The best snorkeling in Hawaii?

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The best snorkeling in Hawaii?

My husband and I are traveling to Hawaii in the beginning of December and we are wondering what island has the best snorkeling. I've heard that the snorkeling on Maui is not as great as it used to be. Is that true, and if so, which island has the best?
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I understand some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii is across the channel from Maui in a preserve in Lanai. We had a pretty good time snorkeling on Maui and the Big Island (Kona side) a couple of years ago. We're just into low-level, beachside stuff though.
Further suggestion: do a key word search using "Snorkeling" and "Hawaii" in this forum and see what you come up with - besides my earlier reply to a similar question (no gain there!).
Have fun.
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We liked Maui. Lania was a disappointment when we snorkeled there but it was because the water was all stirred up. We found the Molokini Crater off of Maui (boat ride with a lunch) had the greatest number of fish and very unique. We had great conditions the two times we went out. Also the cove by Kapalua Bay Hotel is an awesome spot as far as beauty. Bring frozen peas or corn and the fish really come. Invest in a cheap small raft as the waves can be rough and one good gulp of water and you will be choking. Most areas are deep. My macho husband opted for a raft even. I saw a bright pink octopus and her baby swimming at Kapalua. We saw sharks and eels in Lanai and some wild fish of every color at Molokini. Our throw away underwater camera took good pics. Have a great time.
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I went to Lanai last year and the snorkling was nothing spectacular. You have to take boat pretty far and then the water was quite rough. Kona on the Big Island, however, had some wonderful sights and you didnt have to go as far off shore.
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Ti Ana
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We have always loved the snorkeling on Maui. Our favorite snorkeling spots are Napili Bay and the bay at Kapalua Beach (which is walking distance from Napili)!There tend to be less waves, etc. at Kapalua.We have been in December several times, and snorkeling is great unless the ocean is rough and stirs it all up. We heard not to feed the fish frozen peas because they could not digest them. We bring baggies of cat crunchies and they are wonderful fish food. Have fun!

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