Parking in Beverly Hills

Jul 15th, 1999, 11:39 AM
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Parking in Beverly Hills

AS Cherie said, many of the hotels do not have places to park. Does anyone have any suggestions. (Apart from valet). Thanks
Jul 15th, 1999, 12:41 PM
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Drats! My post didnt post! What I attempted to say was....
If you know you will need a particular cosmetic...they are the same price at any department store. Dept. Stores in BH validate free parking for 2-3 hrs. with purchase. If you buy one souvenir every coupla' hours, you can move your car from store to store. The 'Flats" are mostly 2 hr. pkg., strictly inforced by metermaids with Gucci bags (so they fit into the crowd). The meters are not synchronized (in my experience) and you should allow a little "wiggle time" and not wait until the last minute to check them. The "Golden Triangle" has several office buildings (I had a penthouse on Camden Drive) and parking below them is steep but not as awful as a ticket would be. If your hotel has a lot, leave your car there and foot it everywhere...the locals do because we cannot get anywhere in the traffic anyway. Good Luck. PS Parking at nearby Beverly Center used to be 3 hrs. free. Nice Shops, too.
Jul 15th, 1999, 01:47 PM
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What about during the night (by the way my email address is inaccessible)
Jul 15th, 1999, 05:07 PM
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Hi, Richard,
Just a cautionary note...
18 months ago we parked a rental car in a city-operated valet lot (only in BH!) next to Nate & Al's, discovered later that valuables and coats had been stolen out of the trunk while the car was in the custody of the valets. I pitched a fit with the City of BH, from whom I received the bum's rush. I could file a complaint if I came to the city hall in person and filled it out (no fax, no mail), never mind that I was somewhere far away by then. Keeping an eye on your stuff is travel basics 101 but I'm still unhappy that it was city employees or contractors who did the deed. Consider a taxi with a City of LA license!
Jul 16th, 1999, 12:48 PM
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Check the local signs. They used to end the parkorama at 5 or 6 PM and you would see the town gets parked up at five mintues before that time. You can park for dinner and leave the car all night as long as it is moved by the time the enforement takes effect the next am. Try the Chamber of Comerce of BH for names of reputable lots....I never heard of lousey treatment like the other fellow had at Nate & Als....I'd be steamed, too. I know that lot....I wouldn't park there after his post. Also, the lots beneath the ofc bldgs have cheaper rates after 5PM. Check with them, too. Hope this helps.

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