Thinking of Seattle, Victoria & Vancouver

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Thinking of Seattle, Victoria & Vancouver

A Seattle, Victoria & Vancouver trip is on my radar.

However, every time I start to read the word "rain" keeps coming up. Over and over and over.

Our style is to wander the area and visit whatever catches our eye. Endless rain would most likely ruin a trip.

We have been very lucky with most of our previous trips. Almost no rain.

Is this a waste of time?
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If you plan your trip between the end of May to the beginning of September, you will have a lot less rain.
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Yes, come here in May through September, and keep in mind that (1) our rain is never "endless" and (2) it is very seldom a downpour. It is more likely to shower or drizzle than rain.

If you bring a light weight jacket that sheds rain and an umbrella you will be able to wander 24/7. Fret not, and enjoy.

If you are determined to come in the winter, avoid November.

We visited Vancouver last January and were surprised to see that fairly heavy rain did not stop Vancouverites from walking, running, and biking. However, it did put a cramp on our outdoor activities.

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The rain hereabouts is almost never "endless" - although there can be longish stretches in January or February, but I'd be surprised if that's when you'd plan to visit.

Victoria, BTW, is considerably dryer than Van or Seattle, due to the "rain shadow" effect of the Olympic mountains.

But if the chance of rain is off-putting to the degree that it would prevent a good vacation, may I suggest Tucson?
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We visited in August of 2006 and had one of our best vacations ever. Our first two nights were in Vancouver, and it rained off & on until the middle of our second day there. After that, the entire week was beautiful. We loved Seattle, didn't really get to see enough of Vancouver to love it (although we loved Stanley Park). But the best was Victoria; we could have stayed there for a week, and would have liked exploring more of the rest of Vancouver Island.
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Another vote for visiting May through're almost guaranteed good weather during a 7-10 trip during that time. It may not be as warm here as back east, but it's usually perfect weather for outdoor activities like hiking, camping and boating.
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Hi Myer,

I did this trip this last July, although our itinerary included Tofino, on the western coast of Vancouver Island, and not the city of Vancouver itself.

We had a great time and were extremely lucky with weather. Perfect temps and only 2 days of heavy rain. Fortunately, both of those days the timing was perfect. First day was driving 5 hours from Tofino to Victoria, heavy rain for about 3 hours of that. Second day of rain was the day we left, driving to the airport in the afternoon, so who cares?

We were very lucky, 3 days when it was supposed to rain - it didn't. I was glad because I hate long heavy rain. One of the many reasons I could never live in the Pacific NW, and do live in UT!

Loved Tofino - but it was VERY expensive. Remember, the US and Canadian dollars are equal now, plus heavy hotel taxes, plus higher prices for everything.

I put my trip report under Washington State if you want to read.
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I don't know where you will be coming from, so all I can offer is my perspective having lived in the midwest and on the Gulf and east coasts before coming to Seattle:

Seattle "rain" is unlike what I experienced anywhere else. The downpours that I remember from elsewhere are few and far between here. Seattle averages four thunderstorms per year, according to the NWS...other areas where we have lived could have four thunderstorms in a day.

Come to Seattle and forget about the rain.
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A trip such as this would most likely be timed for late June. Next year or the year after.

We'd be coming from South Florida (Ft Lauderdale) where we know thunderstorms and torrential downpours.

However, rain storms when you live somewhere is very different from rain when you're visiting.

Thanks. I'm now a little less negative about this whole thing. I still have a way to go to get it into positive territory.
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"Endless rain" is a misperception. While often is may be gray and dreary in the winter-time, our actual falling from the sky precipitation is lower than many other places.

We usually have great weather in June, but I'm not willing to promise no rain, as that would not be a reasonable thing to say. We have many spring/summers that are techically a drought and water-shortages results. You never hear about that, I'm guessing.

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I've visited Seattle & environs at all times of the year for the past 20 years from the CA desert and have only found one time, in mid-January, when the rain seemed "endless." All other visits, in Dec., in Oct., in July and in Sept., I've experience what I call occassional rain during the day, but some period of sunshine during almost every day.
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