaport is interesting, but if you have been to Newport it might seem to be a bit redundant. The aquarium is not a huge park like Seaworld, but it is nice.

Ok, that's my start to helping you. I have not even gone into what you can do in Providence itself, and of course you are in easy range of Southeastern Massachusetts attractions. Hopefully somebody else will help you out there.
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You can take Amtrak up to Boston (get off at Back Bay) and walk around the CopleySq/Newbury Street area. or catch the Green Line from there to the Musuem of Fine Arts. The train ride would be less than an hour from PRov to Bos.

Also - check out Roger Williams Park in Prov. very nice place with a small zoo.

If you like gambling Foxwoods is not too far. Lots of buses go there on a regular basis. Its pretty nice if this is your cup of tea.

If history is the thing for you - there is Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge MA - a very well done living history musuem depicting life in the early 1800s. It should only be an hour drive from Prov.

Benefit St/College Hill area of Prov is also very nice to explore. This is where Brown and RISD are. Check out Federal Hill too (the Italian section)

Don't miss Newport. Love the mansions and the Cliff Walk.

Take a ferry to Martha's Vineyard.

Drive down to Narragansett RI

Take a ferry to Block Island and rent a bike.

Lots of things to do. You won't be bored.
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Thanks, guys!
We are driving to Providence, taking my teenage daughter to a summer camp at Brown U, arriving a few days early, so we can enjoy the area (and also visit some other colleges in the NE).
Larry, Bennie and others, give me more, please.
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There are so many things to do and the first posters all had great ideas. You may want to check the schedule and see when Water Fire will be taking place in the downtown area- a great evening with fires (and gondola rides)lit along the waterway behind Providence Place (a big indoor mall with many stores, places to eat, movie theatres and fantastic IMAX theatre). Great rest. in Federal Hill area- AL Forno is one, also suggesst Pastiche for coffee and dessert(gets rave reviews). You can reach many colleges to visit in the surrounding areas depending what she is interested in- Providence, URI, Bryant, Stonehill are nearby and of course so many colleges in Boston as well as Bentley, Wellesley, Babson....Let me know if you need more info!
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tom cale
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Just got back from a trip to Portsmouth, NH, and was blown away by the wide variety of things to do in the area. Highly recommended for all ages and interests. (Avoid the Sheraton, though, until they remodel. It was EXTREMELY disappointing, even at a relatively modest price.)
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I know someone has already mentioned Foxwoods in Ct if you like casinos, but let me add that the tribe has build an outstanding museum on the reservation, just up the road from the casinos. The Mashantucket Pequot Museum is all about the eastern Native American life, and well worth the trip if you have any interests in this topic. It will occupy you for a whole day and you can avoid the casinos all together if that's your pleasure (or visit them...good luck!). This museum is relatively new, and I don't think many people are aware of how good it is (or that it's there at all).
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Terri F.
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I'd agree about the Sheraton in Portsmouth, NH. The prices are high and the rooms are worse in some ways than a Motel 6. Our room had a bedspread that looked about 30 years old, had an A/C unit that must have run at 120 decibels, had a bed that was so swaybacked we laughed when we saw it, and had so many marks on the door and wall we figured there must have been a murder there recently. When we complained to management we got a "you're welcome to try someplace else" responses. Totally ruined our trip.
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Thanks everybody.
Still pushing it to the top, asking for more ideas....
Not interested in hotels, we made all the reservations already.
And we drive our car.
Thanks again, AMIK
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If you are into shopping, the outlets are nearby in Fall River and New Bedford, MA. There is also the waarshp museum there - aarrgghh the name escapes me!!

If you want to kick back and relax, there are several beaches nearby - Misquamicut is a favorite of the teenagers in the area, Scarborough is beautiful (kingston area)....

Colleges in the area - man- there are plenty. Brown, Providence College, Roger Williams, Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern University, etc. etc...
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The above poster is trying to remember Battleship Cove in Fall River (a short drive from Providence). The Battleship Massachusetts is there along with a few other old warships.
Amik, we've given you quite a bit for a five day trip. It might help us if you told us what you like (shopping, historical sites, nightlife, outdoors activities) and maybe we could come up with some more suggestions.
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Thanks soooo much everybody!
We are spending 5 days, based in Providence. We are there to visit several universities with my 17 years old daughter (who is also staying later at Brown U for a summer camp) and her 12 yrs. old sister.
No, shopping is not what I am looking for...
Basically I want to make a list of the highlights in that New England area, places where we can spend couple hours on the way to or from a visit to a campus.
And again, we are driving our car, no need for hotels, not into gambling but a good spot to enjoy an evening would be appreciated.
--So, if you still have more ideas -- I'll be happy to read.
Thanks again.

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