The Short List of Life.. poll call..

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Congratulations, Gotravel! Running a marathon is certainly impressive, but quitting smoking is a Major Life Event and my hat if off to you for doing it!

Haven't ever heard the verb "clotheslined" before, but LOVE it; life has manhandled me that way more than once.
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I think it is an old military term.

They would stretch clothesline across roads to trip the enemy by the neck or something like that.

I've definitely been clotheslined!

Thank you for the kind words!
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Gawd, GoT. I can relate to that expression! Forgot all about it. I was clotheslined in just about every aspect of my life three years ago. Just now feels like everything is getting sorted back out.

Good luck with this challenging time. I hope things get better soon for you.
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jetset~ I also have a friend that her sister adopted two children from Russia, they were not siblings though. We have 3 boys of our own, but I still would like to adopt. I have noticed that adoption is a tricky subject, some don't like the idea at all, and of course some don't like the idea of foreign adoption. But thanks for the good vibes jetset.
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While this wouldn't be MY accomplishment, I hope to be a grandmother someday. (Anyone know some good women for my sons??).

As for traveling, I would like to see ID & MT, the Banff area and maybe Maui one more time. Other than that, I am truly blessed and just hope to accomplish a few more healthy decades for my DH and me.

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Great question!

GoTravel: I can't even imagine what the last few months have been like for you, but I think you must be pretty amazing. Best wishes and good luck with the marathon!

What I hope to accomplish . . . well, I don't know. I'll turn 30 in September, and I feel very content with my life right now. Maybe I'm just not very ambitious.

There are several places I want to see, and I will in a few years.

I have blueprints for my dream home (it's a beautiful craftsman) but that will wait a few years, too.

I'm healthy, learn lots every day, and I have a great husband and daughter. Life is good!
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kswl~ I was with my dad during his last months, and he was all there until the end. Having been able to let him know that it was okay was a gift, andd he slipped peacefully away.
He was one who never stopped learning, and if I only had a fraction of his "wise old owl" insight, I'd be content.
vegasnative~ when all the various opinions are weighed, only one thing is important to me.. A child needs a home. period. A safe and loving home with anone who is emotionally able to love and nurture that child or children.
Our world is clouded by politics, and moral charlatans.(I am leaving the R word out).
I have a friend who adopted her daughter after she had two sons. I have another h.s. classmate who adopted after her biological child was beset with many neurological problems, and a lot of doctors said it was a 50/50 heredity factor.
Following your heart is the only right thing to do.
Have a wonderful Friday, J.
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Ummm..jetset, look for THE COMPLETE PRIVATE PILOT at national chain bookstores or your local pilot supply shop. Support your fellow Fodorite.
(end of commercial)
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Bobmrg~ thank you on behalf of my sixteen year old son and myself! I am also hoping to do a parachute jump before I turn 50, although NOT at the same time as the flying lessons,lol.
I can see my son and I flying and I jump and he says "oops, I lost another one. Better call die-tech".
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I know this sounds crazy, but I'd like to retrace the Shackleton expedition of 1914-1916 to Antartica, on a warm, safe ship of course. Elephant Island. The Drake Passage. South Georgia Island.
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Something comes up for me about
"Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway"
...doesn't always have to be a physical challenge.

I was not so confident, nor a public speaker
when I was asked to teach a course at UC
Berkeley. Talk about nervous !
Yet I tapped a fellow colleague who was a great coach and prepared myself, lo and behold, I had an absolutely amazing life changing experience.

Now, I have a neighbor in the hospital,
11 days in ICU after suffering an aneurysm. It's a miracle that she can walk and talk. The dark cloud is that she has no health insurance. If we had the means I'd take care of those bills in a minute-anonymously would be so fun !

This incident is causing me to reconsider my current "short list"-
the ripples of those around us bump into our own ripples-
I do like Starrsville's list-
(welcome bake from LOTB, BTW !)

Nice post,jetset1 !


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BayouGal~ I was in a sinus induced stupor in the wee hours, but yeah, it stays sort of a dusky light until maybe 12:30 am.. rarely do I last that long unless I have a mocha breve in the afternoon, which was most likely part of my multitude of issues!
As to the time difference, we are one hour earlier than the West Coast, so noon in Seattle is eleven am here
*what are your plans for the weekend, btw? J.
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GeorgeW~ wonderful. My father would have loved that idea( and in his prime, would have volunteered as a traveling companion!)

razzledazzle~thank you. I admire you for your spirit and heart. Myself, if I came into great wealth, would fund some much needed research into autism and neurological challenges, more for personal reasons.
Diabetes is in my family history, and I would like to help fund the research for diseases like M.S., and others that are still without complete answers.
I am a fan of Dr. Weil, and try to keep up with the current guidelines for healthy living. My mantra is that the forties are the beginning for relearning how to live after experiencing things myself, and through friends and family members.
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jetset, my goal, even at my age, is to become a stronger women as so many of the women here on Fodors are regardless of their age. From young women to senior citizens it seems to me there is an abundance of very special women here on Fodor's.

And very special men too!

I am often overwhelmed with the mental strength, the intelligence, the street smarts, the moral fiber that so many women here on Fodor's display.

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vegasnative--just had to jump in and say congrats on adopting. I think it is a wonderful thing!

jetset1--My SIL is in the process of adopting a baby from Russia as well. We keep talking about her baby and when he/she will arrive, it is terribly exciting. And this will be the 17th grandchild for my in-laws, but it is just so special.

As for the question...I dunno, I just turned 35 and life seems to be whirling by so quickly that I haven't really stopped to ask this question. Plus, with 2 boys aged 2 and 4 I don't really have much time to think.

So kureiff--I am even less ambitious than you!!!
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StephCar: Perhaps the advantage of having toddlers is that they keep you so busy you have no choice but to live in the present.
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