Purchasing a camera

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Purchasing a camera

I need advice on purchasing a 35 mm camera. I will use it to take pictures on family vacations and just general picture taking. I want one that's easy to use and load with film and takes nice pictures both indoors and outdoors. I welcome any opinions or advice. thank you.
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I take it you are looking for a point and shoot type camera. I would recommend looking at Olympus and Yashica brands. One consideration is whether you want a zoom or not. The positives of a zoom are many of course for composition and for getting closer to someone or something without walking. However, most photographers will tell you that a quality non-zoom will offer sharper photos. For non-zooms I would suggest a Yashica T4. I don't have any specific suggestions for a zoom. I have use a Canon Z-115, but it gives bad red eye and could be a little sharper. On the whole it is a pretty good camera though. When you decide what you want to buy, check out B&H Photo's web site or request a catalog (1-800-947-9970). You will save a lot of money through them on most items, and you will get the item in a matter of days. I don't trust most mail order dealers, but we photographers love B&H for service and reliability.
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My theory is to forget about the high priced stuff. I bought a Polaroid point and shoot 35mm for $60 at a Target/Walmart type store. It takes wonderful pictures (no zoom), loads easily, and has a digital screen where you can adjust flash and other functions. The other bonus is that when you drop it into the Grand Canyon or into the mouth of the Striped Marlin you just caught you won't feel nearly as bad as you would've if it had been a Nikon.
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Funny you should recommend a Polaroid point and shoot. My daughter has one that we bought her at Walmart for about $60. It takes adequate pictures but I would like to have something for myself that takes a little clearer pictures. I think I can be trusted not to lose it (although I am the one who left our good 35 mm camera in a restroom at Silver Dollar City, Branson and my family never lets me forget this). We have a lot of memorable family events coming up this year and I would like to be able to take some good pictures. thanks for the advice, though. any opinions are appreciated.
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Sandy, do not go for the cheapest one - you'll never be satisfied. Dan had some good advice. The advantages of a zoom lens far out-weigh any negatives. The new drop-in film cassette cameras are by far the easiest to load but film processing does cost a bit more. Go for a good brand name with zoom lens and, if possible, one that offers various 'formats' (portrait, scenic, panorama).
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Sandy, I was a combat photographer in the Army and operated a photo studio for a number of years. The advances in optics and features lately are simply incredible. Consider your requirements carefully for a camera. A non zoom is cheaper but that feature is well worth the price. Unless you are printing 8 x 10s you will never notice the slight loss in resolution. Red eye reduction ...how can you live without it? In choosing a camera pick one that fits your hands and fits you face properly. If it is difficult to maintain stability during exposures it wont matter how expensive a camera you purchase. Are the controls in the right place and comfortable for you?? All that said...I use a Canon EOS Rebel G about $400, my wife uses a Yashica Zoom Image 90 about $180. Most any Canon, Minolta, Yashica, Pentax...name brand will produce excellent results. If it is comfortable and easy to use. Good luck and happy shooting!!

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