Riverside Tower Hotel/Upper West Side

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Leanne & Mike
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Riverside Tower Hotel/Upper West Side

Has anyone stayed at this hotel or at least know the neighborhood? This hotel offers some great rates but sometimes that means you are getting what you pay for! One couple and 2 friends will going in Sept. 2002 so if anyone has any ideas for a hotel room for us I would appreciate it! Thanks!
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The hotel is on the upper west side - 80th Street and Riverside Drive. The area is residential and Riverside Drive is a high rent street in that area. It is two blocks from Broadway and there is a subway station. As for the hotel I am also certain that you get what you are paying for in this instance. Haven't been by that hotel in quite a while and the last time I went by (more than a year ago) I asked two tourists who were standing outside the hotel their impression. They had a limited command of english and one described the hotel as "stinky" They also indicated they would only return if there were no rooms available elsewhere. They were in the process of changing hotels. I also noted that not all rooms were airconditioned - this could be a problem in September. As I said I haven't been by the hotel in quite awhile and they could have upgraded the place in the recent past.
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This building used to be a Columbia University dorm. While the location is excellent, the rooms are on the same level as staying at the YMCA.
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My in-laws stayed there against my advice for our wedding in Sept. 2000. They didn't say it was "stinky" or un-airconditioned, but they did say they'd wished they'd stayed at the place we recommended instead. While Riverside Drive is a nice, residential neighborhood, it is on the faaaaaar west side of Manhattan and a little of a hassle to get to most of the tourist sites you will likely be visiting. Also, Riverside Park (which is adjacent) is a little creepy at night -- I recommend you don't enter it. The hotel is not full service (no room service, restaurant or other amenities) and the rooms are very small. They weren't really pleased with it.
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Oh, and by the way, no I did not say "I told you so." :=)
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Friends who were coming to NYC didn't want to bother me by staying at my place & booked this place. They ended up calling me from a payphone nearby begging me (very apologetically, I might add) to take them in just for the night till they could find anyplace else.
(It's really odd, this is actually a very upscale block, they must have just taken over an old building without doing any renovations.) My friends ended up at the Quality Hotel near Broadway and 94th street and were very pleased. They often have really good rates ( as low as $75 night, depending on day/season). There are other hotels in the general neighborhood of the Riverside Tower if the location is good for you including The Excelsior, Lucerne, Comfort Inn Central Park, Beacon Hotel, On the Avenue, etc. If you decide to look elsewhere, what price are you looking for?
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We don't to spend a whole lot. We are still in the planning stages and I am not sure how much our friends want to spend. For us, we don't need a luxury hotel. Since we are too chicken to drive in New York we need to be somewhat close to safe public transportation. We would prefer to all be in the same room with separate sleeping areas. I will even consider an apartment. We will be staying for 7 days. Thanks for all of your replies! I am glad you are willing to help!

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