Snorkel fins?

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And this is from Songdoc on how to find the tricky turnoff for Tunnels. As I mentioned on his post - we usually just drive a bit further to the parking lots at Ke'e Beach (Haena State Park) - where they also have showers and a rest room.

We usually begin snorkeling at Ke'e - and sometimes will make our way back down the beach to nearby Tunnels. But if those lots are full at Ke'e - it's nice to have/know about the Tunnels option.

"Did some writing then went to Tunnels (Makua) Beach late afternoon. I often have trouble finding the entrance, so this time I made some notes. About 1/3 miles past mile marker 8, turn at telephone pole #144 on the right where the sign says “Private Road.”

Tunnels epitomizes my fantasy of the South Pacific. With those jagged mountain peaks and vivid turquoise water it’s how I always imagined Hawaii would look. We took a long walk in the surf soaking up those views, and snapped some postcard-perfect photos along the way. Tunnels is renowned for its snorkeling, but the surf was too rough for the snorkelers today."
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Also as for fins. When I took scuba lessons - waaasasay back in the 70's - they fins were huge - and you also had to wear booties with them. Guess the idea was that with the big fins - a slow-easy kick was the best for longer swims and also not to spook the fish, whatever.

Then bought a smaller, more streamlined pair for diving - and then even bought a smaller pair I use pretty much for body surfing - which are like "ducks feet" - and they are designed for short/quick strokes to help you get on top of the waves when body surfing.

You can body surf without fins - and I have done that a lot - but you really have to time the smaller waves just right.

The fins also help you get up quicker on the big waves and that makes for longer rides.
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Actually - slyvia3 - it was you who suggested possibly starting another thread - especially for newbies to Hawaii - and here is my response to that which I just posted on the other thread about Ocean Conditons.

Hope you also enjoy your new "shorty" fins.


Pardon the delay - but was at a SD Rose Society meeting - which featured a very lively/interesting guest from NYC - who is running for the Board of the American Rose Society and I think she will be a great addition if elected.

Anyhow - yes, Seehag and also responding to a suggestion from semiramis - perhaps it would be best to start another blog on the subject of swimming/snorkeling in Paradise - perhaps entitled - Enjoy Hawaii and use your head - or some such.

For Nanabee - you have actually helped prove what I have been saying, and while I was mainly discussing/responding to comments about Kauai - for the vast majority of the 7 million visitors who annually fly to Hawaii - they have a great time and the vast majority do come back.

However - for the very very very small/fraction who do not - and perhaps most importantly for the first timers enjoying the warm ocean water - some planning ahead and being forewarned will make those tiny odds of a possible mishap even smaller.
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Checking back for fin ideas: WTH is tomsd going on about? "your possible concerns about Tunnels" Tunnels? Who asked about tunnels?
All I wanted was to know if someone had tried a piece of equipment!?
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Sylvia - sorry if it bothered you - was just trying to be helpful.

If you have a lot of experience in the Ocean - have a blast.
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