table for one in ny

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melissa w
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table for one in ny

will be in ny(first time)for a couple of days. staying near empire state building. wanting to sample some great food( Vong's), $30-50 price range(or less!!!), but don't want greif in asking for table for one! any suggeations?

also, ideas on transport from JFK to area in the evening? is the subway really as scary as they want me to beleive?
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First of all, you are staying in an area that is not particularly active at night, nor is it known as one of the dining meccas in the city. The restaurant you mention (Vong's) is in the East 50s, over a mile from the Empire State Building.
There are tons of restaurants in the city that meet your price criterion. (Vong's will probably run you more than $50, by the way.) What type of menu are you looking for?
You should not have a problem getting a table for one.
As for getting from JFK, what time of night are you talking about? Another key question: How much luggage?
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I would take a cab from JFK rather than the subway after dark, particularly as a woman, especially with luggage. During the daytime the subway is safe though -- just take normal precautions with your belongings -- keep them close to you.

I have never had trouble asking for a table for one in any restaurant in the city. Most NY restaurants are accustomed to business travelers eating alone and they should not give you any grief. I do think it's too bad you're staying near the Empire State building -- other parts of the city are livelier after dark and have better restaurant options. If you want to try REAL New York Pizza try John's Pizzeria -- there's one in the theatre district and other locations too -- I think there's one in the Village. I usually stay in the theatre district and recommend Le Madeleine or Joe Allen's. There are so many great restaurants in the city though. If you do a search of this forum using the words "New York" and "restaurants" you will find lots of threads on this subject. A recent one has recommendations of New York city residents, who always know the best (untouristy) places. One place I like for really good Mexican food is Rosa Mexicana, in the 50s on the east side. If you want to try something funky try Veselka, on the lower east side -- it's an eastern European diner with great pastries, potato pancakes, pierogi, sausages, etc. Also check which has tons of restaurant info.
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Brian Kilgore
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Don't worry about eating alone; there's no stigma to this in NYC.If the service is not great, blame it on New York and not on the fact that you are a woman,or are eating alone. Men in groups get poor service too, some of the time. But chances are you'll be very welcome, especially in places with resonable prices.It's the really expensive ones that are snooty.
I like simple food that's perfectly made from flavorful ingredients, without sauces and weird additions.So, for ribs and deepfried onions, at your price range, in an interesting neighborhood, think about the Tennessee Mountain House in SOHO. The Carnegie Deli on Broadway near Carnegie hall is an adventure, too. Expen sive for a deli, but very good and lots of fun.I've always been inmpressed by how good some of the food is at South Street Seaport's fast food counters. Again, an adventure, in a place where people dining alone are welcome.
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If you want reasonable, modern and comfortable accomodations in a neighbourhood that's not deserted after dark, very convenient to subways (take buses or taxi at night), I'd like to recommend where we stayed recently. The Marriott Courtyard on Third between 52nd and 53rd. Lots of restaurants, great access to transportation. The hotel is less than 2 years old - service is great, rooms are large and spotless.
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Owen O'Neill
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The previous poster is absolutely right about the convenience of the location he references. It's aresidential area and very active at night going up 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Many, many restaurants to choose from and lots of local residents out and about. I strongly recommend making reservations for the price fixe dinner at L'Ecole. It's run by the French Culinary Institute and although the service could use a tad more polish (it provides training for students in the school) the atmopshere is subdued and elegant without being stuffy and the food is phenomenal. The dinner is about $25 and even if one pays for an entreee upgrade (small extra charge for certain entree choices) or adds a beverage, it's still an outstanding value. With one small mineral water and a 20% tip, my total bill was $35 - about 1/3 to 1/2 less than you would pay elsewhere for comparable quality. They're on South Broadway at or near the corner of Grand - reservations are a must.
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melissa w
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thanks for the responses-most informative. i'm thinking about changing my sleeping location; hoping for 11th st. and 5th ave. a little more action?!?
i did a search for restaurants on the forum board and the same names seem to come quite often(Rosa Mexicana...), so i think i will check out several of the recommendations.
Owen-can you confirm the address for 'l'école'? 462 Broadway? sounds like a great idea.

thanks again-mel

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