Quick NYC trip report and thank you!

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Quick NYC trip report and thank you!


Went to NYC with my kids last month and I asked you all tons of questions and of course recieved great suggestions.
While I have to NYC before my kids had not.

At first thought our trip was junked when I had arranged a Carmel bvan to pick us up and they were 1-1/2 hours late, frustrating. Everyone was blaming everyone else.

Anyways we finally got to our hotel the Westin Times Square, love that hotel. Watched the kids eyes as they checked out Times Square ate at a crappy restuarant Roxy's. Can you believe my consierage suggested this place.

Next day against most Fodorites suggestions (sorry) took the Romancing Manhattan tour. Yes pricey but it was the highlight of the trip. If you ask my kids that was their favorite day. The tour guide was awesome. I knew my kids learned alot when the next day when my hubby finally arrived they bombarded him with info they had learned. We did get out a lot. That was a once in a lifetime splurge that ended up being well worth it.

That night Gallaghers Steak house- YUMMY!! Then one to Wicked. Of course my kids thought it was the bomb. They have heard me play the music a million times around the house, so they loved singing Popular with the good witch.

The next day we took one of those food walking tours of Grenwhich (sp?). Loved it. My 10 year was a touch bored but loved the food. My older ones loved it and I cannot believe how much I learned and saw in just a short walk around this quaint neighborhood. We went in and checked the bar called Chumleys. It was full of history. Just a fun time. Next time I visit the meat market one will be one my list. To finish off the day we took the Staten Island ferry over and back to check out the Lady.

That evening we enjoyed a very funny and entertaining Spamalot while the other 2 took in Lion King and the oldest took in Phantom. I did love Spamalot but Hank Azaria was less then friendly and I was bummed most of the cast did not come out. David Hyde Pierce was very kind. Interesting foot note, Eric Idle was in the sudience as was the LAUREN BECALL!! Right down from me. Do not laugh that was exciting for this girl.

Next day we checked out Trump Tower, Tiffanys etc. The kids had fun skating at Rockefeller Center, NBA store, American Girls Place and Macys. They loved riding those bikes cabs or whatever you call them all over. Then on to Hairspray for my kids and Jersey Boys for us Adults. They loved Hairspray even though my kids let me know they thought it was cute but a little riskay. I LOVED JERSEY BOYS!!!! I just thought it was the best. I sang and had a blast and wished I had spent the extra 100.00 to get us closer event though we had excellent seats. The crowd was crazy that night very excited to see them.
I did feel bad when I went outside to get autographs and there was hardly anyone there. But I look across the street and you can hear cheers and yells from the crowds from Hairpspray. These guys were so good!! You could tell they are not star struck because they took there time with each person, talking and gettin to know them. Especially the the characters of Nick and Bob, they had whole conversations with me. They both told me the crowd was so electic that night they could feel it onstage. Loved them. Ihope they are up for some Tony or something, just nice guys.

The Met. Museum of Art, The LDS Temple, Lincoln Center, Empire State Building were just a few sites that we enjoyed our last full day in NYC. Before we went home the next day we had to go have some more of Joe's Pizza in the Village. Loved it and it was a great finish to our trip.

UNlike the last trip no fantastic meals, with kids it is a little hard. Ate a lot of pizza and fast food. But still loved it. Wished my hubby and I had went back to Grand Central to eat at the Oyster Bar. Maybe next time.

Thank you so much to so many of you that helped plan our tirp. I loved the shows everyone suggested and cannot wait to go back to that fantastic city. Thanks again!! Hope this was not to boring.

One last question...... do all the Broadway stars get cars to take them home? I noticed that the Jersey Boys had each there own car but the star of Hairspray did not. Do the new kids on Broadway make good money? Just curious. Thanks again!!
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Glad you had a nice time....LDS Temple and drinks at Chumleys??? Glad you got to see Lauren BEcall....

You sound like you made the most of your time here.....good show!!
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Regarding cars for stars -- it may be possible that a real star would negotiate a car and driver as part of his contract.
It was interesting that when Phylicia Rashad was doing A Raisin in the Sun just a block from the apartment we were renting, every night a plain sort of beat up van pulled up in front of our building and waited. She'd walk the block to the car and get in the front seat and they'd drive off. No big limousine outside the stage door for her. Our doorman, knew the driver and let him pull up there to wait for her.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time -- except for the Roxie! Wish you had read my post here about the lipstick on the water glass there! You never would have gone in there.

Also interesting about Carmel being an hour and a half late -- very frustrating way to start a trip!
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What a great trip! Glad that you went ahead and did the Romancing NY tour (despite the naysayers on this forum), it sounds like your family really enjoyed it and that is what is important. Sorry to hear that Hank Azaria was less than friendly towards the crowd. Last time we saw him outside the theater he was taking time to speak to people and take photos and he stayed quite awhile - maybe he was having a bad day (like we all can have sometimes!).

As far as a car for the stars after the show, it probably varies. I have seen both Matthew Broderick and David Hyde Pierce sign autographs, take pictures and then just leave the theater, walk down the street, and blend in with the crowd.

Don't beat yourself up over the Roxy "mistake", at one time or another everyone here has probably made a similar error. There are worse things!

Food tour sounds like a lot of fun, it is something that we haven't done yet and I think we would like it.

Thanks for the report, I enjoyed it!
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As far as stars having their own car service, unless it is raining, I think a lot walk to and from the theater.

I've seen many Broadway stars heading to the theater walking through Times Square over the years (Matther Broderick, Nathan Lane, Bette Midler, Chris Noth, BeBe Neuworth) particularly right after September 11th.
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Great report! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. NYC is the BEST!! I just had a baby and my husband and I are already talking about what all we'll do with him in NYC when we take him there for the first time.

When I saw Spamalot, all of the stars came out and signed autographs, were very friendly, and then just walked away. I was so happy that David Hyde Pierce was as nice and friendly as he was. When I saw A Raisin in the Sun, my husband and I waited outside, hoping to see Phylicia Rashaad, but she must have gone out another way. Sean (P. Diddy/Puff Daddy) Combs, however, came out where all the crowd was and signed autographs before being whisked away in a convoy of SUV's, with his bodyguards getting out to block traffic, get his SUV moving once he was in, etc. It was all terribly exciting to this small town girl! The other performers from this play also signed autographs, were very nice, and then just walked off. They quickly blended into the crowd.
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I'm curious - do the actors exit through stage doors at the rear of the theaters or just through the main doors?
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Ekscrunchy.....you are so funny! I did not have drinks at Chumleys, no one did. We just go to walk through and watch the guys go through the trap doors etc to put away the liquor for the evening comeing up. This place is on the food walking tour. I would never known it was there if not for the tour. It was so fun!

I am glad a few of you answered mny car question. I was curious that a few Jersey Boys had cars and the rest nope they just started walking.
Thanks again for the comliments!
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janette, generally the actors will go the stage door, but I have known a few to avoid the crowd and sneak out the front or another "hidden" entrance, like a service door or something.
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