Priceline and nonsmoking rooms

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Priceline and nonsmoking rooms

I would like to bid on a hotel in D.C. through Priceline. However, I am hesitant because I require a nonsmoking room. Has anyone had problems receiving a N/S room? I'm concerned the check-in desk will treat me like a peon since I used a consolidator for accomodations. Thanks!
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Priceline has absolutely no control over which room you get at the hotel. This issue would have to be taken up with the hotel.
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I justrecently got a room near DC thru Priceline and it was at a Hilton. We had a little problem with the A/C, and they changed our room.It was N/s, no problem.
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Priceline states that they *request* nonsmoking rooms. I supose your chances of getting one would increase, the earlier in the day you check in. Most hotels won't guarantee a nonsmoking room even for regular bookings, anyway.
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I recently used Priceline for the first time for our trip to Boston, as the hotel rates there are ridiculous. I had no problem with getting the kind of room I wanted. The hotel didn't treat me any differently than if I were paying full freight.

Once I got my confirmation from Priceline, I called the hotel directly (not the 800 number) and requested 2 double beds and nonsmoking. No problem.
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Hi Chris,

Seems to me there's a pretty recent thread concerning Priceline which included a couple of credible folks who'd worked the hotel side of receiving Priceline customers. The search function here seems a bit funky but keep trying because these were articulate and informative posters.

The bottom line (appropriate pun) seems to be that frequent and full price customers get their needs met first. Makes sense. Priceline and other consolidators don't get the short shrift just for being bottom feeders, but if the place is heavily booked, they get what's available.

If it's critical to you to have a non smoking room, don't go the cheapie route so you have no leverage.

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I've used Priceline five times for hotels in New York City and Orlando and never had any problem getting a non-smoking room even though the hotels were booked solid. I simply called the hotel directly as soon as it was reserved through Priceline and made sure I was getting a non-smoking room. Never a problem.
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As Suzy stated, there is no guarantee that you will get a nonsmoking room even if you're not Priceline customer. It falls into the category of a "request" and the hotel will usually do its best to accommodate you, but there's usually no firm guarantee.
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A poster to an earlier thread on a related topic presented the following list of hotels that he claimed WOULD guarantee nonsmoking rooms:

Renaissance Hotels
Residence Inn and all other MArriott properties
Embassy Suites Hotels®
Hilton Garden Inn®
Hampton Inn®
Hampton Inn & Suites®
Homewood Suites® by Hilton Hotels
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Suzy, I'm wondering if this is a new policy with the hotels on this list, because I've stayed at several of them and that has not been the case.

Most hotels work on a space available basis, so it can sometimes be the luck of the draw. About two years ago we checked into a Radisson with a reservation for a non-smoking king. We were told that all they had left was a smoking king or a non-smoking with two doubles. I know the Radisson is not on your list, but it's just an example of what can happen.
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Front Desk Clerk
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I work at one of the major hotel chains that Suzy has listed (I think we are number 2) and we do not guarantee rooms either smoking or non-smoking for any guest other than our Platinum Members. These members are "blocked" in their room and they are guaranteed their room no matter what!.
As for Priceline, most Priceline Reservations are reserved as Non-Smoking Doubles which is good because we have lots of families with children that need 2 beds along with cribs checking in under the Priceline Rate.

We mainly work on a "first come first serve basis". We constantly check the amount of rooms that we have to ensure that we are not overbooking our hotel. If the hotel is overbooked, then we arrange for the guest to be re-accomodated at another hotel in the area and we pay for the room.

Bottom line, the earlier you get there, the better. We do not treat our Priceline guests any different then our other guest except those that feel they should be put on the concierge floor, demanding valet parking (with no tip after they get it), demanding to be upgraded to a jacuzzi suite, demanding a room with 2 beds or demanding a non-smoking room when we only have smoking rooms left. For those persons, we remind them that per Priceline, there are no guarantees.

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It is not a hotel-chain policy. It generally depends, not only on which hotel, but on the rate you are confirmed.

Many promotional rates and discounts are for "run-of-the-house" rooms. This means the specific room type is not guaranteed.

Although, hotels prefer giving you the smoking preference you want. There is no guarantee.

If you want a nonsmoking room guaranteed, it is best if you book your reservation by phone and say so.
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I'm the original poster of that list.

Those hotels allow you to make a confirmed reservation for a non smoking room.

I' dont think they any hotel can absolutely gurantee that a room would be available.

But at least it would be easy to reject a smoking room and not be obligated to pay a penalty withe those hotels.
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Thanks so much everyone for your responses. I think I'm not going to do priceline this round, we will be arriving around midnight and many of the hotels are rack rate so there must be some type of convention going on. I think I'll take the pointers mentioned and try again at a later date = )
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Nancy Weiss
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Ugh. When I went to Boston at the last minute with my sister, the hotel put us in a smoking room and it was TERRIBLE. Ever since, I only book nonsmoking. Orbitz is really great for that. Before you book it explains your rooms and specifies if it's smoking or non. It's such a relief to know that is already taken care of.
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