Driving to Carmel/Monterey

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Driving to Carmel/Monterey

I'll only be in San Francisco for three days. Is a day trip from San Francisco to Carmel/Monterey something to consider or would it be rushing things too much. I want to enjoy the scenery.
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Carolyn, It really depends on whether you're a city folk or want to see some of the beautiful coast. Have you been to SF before? If so, I would highly recommend you spend the first two days in the city and THEN rent your car and drive to Carmel/Monterey. The trip should take about 2-2 1/2 hours if you take I 280 south to I 85 to 101 South and then off at the Monterey Peninsula exit. When you get to the peninsula you can enjoy the scenery, but not in between--just takes too long. When you return, go directly to SFO and return your car and fly out, don't go back to the city. Alternatively, you can save a lot of time by flying out of San Jose. Always remember that there's plenty to keep you busy in SF for 3 days and beautiful scenery close to the city, but Monterey is pretty special.
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During the daylight, I would avoid the route proposed (I 280) and instead travel along scenic Highway 1 through Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz and onto the Monterey Peninsula. This route takes about 2 hours, and has no traffic except through Santa Cruz. You can always return on an inland route if you are tired. As a resdent of the Monterey Peninsula, I frequently go to S.F. and return on the same day to conduct business. It isn't a problem.
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Carolyn - I highly recommend going to Monterey. It's a beautiful area and the aquarium is something that you should make a point to go to. Enjoy your time there and in S.F.
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I am going to suggest a route that provides for scenery as well as speed. It is a compromise between the routes suggest by Kam and Dave. I would skip Hwy 1 from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. It is just not worth it considering your time constraints. It can be very slow depending on fog, traffic, etc. amd it really is not that great.

I would follow Kam's route on 280 to 85 South. However I would Take 17 south from 85 to Santa Cruz. Cross over the mountains to Hwy 1 and then proceed south to the Monterey area. 280 is a fairly sceninc route for a freeway. This route gives you a combination of everything and is just about as quick as taking 101.

Must sees ( considering time you have )

1. 17 mile scenic drive to Pebble Beach. Starts just off Hwy 1 between Monterey and Carmel.

2. Wander around Carmel

3. Monterey Acquarium.

Have a great time!!
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I vote for staying in San Francisco. We were recently in both places and 3 days in the city is very short. In retrospect, I would have skipped Monterey and spent more time in the immediate San Francisco area.
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Actually I really have to agree with Liz. If it was me, I would skip the Monterey/Carmel trip and just enjoy San Francisco.
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Carolyn -- Have vacationed in both of these areas, and I love them both!!

But for only three days, stay in San Francisco (you'll wish it was longer). It's too much of a hassle to get out to Carmel/Monterey. Do try to get there sometime, though!

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