Oregon in 7-8 days

Mar 7th, 2008, 07:00 AM
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jibboom1...thank you for that extremely detailed and thorough itinerary. It sounds great but we are stuck with arrival and departure at PDX. Right now some possible itineraries are :

#1 Whirlwind Tour
Wed afternoon and Thursday: Gorge and stay in Hood River.
Friday: Hood River to Crater Lake, stay at Prospect Hotel.
Saturday: Prospect to Gold Beach.
Sunday: Gold Beach
Monday: Yachats
Tuesday: Yachats to Lincoln City
Wednesday: Portland

#2 Slightly Less Whirlwind Tour
Wed/Thursday: Hood River
Friday: Bend or Sunriver
Saturday: Prospect or Grant's Pass (viewing Crater Lake on the trip from
Sunday/Monday: Yachats
Tuesday night: Lincoln City or Depoe Bay? someplace farther up the coast
Wed: to PDX

#3 Alternate Slightly Less Whirlwind Tour
1st two nights night in Hood River
3rd at Prospect or Grant's Pass (short visit to view Crater Lake on long day)
4th at Gold Beach
5th, 6th nights in Yachats
7th night farther up the coast nearer to Portland (?Lincoln City)

#4 North Oregon Only Option
Wed./Thur: Hood River hiking and viewing the Gorge area.
Friday: travel down to Bend through the Mt. Hood area getting in a hike, stay that
night around Bend
Saturday: hike/view Old McKenzie Hwy then over to the coast to Yachats.
Sat. and Sunday nights in Yachats
Mon and Tue. nights at Depoe Bay or Lincoln City
Wed. AM drive to PDX airport with flight leaving at 2 PM

#5 Alternate North Oregon Only
Wed./Thur. in Hood River hiking and viewing the Gorge area.
Friday travel down to Bend through the Mt. Hood area getting in a hike, stay that
night around Bend
Saturday hike/view OR 242 to OR 26 to US 20 then over to Corvallis or US 20 to OR
126 over to Eugene for Saturday night
Sunday and Monday nights in Yachats
Tue. nights at Depoe Bay or Lincoln City
Wed. AM drive to PDX airport with flight leaving at 2 PM

#6 An itinerary partially recommended by bfrazier (see above)
1st day Wednesday: Portland to Hood River
2nd Day Thursday: Hood River to Sunriver.
Day 3 Friday: A local Day in SUnriver/Bend area.
Day 4 Saturday: Sunriver to Prospect
and into the Crater Lake National Park Area. Stay at Prospect Junction Hotel.
Day 5 Sunday: Prospect to Yachats via Roseburg Hwy 138 descending along the North Umpqua
River - stay in Yachats.
Day 6 Explore Yachats area. Stay at Yachats
Day 7 Tuesday: Drive to Lincoln City stopping along the way, stay in Lincoln City.
Day 8 Wednesday Drive from Lincoln City to PDX.
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Mar 7th, 2008, 07:20 AM
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bf......we'll be going in early September. What is the best time of day to play golf in Bandon (less chance of rain and fog)?

mms......I forgot what you told me before, but to avoid traffic from Portland to Mckinnville and back to Portland, what was the route to take again? I think somewhere around Sherwood, it was bad?

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Mar 7th, 2008, 07:31 AM
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travelinandgolfin--Yes, from the north edge of Sherwood on up the traffic is horrendous. Take I-5 to the North Wilsonville exit, and head right (west). At second light take a left onto Day Street. Go to the intersection and take a right onto Grahams Ferry. Go roughly a half mile or so, and take a left onto Tonquin. Warning...you will think you are lost here, but you are not, lol! Follow that all the way to the end, and take a left onto Oregon Street. Go through the roundabout, taking the 2nd exit onto Murdock. Go up the hill. At the 4 way stop, take a right onto Sunset. Follow that for 2 miles and when you see the YMCA, that is where hwy 99w is. Take a left, and then the wineries begin in about 2 miles. This backroad way is really easy, and very few cars.
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Mar 7th, 2008, 09:09 AM
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i'd add one strong suggestion: contact the AAA in Portland before you actually begin to drive! There's always summer construction and this year's slides won't have helped.
Also- 101 (coast highway) is always slow in summer. Everyone has to look at the view - you'd probably want to get out and look, too. Allow time...
Many great little parks on the coast for a picnic lunch.
May you avoid fog and have a great time.
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Mar 7th, 2008, 09:17 AM
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mms....thank you for the tip! What about McMinnville back to Portland? Actually, it will be McMinnville to Multnomah falls to begin the gorge drive. Thanks again.
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Mar 7th, 2008, 10:33 AM
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All the scenic pullouts are why we like to drive the coast north to south. Easy in and out as opposed to having to turn left plus you are driving on the ocean side and the views are spectacular. Do allow for time driving the coast as the going can be slow.
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Mar 7th, 2008, 11:00 AM
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Does it really make that much of a difference driving N to S or S to N on the coast regarding catching the beauty of the drive?
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Mar 7th, 2008, 11:04 AM
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I stayed in Portland and did a side trip to the Willamette Valley which has great wines. Oregon is famous for their Pinot Noir's and Pinot Gris. In town, I remember a Brew Pub which had a wonderful assortment of local wines to taste (I forget the name of the restaurant, but we really enjoyed it).
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Mar 7th, 2008, 02:58 PM
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We are from the SE but just bought a summer home on the coast in Washington. We would recommend the Columbia River area in fall, but for mid-summer I would head for the Oregon coast. The Oregon coast is 353 miles long and the state has an excellent brochure that tells you what to see mile by mile. There is a new Lewis & Clark National Park in Ilwaco, WA which is on the Pacific where the Columbia River enters the ocean. There are lovely lighthouses and scenic harbors. The mailboat on the Rogue River was a delightful trip, and although Crater Lake is nice, you might want to check out Oregon Caves National Park. Getting there you may travel thru parts of the Redwood National Park which is fabulous as well. Staying near the coast will be much cooler than traveling inland.
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Mar 7th, 2008, 03:12 PM
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travelinandgolfin--From Mac out to MFalls, go north on 99, take a right onto Sunset, left onto Murdock, go through taffic circle and take first exit out of the circle onto Oregon, then a quick right onto Tonquin. At the end, take a right onto Grahams Ferry, then a left onto Day, then a right onto Boones Ferry. Get onto I-5 going north. Take the I-205 exit, and stay on that til I-84 heading east toward the Dalles. Once on 84, get off at either exit 17 (troutdale) or exit 22(corbett) and follow the old scenic highway. it will take you right to MF lodge and the falls.
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Mar 7th, 2008, 03:16 PM
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Philsbert, I like your first itinerary the best, but I'd stay in Yachats 2 nights. As long as you're willing to get on the road by 9 AM or so, you'd be at PDX by noon-ish, in plenty of time to catch your 2 PM flight.

I personally wouldn't recommend Lincoln City as a place to stay on the coast in any event.

Have you found a place in Hood River yet? It's very simple and could use some updating, but the Vagabond Lodge has view rooms and very inexpensive. Then you can take the money you save there and splurge at Tu Tu Tun, which is expensive but oh so worth it ;-).
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Mar 8th, 2008, 02:00 PM
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I think you're absolutely right in keeping this short trip to Northern Oregon! Then, plan the next trip to take-in the sights in Southern Oregon!

When I first posted my reply to you, there were not yet that many reply postings.

Anyway, you now understand, when thinking about vacationing in Oregon, to pre-book and reserve all lodging & events ASAP!

On this trip, try your best not to let your gas tank levels get down past half a tank! Whenever you get down to a half tank, fill it up ASAP!
You will be traveling long stretches of hiways through scenic Oregon country-side or wilderness areas, with few gas stations!

Might I suggest, since this short trip, you are stuck to flying-in and out of Portland/PDX, the following itinerary suggestions?:

Wed. Day 1: fly into PDX arriving PDX as early in the AM as you can, around 7-8AM, if possible! Once in PDX, get a decent breakfast and a big shot of your fav brew of Java-Joe at little PDX restarants or coffee shops. Go to Enterprise Car rents and rent a nice mid-sized SUV 4 wheel drive, or at least and all- wheel drive vehicle.

From PDX terminal, take NE Airport Way East and take I-205 Southbound from PDX. Go 3-5 miles south and take I-84 Eastbound until you get into Troutdale, Oregon. Then look for Lewis & Clark Park signs. You will note then too, FWY exit signs for: SE Crown Point Hwy and/or the Historic Columbia River Hiway. Just quit I-84E and get on this old Highway and stay on it! You are in for a breath-taking scenic beauty travel treat you'll not soon forget!

You will also note, once on this old Highway that it may be called SE Crown Point Hwy on signs, the first 4-5 miles after your exit off of I-84. This is fine, the first 4-5 miles or so. Keep in mind that; you want to follow all signs that say Historic Columbia River Hiway. You will be traveling this old scenic hiway, Eastbound &/or up-river.

Make sure to stop at Crown Point and get your cameras out! Check-out the world famous vistas of most of the Columbia Gorge from there!

Then get back on Historic Columbia River Highway and travel eastbound again. Many miles later, this old scenic Hiway will rejoin I-84 at Mulnomah Falls. On the way there, make sure to stop and check-out all the scenic vistas and parks along the way!

Once you have hiked up to the bridge that overlooks Multnomah Falls, seen what you want there; then, get back on I-84 Eastbound and make sure to stop at Bonneville Dam & Locks, the many parks along I-84 and if I were you, I'd try to advance book reservations into any of the hotels/motels others have mentioned here, in Hood River, Oregon.

Day 2 - Thursday, from Hood River, get back on I-84 Eastbound and travel a few more miles East to The Dalles Oregon.

You might want to check-out the Oregon Trail historic museums or parks here because The Dalles, Oregon was one of the last major stopping places on the Old Oregon Trail. So, this little town is rich with History! However, I wouldn't take too much time in The Dalles this day.

Make sure you have a full tank of gas and get a belly full of good food in The Dalles. Then, follow the signs to Hiway 197 South/Bend.

Hiway 197 will take you South through Tygh Valley and Maupin, Oregon. Many miles below Maupin, at the little crossroads of Axford, Hiway 197 merges with and becomes Hiway 97.

Continue on southbound on Hiway 97 and when you see the signs to Cove Palisades State Park, this park is well worth going out of your way a few miles to see! Once you've driven the park, go out and took pics,seen the park and rested your legs a bit, retrace your route back out to Hiway 97 South, and travel on south.

Travel South on Hiway 97 and follow the signs to Smith Rock State Park, which is very close to Redmond, Oregon. This park is beautiful!

When done at Smith Rocks Park, go back to Hiway 97 south in Redmond.
From there, travel Hiway 97 south the last few miles, into Bend, Oregon. While in Bend, see the sights.

In the late afternoon, make sure to fill your tank with gas before you leave Bend. Get back on Hiway 97, and travel a couple miles north until you see the signs for US Hiway 20 Westbound- to Sisters, Oregon.
Travel westbound on US 20W about 20 miles or so, until you get to Sisters, Oregon. Find your Motel/Hotel and then go check-out Sisters, Oregon! A cool little town!
I suggest you lodge at some of the accomodations others here have told you about in Sisters, and for sure take-in the Restaurants they have told you of! Please eat at the mom & pop restaurants you see a lot of vehicles parked around! That will be the best eats in town!

Day 3, Friday: up early, dress in warm clothing and fill your vehicle tank with gas and ask the station attendant in Sisters whether Hiway 242 - the Old Mckenzie Pass Hiway is open for thru-travel. It should be by July. Make sure to get a hearty breakfast in Sisters, before you leave town, buy and pack along a good BIG hearty lunch for you all!

At the west end of Sisters, Oregon you will see signs for Hiway 242W - The Old McKenzie River Hiway. If the road is open, take this Hiway.
This old scenic Hiway is about 36-40 miles long. About 20 miles into it, at the top of the Cascade Mountain divide, you will want to stop and hike the trails through the lava beds and check-out the break-taking beautiful volcanic and alpine mountain scenery from the pavillion made of Lava that is there near the hiway!

Then drive on west 2-3 miles until you get to Frog Campgrounds. This is part of the Pacific Crest -Cascade Crest trail. It depends on what time of morning you get to Frog Campground, as to whether I'd take any of these trails and hike them. There is still a long drive to Florence and the beach, to make today! The short hike on the trail north of Frog Campground to Tenas Lake is cool, IF you really have the time to do the hike and not be exhausted for the rest of the trip to the motel on the coast today!

IF you chose to hike ANY trails from Frog Campgrounds, you MUST be in jeans and warm cloths, good hiking boots, have heavy coats w/you, a good First Aid kit/snake-bite kit, (Western Diamond-back and Timber Rattlers), always take enough food and water to do a hike in and back to your vehicle! Realize: these trail hikes will get moderately difficult not far from Frog Campground, whether you go north or south. Very pretty scenery either direction. Just don't go far without good topo-maps of this very area and a good working compass! This IS wilderness reaches! NO PLACE to get lost or hurt! No help anywhere near-by!

Make sure to check-out the Lava tubes and the edge of the lava flows that make the tall eastern border of Frog Campground parking area! These lava tubes and formations is worth the whole stop at Frog Campgrounds, as far as I'm concerned!

When done, get back on Hiway 242W and drive very slowly, windows down for good clear/quick cam shots of some spectacular scenery!

About 18-20 miles farther down the pass, Hiway 242 intersects with Hiway 126 - the McKenzie River Hiway, about 3-4 miles above McKenzie Bridge, Oregon.

Travel Hiway 126 West. Take Hiway 126 and travel west completely through Eugene, Oregon. Stay on Hiway 126 and follow the signs to Hiway 126 to Florence/Ocean Beaches.
This hiway will take you West out of Eugene, through Venita, Noti and on through the beautiful Coast Range Mountains & thru Mapleton, Oregon. Stay on Hiway 126 West at Mapleton and follow the signs to Florence Oregon. It's about 60-70 miles from Eugene to Florence, Oregon.

I would have a motel/hotel booked with beach view/access in Florence. There's about any brand of nice chain motels and lodging you want, in Florence.

Day 4-Saturday: Up early, walk the beach at Florence, near your Motel! When hungry, go eat breakfast in Florence at any number of places along Hiway 101. Then take Hiway 101 North.

Make sure to check-out Cape Perpetua a few miles north of Florence on Hiway 101.
You will want to check-out The Sea Lion Caves on the south side of Cape Perpetua!

Once back out on Hiway 101 North from the Sea Lion Caves turn-out, go real slow, keep your cameras ready and make sure to stop at every pull-out and scenic overview, every little park, as you follow Hiway 101 North, up, over and around Cape Perpetua. on the northern end of the Cape, Devils Punchbowl in the Devils Elbow Park and beach is a MUST STOP, hike and scenic pic stop!

Then, continue on north on Hiway 101
and check-out Carl C. Washburne Park and the beaches you have access to there.

Get back on Hiway 101 northbound after and travel a few miles further to Neptune State Park and check it out if you want.

Continue on up Hiway 101 North, the last few mmiles to Yachats, Oregon. Once in Yachats, check into your motel/hotel, then go check-out the town! Make sure to go down and check-out the docks and Marina there and check-out the ocean scenery around there for sure!

Day 5- Sunday, up anytime you feel like it and do whatever you want near-by Yachats, Oregon. Travel back down 101 to Neptune or other beach access parks and walk the Oregon Beaches for awhile! Travel north on 101 a few miles to Walport Oregon and walk the hiway sidewalks to see the Bay and walk the beautiful Alsea River Bay Bridge there at Waldport. Check-out Waldport, its a neat little costal town!

Day 6-Monday: Get a good breakfast in Waldport a few miles north of Yachats on Hiway 101 then hit Hiway 101 and travel on North until you start coming into Newport Oregon.

On the south side of the Newport bay, make sure to go into the huge Marine Science Aquarium there! It is an outstanding MUST SEE EvERY PART OF IT- stop!

(A Side Note: Once on the Oregon Coast, you cannot top the great food at Mo's Family seafood restaraunts, anwhere you see them! There are a couple Mo's Restarants In Newport).

While in Newport, if you have the time, take the side trip down along the old Bay/cannery docks on Newport Bay! You'll see the signs for this, right after you cross the Hiway 101 Bay Bridge into Newport itself!

Once you've seen what you want in Newport,I would get back on Hiway 101 North and travel a short distance, maybe 2-3 miles out of Newport City Limits, until you see the signs for Beverly Beach State Park. Go into this park and walk the trails to the beach, under the hiway bridge. These are beautiful long beaches here. Some of my fav ocean beaches in Oregon!

Get back on Hiway 101 North, and make sure to stop and check-out Depoe Bay, Oregon. Great restaurants and gift shops here!(It might look fun @ Depoe Bay, but if I wanted to take a safe fishing boat ride out on the ocean, I'd do it out of Newport, Oregon, NOT Depoe Bay!)

Stay on Hiway 101 and travel to Lincoln, City. I think I'd check into the Ester Lee Motel on the south end of Lincoln City, Oregon and then go back down to the bay at the south end of town a few blocks, take SW 51st Street towards the beach and get a bite to eat at Mo's Seafood Restarant there. If it's open, make sure to buy some salt water taffy at the little red and white trimmed candy shop, across the street from Mo's! Make sure to take a sunset stroll out on Mo's docks and take a sunset stroll onto the beach at the end of the street at Mo's parking lot! It's all really close-by Mo's!

Day 7- Tuesday - It depends upon whether you have to fly out of Portland PDX early the next day or not, as to what you do in Lincoln City this day.

If you have to take a morning flight out of PDX the next day, then on this Tuesday, I'd just plan to check-out Lincoln City and the Chinook Winds Casino this morning, eat lunch at the Buffet restaurant in the casino, then get back on Hiway 101 North....and follow the directions from Lincoln City for LAST DAY or Day 7 below, and take Hiway 18 back to Portland and your motel/hotel, pre-booked at Portland/PDX airport.

If you don't have to fly out of PDX until late in the afternoon/early evening of Wed., then on this Day 7 -Tuesday, I'd drive Hiway 101 through Lincoln City and check-out any of the shops or sights that interested me in Lincoln City! Make sure to go to Chinook Winds Casino and eat at their buffet style restaurant there, which has outstanding good food! If, after a day of shopping or beach combing at Lincon City, I got hungry again, I would eat at Sambo's Restaurant just a short distance south on Hiway 101 from the Casino, which is located near the north end of Lincon City. When I'd had enough, I'd return to my room at the Easter Lee Motel and get a good nights sleep.

Wednesday or LAST DAY: up early, on Hiway 101 North through Lincoln City. About 3-5 miles north of Lincoln City on Hiway 101, you will see the signs for Hiway 18 to McMinnville or Portland, Oregon.

Travel Hiway 18 through the Coast Range Mountains until you get to McMinnville, Oregon. There, take Hiway 99W traveling Eastbound through Mac and on through the towns of Lafayette, Dundee and Newberg, Oregon, staying on 99W traveling Eastbound.

Stay on 99W from Newberg,traveling Eastbound, until it connects with I-5 in Tigard, Oregon.

Travel I-5 Northbound from Tigard, until you get into Portland, Oregon. On I-5 take all the signs to I-5 North/Seattle until you get just over the double-decker Marquam I-5 Bridge. Then, at the foot of this bridge, take the righthand exit off of I-5 onto I-84 Eastbound.

Travel I-84 Eastbound, a few miles, until you see the exit signs for I-205 Northbound. Take I-205 Northbound about 5-6 miles until you see the signs for NE Airport Way and follow the signs to Enterprise car rentals. Drop your vehicle off there, take their shuttle to the terminal and catch your flight out of PDX!

How does this sound? It doesn't have you traveling too far any one day, saving for maybe Day 3, when you will travel from Sisters to Florence Oregon. Still, there are plenty of scenic stops and such!

Think an itinerary like this might would work for you?

I've had a lot of FUN trying to answer your questions and maybe helping you out some! Thank you!

(Last Notes: If you plan to take-in Crater Lake N.P. on your second, longer trip to Oregon; by all means you will WANT to stay at the world famous original Crater Lake Lodge a couple of nights! If you want to stay at the origianlCrater Lake Lodge, then understand...they are booking a full 9 months to 1 year in advance! So, depending upon when your second trip to Oregon will be,if its within the next year or so,you might want to call the Crater Lake Lodge and book those Room reservations NOW!
While you are booking a room at the lodge, most definitely see if you can get a nice room with a lake view, on the second or top floor of the lodge.
You should be able to get a lake view room with its own bathroom attached. Other rooms share a bath.
Expect to pay $150.00 a night for one of these nice, big rooms at the lodge. But, its worth every penny! You'll NEVER forget your stay in this old lodge, I guarantee you! The food at the lodge restaurant is GREAT! The views of Crater Lake from the lodge, are fantastic! Just a few thoughts and ideas for your next trip to Southern Oregon! Thank you!)

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Mar 9th, 2008, 05:55 PM
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jibboom1 outlines a truly exceptional itinerary - I agree 100%, as long as you come back some other time for the rest.

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Mar 9th, 2008, 10:46 PM
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jibboom, nice itinerary!

Couple questions.

The Scenic highway past the Columbia Gorge only goes up to Multnomah falls, then you merge back to the main freeway? I was under the impression that it went all the way up the gorge to Hood River.

I booked a lakeside room at Crater Lake Lodge. From your post though, do I take it that some rooms SHARE a bath??
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Mar 10th, 2008, 04:46 AM
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jibboom 1--- thanks for the extremely complete and interesting sounding itinerary. Wow. You should be a travel consultant. And thanks to everyone else as well. We will take a closer look at all the suggestions, but I think we are going to stick with just doing the northern part of the state with this trip. If we get a "wild hair" and decide to take a day's drive just to "see" Crater Lake NP", we may do so, but I think limiting it to the northwest quadrant makes more sense with our limited time available. Yachats and Hood River accommodations reservations will be our first priority, and I will check into Vagabond Lodge.
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Mar 10th, 2008, 12:57 PM
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You asked the following questions of me in your last post here! If you have the time, I would like to answer them! I will attempt to answer each question in context, after each question you ask, okay?


Author: travelinandgolfin
Date: 03/10/2008, 02:46 am

jibboom, nice itinerary!

Couple questions.

The Scenic highway past the Columbia Gorge only goes up to Multnomah falls, then you merge back to the main freeway? I was under the impression that it went all the way up the gorge to Hood River.

No, I'm sorry the Scenic Hiway denoted above, does not go all the way through, up the gorge. Last few years, I heard they were working on opening-up new sections of the old highway, but it still does not go all the way thru.

You are correct, in that the old Historic Scenic Hiway does continue on, about 5 miles or so farther up-river, from Multnomah Falls. Mostly though, it parrallels I-84 and most of that section is within sight of 1-84. Still, the old Scenic Highway does bring you through Ainsworth State Park, which is beautiful, a MUST SEE park....just before the hiway intersects with I-84 again; so I would take this last short section, if I were you! It's worth it!

Most of the old scenic highway is not accessible from Ainsworth Park, on up past Bonneville Dam and up I-84 well past Hood River, Oregon. This is because they used some stretches of the old Scenic Highway roadbed, as a base for I-84.

Other stretches of the old Highway are still closed because tunnels have collapsed or slides had filled them in, old concrete bridges are crumbling and unsafe, un-passable through having no use at all for 50 years or so.
However, as I noted formerly herein, there is a movement afoot, several groups trying to raise funds, (which will take millions of $$), to go in and repair the whole hiway, as much as is left they can, to get it open again. I haven't recently heard, how far they are along with these plans, raising that kinda money and etc.

However, a few miles East of Hood River on I-84, you will come to the little town of Mosier, Oregon. Here, you will find exit signs for US 30 the Old Historic Columbia Scenic Highway! You can travel this section quite a few miles, and it intersects with I-84 again at Rowena, Oregon. However, if you watch the signs closely and stay on old Hiway 30, I think they have opened-up the old scenic hiway on through to The Dalles, Oregon, (which is not that far up-river from Rowena!)


I booked a lakeside room at Crater Lake Lodge. From your post though, do I take it that some rooms SHARE a bath??


Well, they should've told you when you booked. My guess is, if it's a full sized double bed lake side/lake view room, then it probably has it's own bath.

You see, Crater Lake Lodge was built in the 1920's or 1930's and 2-4 of the non-view rooms at the end of some hallways, do share a bathroom. Just depends on where they are located in the lodge.

I would simply call the number you used to reserve your room and ask them if your room has it's own bath! If it doesn't have its own bath, there may have been a cancellation or another lake view room with its own bath, that is still open for you to rent! Worth a call at least!

I hope this helps answer your questions! They have sure been fun for me to answer!
Thank you!

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Mar 10th, 2008, 01:28 PM
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jibboom, great info!!

I will take Historic Columbia River Highway up to Multnomah falls and rejoin 84 at that point.

Yes, I will definitely be calling the Lodge to make sure we have our own bath. But since I'm booking a deluxe lake view, I would assume we have our own.
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