parking options

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parking options

Okay here is my situation. My husband and I will be flying into Boston next month and driving to Cape. We will be renting a car and we have T visitors passes for one day. We plan to explore the city after we arrive via the T. Unfortantly we have aqquired information from our rental car company that we can not store our luggage in the car and pick it up later, which would have been the ideal solution to our problem. My question is where are places that we can park the car for the day while we ride the T?
Anxiously awaiting any advice! Thanks in advance!
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I think that there has been a thread on this very recently - run a Fodor's search. Good luck.
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Your best bet is to drive into Boston and park your car in the Boston Common garage -- it will cost about $15 for the day, but it is the cheapest and cleanest garage in the city, it's also underground and well patrolled since it's run by the city. And, best of all is that you will be just a few blocks from all the action and the Park Street train station, which is a major hub.
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Hi, We just returned from a week in Boston. We parked our car at Riverside station (very safe) for $2.75/night and took the green T into the city. The vistor's center encourages you to do this due to the Big Dig (a new highway) and limited parking. Boston is such a wonderful city to walk. You may also want to check out station maps at Boston Mass Transit Authority - - enjoy your trip to're going to love it!
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If you can park at the Common Garage, that's a great location, but you'd better have alternatives in case it's full (that's happened to me).

For a list of parking garages in the North End (including a printable map) go to <>.

Crossing the river to Cambridge might be another good option - There's a garage at the Cambridgeside Galleria, another one by the Museum of Science, and there are also some in Kendall Square. Here's a website that lists some in Cambridge, including some near Harvard Square: <>. I don't know how much any of these charge, but parking can be very expensive in the Boston area. Good luck!
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I'm guessing, here, that you are not spending the night in Boston. And, actually, your "plan" to store your luggage in the rental car and pick both up later is surely not any sort of "idea solution". Assuming your itinerary is to arrive at Logan, pick up the rental car, spend the day in Boston, then drive to the Cape - you'd want to find a parking garage convenient to whatever seeing and doing you have planned. There are numerous websites for finding parking garages nearby your Boston desination(s). Since you haven't mentioned what those are, though, the Boston Common parking garage is a good bet.
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Many of above suggestions are good. Just wondering - when you say "next month", if that includes July 4th (or even 3rd or 5th), you may find parking tighter than usual.
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Gail----------No I will be there on the 12th. Thanks to everyone who has privided me with information! Please keep on giving it, I want to make this trip one to remember and as frugal as I can. (only trying to find the least expesive parking options)

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Also consider lots run by LoganExpress, a shuttle service. Fenced lots w/ 24 hour attendants located at Woburn & Framingham, and others (don't recall where). It was $6/day a few years ago.
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Then how do they get from the Logan Express station back into Boston?

Feff,you're better-off just parking in any lot in Boston, even if it's expensive. By the time you take the car out to the outlying areas and park and take the T back, you've used up a good chunk of your time (at least an hour or two) and several dollars in T fares. Just cough up the money and park in Boston. Too bad you already spent $$ on those T passes, they cost $6 each which is probably more than you would spend just buying tokens.
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THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE GREAT ADVICE! PROBLEM SOLVED! We have decided that we are just going to park in the Sattellite Economy lot at Logan. It is $16 but a little more money will be worth the hassel! Thanks again.

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