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About dwdvagamundo

  • Last trip
    Northern Argentina
  • Next trip
    Scotland and England
  • Favorite destinations
  • Destination wishlist
    China, India, Sri Lanka
  • Best travel tip
    Don't carry valuables on the street and keep all necessary stuff in a moneybelt. Also, don't take photographs--see quote below
  • Favorite hotel
    The next one we'll stay at
  • Favorite restaurant
    El Caballo Rojo, Cordoba, Espanha
  • Never travels without
    Too much luggage
  • All-time best travel moment
    the night we stayed near Mont St. Michel--after a wonderful dinner of salt marsh lamb and red wine, the wind howled all nite but we were in our cozy room with walls more than a foot thick. When we looked out the window, could see the lights of MSM across the bay.
  • Interests and hobbies
    travel; reading history, biography, economics and literature; yoga; swimming; watching football (American college and soccer);
  • Quote
    "People who take [photographs] lose their capacity for close observation. . . Taking a picture is a way of forgetting" Paul Theroux
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