NYC - Paramount Hotel, Carmines, & Il Cortile

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NYC - Paramount Hotel, Carmines, & Il Cortile

My wife and I will be passing through NYC and staying one evening to catch a show. As a very infrequent NYC traveler (once/year), I was wondering if anyone would kindly share their opinions/experiences with regard to the Paramount Hotel, Carmine's Midtown, and Il Cortile in LI. Many thanks.
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Carmine's is ok, I find it a little touristy, but that's what you expect from that area of town. I would suggest making reservations as it gets very crowded.
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You can't make reservations at Carmine's after six with a party of less than 6. It gets very crowded so go early and/or expect to wait. Personally, I really like the food, but I am sure others will have alternate restaurant suggestions for you.
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I was in NY a couple of weeks ago and was also interested in eating at Carmine's. The concierge at our hotel said that Carmine's was geared toward large parties and/or families and therefore serves huge portions family-style. He suggested we try Puleo's, which is in the same general vicinity. We loved it.
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I can tell you Paramount was a happening place in 1995-1996 ... neat decorations in the lobby, but tiny rooms ... but this was when you could get a special for under $125 per night. These days, you can do much better. Their location, however, is superb if you need to be on the west side and/or near theaters. Suggest you access a NYC hotel site and shop around. Ameritania (212-247-5000) is plain, a bit threadbare, but sometimes offers great prices, and Mansfield (1-800-255-5167), more expensive, is very good. We've stayed in these, and others, but normally we're in and out of NY very quickly, so decor is unimportant. We like the west side. Good luck. Ciao
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Although I haven't been there in a year, I think Il Cortile is probably the best (but also most expensive) in Little Italy. There are better Italian restaurants in the city, like Il Mulino on West 3rd Street. If you are thinking about going after the show you can probably get into Il Mulino if you call ahead. I happen to be going there tonight so if you email me before 5 I can make the reservations there for you if you would like.
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Doug - steer clear of the Paramount... with the economy slow-down, there is a glut of rooms in many major cities, and all of the major properties are beginning to react... that's good news for us and rates are falling everywhere... a little research on your part(Phone calls are better than web offers) and you should be able to land a great room at a great price... specifically on the Paramount... I have never stayed in a smaller room... with a bed on the floor and tiny bathroom, I was embarassed that I fell for the "chic" report. Last week I visited Alcatraz in SF and I am happy to report that the solitary "Hole" had more square footage than my room at Paramount... No lie...
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I've stayed at the Paramount in 1999. The room was nice enough, typical NY small room with no view, just close the curtains, it's depressing, but I was only in it at night so didn't matter much. I've had rooms that small in Europe many times, it wasn't that bad. Of course I didn't book the smallest room available because that one was too small; room sizes vary, of course, they will tell you what they are if you ask. I think I had a "queen" (a "single" is minuscule) and it was probably about 10x12; the size didn't bother me but I was alone. It would be small for a couple. Great location for theater, but there are probably better deals, I agree, it wasn't outstanding by any means.

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