One day in Denver

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And I forgot... Red Rocks can also give you a taste of the front range without driving all the way to Rocky Mountain Park. I agree with the first poster.
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Thank you for the (constructive) critcism. My wife generally agrees with your assessment, by the way, so I'll try be a little more aware in the future.
Regarding my other posts, there ARE times when I simply enjoy stirring the pot when I perceive posts to be off topic or ridiculous (remember, this is my perception), but this wasn't one of those times. While I really do enjoy a "spirited" debate, in this case (with the exception of Ange's post), I was not intentionally trying to acerbate or dis others; I was merely disagreeing with Dave's opinion that the aquarium would be a worthwhile way to kill time in Denver. But while you can take a New Yorker out of the city, it's more difficult to take the city out of a New Yorker, and many take offense at my tone. Judging from other posts on this forum, I'm not the only New Yorker that elicits this response. That will probably never change.
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Hmm.... Denver has alot of those things that you can do in other cities. (Imax, Acquarium, etc.) For a truly unique Denver experience, I'd rent a car and drive around the mountains. Go to Central City and see an old mining town. IF you are from DC, you aren't going to find anything great about the culture, so you might as well learn about the heritage.
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Ok the aquarium went belly up. Central City is nothing but limited stakes gambling casinos, yuck.

I live in Denver, love it!!! If you can, stay downtown in the Lodo area no reason to go anyplace else. Try the Lodo Inn or Hotel Monoco. Chain hotel there is the Courtyard by Marriott on the 16th street mall. If the weathers nice eat at the Rock Bottom brewery outside. great ppl watching. no reason to eat there if you cannot eat outside though. For dinner Vesta's Dipping Grill, you will need reservations.

If your active and again its nice out. rent a bike, hop on the bike trails, have anyone at the hotel point you in the right direction.

Have fun Denver is a great town!

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