Our upcoming Kauai trip!

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Our upcoming Kauai trip!

My husband and I are taking a vacation to Kauai on in a couple of weeks. This is actually our 5 year anniversary trip. We are both in our early 20s and have no kids.

This is the first time for either of us to visit any of the islands. We are very excited to go, but are somewhat overwhelmed in planning our itinerary. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions on what have put together. It would also be great to see your suggestions on the companies we should use for the tours/excursions we are planning on taking:

1. Helicopter ride (Interisland)
2. ATV Tour -
3. Snuba
4. Na Pali Coast Boat Tour
5. Deep Sea Fishing
6. Golfing one day
7. Zipline tour ?? -

We have rented a condo at Kuhio Shores. What are your comments on this property? Again, I would SOOO appreciate your suggestions and comments. We have purchased the Ultimate Kauai book and think it's a great resource, but would love hearing from your own experiences. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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Congratulations on the anniversary. We recently celebrated our 27th with a trip to Kauai and Maui. We stayed at Kuhio Shores too in a ground floor room. While not luxurious, it was everything I expected. The view was wonderful with access to the water just steps away. We had dinner at the Beach House and would definitely recommend it. Great food and sunset, but I would call now for reservations so you can be there for the sunset. We tried to take a helicopter ride with Will Squyres but got rained out the day we were to go and couldn't reschedule. We found a discount in one of the free books and it was really good without a timeshare presentation. We drove to Waimea Canyon twice and to Barking Sands Beach (really rough road and windy, but way secluded once you get there). We had dinner at the Brick Oven pizza in Kalaheo and really enjoyed it. We also at at a steakhouse on a side street (you'd never find it without knowing) and enjoyed the food there too. We took a trip to the north side one day, but really enjoyed the south side better (better weather in winter). Overall it was a great vacation with plenty of relaxation. I did try the first part of the Kalalau trail on the north end, but gave up after about a mile. It wasn't too bad, but watch out for the last step - I severely sprained my ankle and scraped up my leg pretty good. The worst part was having to tell my husband since he decided not to go. Oh well we survived and had a great time, as I 'm sure you will too. Just make sure to have some down time and just enjoy the island and each other.
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Ditto congrats.
We did Kauai for our 10th anniv in '89 and have been going back almost every year since. In fact, 63 mo' days until our return.

The beach right by The Beach House is very nice for snorkeling on your own.

How much do you want to pay for golf? You're right by two good golf courses, Poipu Bay and Kiahuna.
Kiahuna is more inland and not as expensive.
Kiahuna Joe's is also a good place for b'fast/lunch and a cold beer or three.

You're short drives to Kukuilono Golf Course up in Kalaheo. VERY inexpensive for 9 holes and a cart and almost as good of views as you get up at Princeville Golf Course.

Puakea in Lihue is also a nice course now that it has all 18 holes completed.
Hopefully the "19th hole" wil be completed shortly.

Public course in Wailua is also well kept and has some holes on the ocean.

A cheap excursion I rec to friends is renting a golf cart at The Princeville Golf Course and tour the course.
I think they rent carts after 3-4:00pm and you can drive all over. Maybe $25?

Take film. A lot of breath taking views.
Mucho mahalos!
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Thank you so much for your tips and suggestions. I am so excited! Thanks, Kal for the golf suggestions! My husband will definitely appreciate them. He loves golf and we have heard that Kauai is one of the best places to golf, so that should be fun! I have never thought about just renting a golf cart, but that sounds like a great idea and beats paying the big $$ to play a round of golf there. Thanks again to you all!
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We went to Kauai in September and loved every minute of it. We stayed in a cottage in Ha'ena on the north shore.

We did ziplining with Kauai Backcountry Adventures. It was a LOT of fun and not scary at all. The staff were great. For our Na Pali cruise, we used Captain Sundown out of Hanalei. Again, the staff and the cruise were great. I get seasick but I took dramamine and wore seabands and I was totally fine, even on the way back which was really rough and wet and fun!

We hiked the Kalalau trail to Hanakapi'ai Falls. It is very rough and rocky but not as bad as people made it sound. And swimming under those falls made it all worthwhile.

We used the Ultimate Kauai Guidebook and found it to be very useful and mostly accurate. We were there for 2 weeks and could easily have stayed another 2 weeks because there was so much more we wanted to do. And because it is Paradise! Happy anniversary and have a great trip.
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We loved the North shore, make sure you allow time. The lighthouse is gorgeous as are the beaches, mountains. We enjoyed the Botanical gardens and spouting horn. We went to Limahuli gardens near Kee Beach and there are other gardens in the Poipu area. We used Napali Catamaran out of Hanalei. We enjoyed Grove Farm tour. We used the blue tour book also and the AAA book for restaurants. Lots of nice ones on the island. In poipu Keoki's paradise was fun, we couldnt get into the Beach house. Gaylords on the main highway is great. Duke's at the Marriott. If you go to the North shore, have dinner at the Princeville hotel for the sunset views . Enjoy
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Can recommend Holo Holo for Na Pali coast boat ride, although this time of year you want to check projected weather conditions for next 3-4 days before booking. There is phone number for Coast Guard in blue book, you want the report on outer waters.

We went with Interisland and while the ride was good and husband got great shots, I was not thrilled with the guide, did not say much or point out much. Guess it depends which pilot you get.
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Man! I forgot about the two nice courses at The Marriott in Lihue!

See if Duke's still has Taco Tuesday's.
Fish tacos and cold beer for $2 or $3 per each.

My Local buddy and I try and golf on Tuesdays so we can meet our wives there for a good inexpensive meal with a decent view of the start of a sunset over Kalapaki Bay.

I have to see if The Whaler has been remodeled and reopened. Another good dine/view spot overlooking one of the most beautiful yet deadly holes on the golf course.

We did Jack Harter Heli on our first trip in '89 and we still hear good things about them.

We did two ATV tours. I think one in Koloa is out of business and one may no longer do ATV tours, only zipline and tubing the canal.
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We prefer to be north shore beach slugs when we visit the hell-hole so the only activity I've done of the ones you mentioned is the NaPali cruise. We went with HoloHolo and went out to NaPali and then to Nihau for snorkeling. This was in the summer and it was still VERY choppy on the way back. Try to take a morning tour if you can. It was a great trip with some of the best snorkeling I've had in the clearest water I could imagine.

Ditto Kal on Joe's at Kiahuna. Great breakfasts and pupus around cocktail hour.

There are lots of threads here about helicopter tour to take. Use the search box.

Take a drive up to Waimea Canyon/Koke'e State Park. There are some gorgeous view points and some good hiking into and out of the canyon.

Take a drive up to Hanalei and spend some time holding hands and walking the beach at Hanalei Bay. It get no bettah!

I'd allow plenty of down time for just hanging and soaking up the considerable aloha. It is what Hawaii is all about afterall.

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Alohaaaa Bilaaaaaaay!
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Aloha to you too mister Kal! Only 60 something eh? Have you checked the "bar cam" at the Sand Bar lately?

How about this Califabulous weather we are having, eh? Niiiiiice. 8-)

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Any reason you are not speaking to me this week Mr. IAMQ???? I'm gonna go there in a hundred and something days!!

Kneptune, we did the helicopter with Interisland. Pictures are fab.

Can't remember who we did ATV ride with, but it was tons of fun.

And, did NaPali Coast Boat trip with Hilohilo Charters.

Have fun in that dreadful place.

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My husband played at the Kukuilono Golf Course in Kalaheo. We stayed at a B&B in Kalaheo, so we were only a mile from the golf course. We really liked the Kalaheo, Koloa and Poipu area. It is handy to Waimea Canyon, and not too far the east and north sides also.
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Well hello to you too Mrs. Iceu2! Have you missed me? It sure sounds like it!

124 till I'm a traitor and 284 till I redeem myself and can call myself a K9 again.

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Actually Kneptune, our Napali trip was with Holoholo. If you come upon any really great eats, let us know ok?

Just checked the kountdown and I defect in 147 and do the Lihue shuffle in 154. And, my dear iamq, how about 248 instead of 284 for you?

Speaking of the Lihue shuffle, Kneptune, when you get to the airport...have your DH go for the rental car while you retrieve the bags and wait for him on the airport side....not the shuttle bus side.

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Our winter weather season has arrived on Kaua`i -- winter surf has begun pounding all our shores, and the wind has kicked up a bit. So any planned outdoor excursions may need to move to another part of the island...or be postponed/cancelled. Not to worry, you will ALWAYS find something to do here! 8-)

There's a new website which gives daily (or more often, if needed) updates as to weather and surf conditions here on Kaua`i. Updates come from our county lifeguards, along with ocean/beach safety tips:

Ocean and beach safety are always important, but especially so this time of year. Rogue waves can sweep you off the beach, rip currents can pull you out to sea. Best advice -- go only to beaches which have lifeguard stations.
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I went to Kauai a couple of years ago for the first time in December. I highly recommend the helicopter ride and you must include a luau especially if it is your first time to Hawaii. Also, we did several hikes on our own so you may want to get a good map and explore. Don't get caught up on trying to do too much. Remember you'll be in Hawaii and the pace is slow so take a couple of days to take your time, explore, relax. Also, get yourself black pearls. There are many shops in the south side of the island. Have fun. Congrats
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You all are so great and have been very helpful. We can't wait to go. Thanks to all of you!
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Hi Kneptune,
I'm celebrating my anniversary in Kauai too and just arrived today. I'll try to keep you posted on anything that may help you. When are you coming and for how long?
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We will be there Nov. 25 - Dec. 2. Thanks! I look forward to your suggestions.
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