Road trip advice

Dec 8th, 2000, 10:45 AM
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Road trip advice

I am planning on taking a road trip from oregon to texas this december. I am thinking it will take us about 5 days to complete the trip. Since this is our first long trip in the US, I would like to have some advice about taking such a long trip. Is it safe? How easy will it be to get help if our car breaks down in the middle of the trip? We are planning to but a cell phone before the trip.


Dec 8th, 2000, 11:48 AM
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First of all you are picking the wrong time to make the trip unless you have 4 wheel drive. I have made the trip many times but only three times in the winter and had to use 4wd every time. If you come through Utah, Soldier's Summit between Provo and Price is likely to have snow. So is I-80 through Wyoming. Any route you take there's possibility of snow. My suggestions is to watch long range forecast. All routes between here and there are beautiful when road condidtions are good. Another piece of info: I-40 at I-25 is horrible. New Mexico is redoing I-25 and is causing I-40 traffic to be detoured. It's a mess.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Dec 8th, 2000, 02:23 PM
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You should join AAA, which is the American Automobile Association. For about $60, you will get a year's membership which includes free roadside assistance and towing.
Be advised that there are large areas of Texas, particularly in the western half, with no cell phone service and even fewer people and towns. Make sure your car is reliable and will not break down out there or you could be walking for hours...

Be very mindful of the weather during your trip. December and January can be very unpredictable in Texas. We have had warm, T-shirt weather Christmases, and we've also had ones with snow and ice.
Dec 8th, 2000, 03:47 PM
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The route we are planning is through
Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Iowa, Missouri. we are staying in missouri for 2 days, and then go to dallas.

I got this route through MS MapPoint. Most of this route in I-84 and I-80.

How do I get the forcast for this route? Is there any web site that can give me information on travelling through these areas?

We have a 97 Honda Civic, and it is in pretty good condition. We will also purchase the AAA membership. Time is not a concern for us, as we have over 2 weeks to make the trip. The only reason we need to do this trip is becasue we are moving from oregon to texas, and the cost of moving the car through movers is unbelievable.

My only concern is that we will have a 10 month baby with us. Please advice.


Dec 8th, 2000, 05:36 PM
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This time of year there is always front after front coming into the northwest. Pay close attention and start your trip between fronts in case there is bad weather with them.

Is your civic front wheel dr.? They are a little better on ice and somewhat better on snow. I know your are required to carry chains if you live in Eastern Oregon so make sure you have them in your car in case you need them. Have plenty of food and water with you. I have to tell you the baby concerns me.

My business e-mail is [email protected] Let me know if I can help further.

We welcome you to Texas.
Dec 9th, 2000, 12:09 AM
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Thanks for your advice. We have decided to fly and get the car to texas via movers. We think it is not worth the risk to do the trip with a baby.

We are however planning to drive to Missouri from texas after our first trip.. so I am looking forward for that. Maybe we will rent a 4WD for this one.

Thanks a lot for all your advice!!

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