NY / New Jersey/ Boston

Dec 6th, 2001, 08:02 AM
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NY / New Jersey/ Boston

Planning a trip to these cities for the first time, pls advise me the best transportation to reach them.

Dec 6th, 2001, 08:08 AM
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Well Maggie, where are you coming from? You basically have 3 choices: train, bus or car. Personally I'd choose 'car'.
Dec 6th, 2001, 08:09 AM
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where are you coming from?

i assume that when you say "NY" you really mean "NYC" and not New York State.

I'd suggest taking the shuttle between nyc and boston. delta and american fly about 30 times per day between the two cities.

of course, new jersey is a state, so depending on where you want to go it will make a huge difference on how you should travel there.
Dec 6th, 2001, 09:19 AM
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Do I correctly interpret your posting as "I am going to Boston and NYC (but staying in NJ while in the NYC area), what is the best way to get from one to the other (and/or around within each of my destinations)"?

If the bulk of your time will be spent in Boston and NYC, I would NOT rent a car in either. Public transportation is the way to go while in each city, and who needs the hassle and expense of parking? Travel between the two cities is easy whether by air, train or bus (or rental car). It's about 200 miles between the two, so estimate 4-5 hours for surface transportation, 45 minutes by air. Boston to NYC is one of the most heavily traveled transport corridors in the country, so air, bus, train options are plentiful.

If part of your question is whether or not you will need a car for the NJ part of your trip, I would say yes. I lived in NJ for a while and could not imagine not having a car there. Although the metro area of NJ has public transportation, it is not as readily available as in the two cities you mention. Depending on where you will be in NJ, I would rent a car (but would not use it to get into NYC for day trips - for that I would use local trains, buses, etc.).
Dec 6th, 2001, 09:40 AM
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If cost is a factor, i'd take the bus.

If cost not a factor, i'd sooner take the train than fly. Assuming you're staying in NYC, you'll need to plan at least an hour for travel time to any airport outside of the city (it should take less, but you never know what the traffic will be like), then AT LEAST another hour to check-in and clear security, then an hour for flight time, and who knows what sort of flight delays could happen that day. Take the train and use the travel time to plan your adventures in the next city.

Just my thoughts. I too wouldn't plan on using a car within either city. Depending where in NJ and what you'll be doing will deterimine whether or not you need a car there.

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