Roadtrip Across the Country

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In Missouri, don't miss the gateway arch in St. Louis.
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Georgia--add the Sea Islands--St. Simons and Cumberland in particular. Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon is also worthwhile.

Alabama--Montgomery, Tuskegee if you're going that way, and if you are, you might as well see Atlanta.

I enthusiastically second the idea of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina and Virginia. And Wright Brothers. Driving up the east coast (Charleston to Wilmington to the Outer Banks to Williamsburg to DC is a very nice, easy and rewarding road trip. The first we took when we came south.

Funky Baltimore Md. is one of our favorite cities-you could easily see this when in DC.

This is fun. I'll continue thinking about it.

You could add some Civil War Battlefields--someone mentioned Vicksburg, and you could see Antietam in Western Maryland and Gettysburg in southern Pennsylvania. Both of these are very well preserved and you can easily see what happened (unlike Atlanta)
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I suggest you rethink your plan for Nebraska. Here are my suggestions, assuming you're traveling east to west through the State, following the route of the historic Oregon Trail. I realize you can't see all these places.

Between Omaha and Lincoln is the Strategic Air and Space Museum.

Continue to Lincoln and visit the State capitol. This is not your stale old design with a dome etc. It's one of a kind. Read about it here.

Then go south to the Homestead National Monument just a little to the west of Beatrice, which BTW is pronounced bee-A-triss, with the accent on the second syllable. Why? I dunno. It just is. The locals will appreciate it if you say it "right".

Next, go back north to I-80 and head west. Visit Harold Warp's Pioneer Village. You will have to carefully plan your time there, because it's a big complex and you could be there all day unless you skip some of the stuff of lesser interest to you.

Get back on I-80 and go west a short distance to "The Great Platte River Road Archway". This is not only a "must see", it's a "can't avoid seeing", because it spans the highway!

Here is a "must read" about the 100th meridian. You can read it any time, like right now as you read this post. You will cross it as you pass the town of Cozad' and probably several times during your odyssey. It's the kind of thing that geeks like me find interesting. If it's convenient, you could visit the town of Cozad and the100th meridian museum and sign. Not "must sees".

Continue on I-80 to Ogallala and branch off on US 26. (This shows as a scenic route in my Rand McNally road atlas.) Go to the famous Chimney Rock.

Then it's on to Scottsbluff.
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I don't know if anyone mentioned this. You should make a reservation for the trip into Denali. We did this quite a few years ago, and it's a full day bus ride through the park. Enjoy your adventure!
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Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. But you haven't been on the way too long, so maybe my suggestions are not too late.

In Arizona, since you are going to the Grand Canyon, you may find the following of interest.

Shortly after you pass through Winslow, AZ, you will see to the south the famous Barringer meteor crater. This definitely is worth a visit. Some people think the admission price is too high for "a big hole in the ground". I pity them.

My favorite place in Flagstaff is the Lowell Observatory. This is where Pluto was discovered and where Percival Lowell convinced himself and others that there were canals on Mars, and therefore intelligent life. Both H. G. Wells and Orson Wells bought into that possibility , and in the latter case scared the pants off a sizable no. of people with the infamous fake radio newscast of Mars attacking the earth. If you overnight in Flagstaff, this is a good place to visit.
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A few thoughts..Colorado, Denver over Colorado,Springs; Nebraska, Lincoln ;Rhode Island, either Providence and/or historic Newport;New Jersey, Cape May; Ohio, Cincinnati, Freedom Center.
Whale,warxhing off of Cape,Cod, Massachusetts.
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In Alabama I recommend Little River Canyon National Forest And also DeSoto Falls which is located in Desoto State Park, They are about 10 miles apart. This area is about 40 min south of Chattanooga TN if coming down I-59. Maybe one of the most beautiful places on Earth. However I may be a little biased as this is where I grew up.
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Oops Little River is a National Preserve
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Hope you will post a few tidbits along the way so we can live vicariously on this epic road trip!
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