Phoenix Charm

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Phoenix Charm

Is Phoenix known to be a city with any charm? I need a vacation and have a chance to visit for a good price but have never been. I like pedestrian type cities that are unique and not full of chain restaurants and franchise stores. Is this the place for me?
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You will HATE Phoenix!
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These two apparently haven't seen Phoenix with a native or a person who has been here for a good long while. I have never taken people on a tour that haven't just loved it, thought it was very clean, interesting, the historic places charming and the new areas, amazing. Our downtown has some good places to drive around and visit...a car is pretty much a necessity in this valley because it is so spread out...and, of course, we have chain restaurants and franchises, just like every other city and town. I love seeing how others live and hear how their area was started and grew, so cannot imagine that anyone wouldn't give the same respect to this area. We have alot of history and historic locations and buildings of all types and they may not be apparent to those who are not on a tour or with someone who knows the area well. If you are going to think a stripmall or chain restaurant makes an area, you are incorrect.
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Lived in Phoenix for 4 years. I did enjoy living there, but it certainly is not what I would call "charming". Sprawl, terrible traffic, strip malls, etc. The weather is wonderful except middle of summer and some of the outlying areas of town are neat. Great for golfing, escaping winter, and enjoying the heat. The mountains are cool, but not plentiful unless you leave the city. I am looking into visiting Austin and San Antonio in March, and I hope it is more like what you are describing than Phoenix.
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Karen, I think Byron wanted a charming city with unique restaurants and stores. I'd have to agree that Phoenix (my hometown) is not the place for him.
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Granted, Phoenix is not La Jolla or St. Augustine, but, Byron, e-mail me and I will try to direct you in the right direction....however, it is not a pedestrian type city...very large, spread out valley, probably 100 miles across in all directions...........
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First of all, I think the odds that Byron's post is a TROLL are extremely high. Just look at all the baiting phrases. Everything people rail on Phoenix for is mentioned.
I'm not buying that this is a real post.

Secondly, while I respect Karen's appreciation for her home city, I think, no...I know, it's a stretch to imply that everyone who visits Phoenix will love it, as she states.
I'm a former resident and I came to realize while there that there are basically two types of people who like the southern US: Florida types and Arizona types. The Florida types love the green, lush plants and water related assets of FL, while the AZ types appreciate the unusual beauty of the desert, can do without cloudy days, and don't need an ocean nearby to be happy.

But indeed there are a great many FL types who leave PHX shaking their heads at the 'brown, dry, ugly' desert and wonder how anyone could live there.
Personally I like AZ much more than FL. But I have many friends and family members who don't care for AZ at all.
And that's a good thing.
The last thing AZ needs is a whole lot more transplants!
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Phoenix and charm? Do you have a section of yout town that is full of Arby's Blockbuster Videos, and Olive Gardens.
Picture that twenty miles long. That is Phoenix.
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Troll...Nope. Sorry if my post appeared to have baits in it but this fine information you have provided has made me decide a big "no" on this one.

The desert would be beautiful but I want a good vibe of a place. I live in a city full of the same urban blight and need a break from it to get my soul's oil changed once a year (no offence to the fine folks who live in and love Phoenix - just not my kind of city). I'm a big fan of New Orleans and really enjoyed parts of San Francisco. If it wasn't so $$$$ to fly to New Orleans from here I would go in a flash (but avoid Mardi Gras).

Thanks again for the, ahem, interesting replies, I really didn't expect such harsh responses.

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If you want charm and want the Southwest, you might want to try Santa Fe, NM. Given what you are looking for, I think you'd enjoy it more than Phoenix.
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I have a ton of Hilton Honors points that I need to use, and I'd like to use them in Hawaii. Can anyone recommend a Hawaii Hilton hotel or resort that I might want to try? Never been to Hawaii, so I am not fussy about which Island.
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Lucas you won't attract much attention hiding your question inside someone else's post about Phoenix.

The only Hiltons in Hawaii are in Honolulu and on the Big Island (Waikoloa). Embassy Suites is a partner, but I'm not sure if the Embassy Suites Maui participates since it's now a timeshare hotel.
Of these, Waikoloa has the most to offer, if the Big Island is your type of island. I don't recommend Honolulu to first timers. Creates a false impression of what Hawaii is really about.

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