Nine questions. For Maui first-timers

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Nine questions. For Maui first-timers

My husband and I are going in Nov. We have done a ton of research but are still deliberating. We had planned on the Four Seasons, but they are booked so we have decided to stay on Ka'anapali. We do have a package reserved at the Hyatt but would like some personal input before we purchase.

1. Where to stay on Kaanapali for the best Maui experience?
2. Will we have to worry about crowds?
3. What can we expect from the weather in Nov?
4. What is the best helicopter tour?
5. Is there a more intimate luau? Maybe on a beach with less people? If not, recommendations?
6. Any local spots I could get you to share would be much appreciated. Eateries, hidden beach access, trails, waterfalls etc. We would like to know the local side of Maui also!(you can email this to me at [email protected])I would love to surprise my sweetie!
7. and on that note...any recommendations for the best romance package, private dinners etc.?
8. Your opinions for the best place for wine and dinner under lowlight on the beach.
9. Finally....where's the nightlife for a married couple ages 27 and 30?

Thank you in advance!!
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I just got back from Maui and had a FANTASTIC time. I stayed at Aston Kaanapali shores. It was great. Lahaina is good for nightlife. Lots of little bars and restaurants on the water. The Royal Lahaina Hotel has the best Luau.
Makena Beach on South Maui is less crowded than Kaanapali. Little Makena beach is secluded, and sometimes nude.
Other private beaches can be found on the west side of the island past Kapalua. Just follow the highway along the coast and explore.

November is peak season in Hawaii because of the holidays. It will not be too easy to avoid crowds at this time.

Have a blast!

C Cole
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First of all, November is a really good time to go, one of the least crowded times of the year. (The week or so prior to Christmas is when the crowds really start!) The weather should be really nice, with temperatures around 80 in daytime.

If you like a lively nightlife, you will prefer Kaanapali - Lahaina to Wailea, probably. And I haven't met anyone who had a bad time at the Hyatt Regency!

The smallest (and what sounds like the best) luau is the Old Lahaina Luau (which everyone raves about, including all the travel writers.) We did not like the one at the Marriott!

Our favorite restaurants are A Pacific Cafe, Roy's, and friends went to Pacific'O about 3 times in five days, they loved it so much!

Most of Maui is wonderful, whatever you do! A great travel book for Hawaii is "Frommers' Hawaii 2000", and they also have one for just Maui. They go into details on where the best nightlife, snorkeling spots, shopping, all the good stuff is. Well worth the money! Have a wonderful time.

Aloha, Ruth

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My husband and I honeyomooned on Maui in May and had an INCREDIBLE time. (we are 27 and 28) PacificOs is a must for dinner as well as our favorite restaurant called Longhi's in Lahaina. Make reservations at both for the best tables. (At Longhi's ask for a second floor table and go during the was awesome). Mama's Fish House is another must. Reservations are recommended here and it is a bit of a drive from Kaanapali, but well worth it. Also, we stayed at the Marriott, which is next to the Hyatt. I would definitely stay at the Hyatt, if we go was beautiful! We took a one day sailboat trip to Lanai on the "Trilogy" line. It was the best day we had, with snorkeling, sailing, dolphin watching, and much more!! ENJOY!!
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Your input is wonderful!!! We are definately going to stay at the Hyatt. And I will reserve tables at PacificO and the Old Lahaina Luau!

Thank you!
Keep it coming!
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Laurel, You've got lots of good recomendations. We've been to Maui 8 times over the last 12 years. A couple of other must dos- Roy's in Kahana and the Hailemaile General Store.
Someone mentioned the Trilogy trip to Lanai- it's one of the best if not the best excursions on Maui. Do the whole day trip- a little bit of everything.
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Thank you! We are definately going to do the Trilogy day trip to Lanai!

My husband has never parasailed before and I want to make a res. for him. Can anyone recommend the best company? They all seem to be pretty standard, 400, or 800ft for 7 or 10 mins. Is this as long as they get?

Thanks again!
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Hi Laurel,

Me again! In my post above, I should have said temps would be low-to-mid 80's, depending on when you go in November. (I was thinking about December, and mispoke.)

Be sure to drive to Haleakala for the sunrise. And do eat at Roy's Kahana or Roy's Nicolina - you'll be less than a ten minute drive from them, and they are wonderful!
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My husband & I just returned from Maui 2 weeks ago. We parasailed together with West Maui Parasail (808-661-4060). I suggest going together. It's so much fun! I was nervous to begin with, but it isn't scary at all. It's as if you're floating through the air. You can choose to be "dipped" if you'd like your lower half to get wet. It only lasted about 10 min. I don't have any info on the other companies. Take a waterproof camera during the ride if you like. Have fun
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Scott in Cowtown
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You choice of the Hyatt is a no-brainer and your best option. We just got back a mere 7 days and 12 hours ago from Maui

We're your ages (31 and 27) and prob may have similar ideas for fun. Some things we enjoyed and would recommend:

Eat at "cascades" restaraunt at the Hyat at dusk if possible or anytime. Grab the table on a ledge overlooking the magnificent pool/beach area - it's usually empty. We loved the spring rolls and pork katsu.

Drive up to Mt H for sunrise or bike it down your first day- it will be easy to wake up early that first day. Bring blankets and jackets. Hot chocolate is a must...

Eat at the plantation house in Kapalua for late lunch (1:45 pm). It will be empty so you can great an incredible window seat with some of the most spectacular views in Maui. Our best meal in Maui (we thought) and very reasonably priced! Get the seared Ahi- a must.

Try Roy's- we ate at the one in Kuaui 2x in 3 days. The ribs were the best ever, entrees good, and desserts heavenly. Peanut butter dessert awesome.

Try Cheeseburger in paradise, split a burger and fries.

Do SCUBA! Just got certified 2 weeks before the trip and dove with LaHaina Divers. You want regret it! Saw turtles, fish, octopus, eels, dolphins and more. You miss 1/2 of Maui if you don't go underwater.

We tried Kimo's and the Hula Grill- both Ok but not go-backers. For dessert, try the shaved ice! We ate it -5x in the week.

We thought about doing a Lanai trip, but were talked out of it by a Hyatt employee. The only thing you really can't do at your hotel that you will be doing there is riding around on a catamarran?

Not too crowded while we were there (at least the locals said so). If doing a luau, we did the Old Lahaina Luau and loved it. Request traditional seating (on mats). Lava flows are pretty tasty...

We heard Kaanapali/Lahaina is the place for night life on Muai, but funny, we never had enough energy at 9-10pm to go dancing... Tsunami's is supposed to be a good place.

Hope this helps. Have fun.



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Aloha All..
From a local to a visitor...
1. You will love the Hyatt...beautiful
rooms great pool, wonderful restaurants.

2. The weather in Nov. is usually very
nice the humidity is starting to lessen.

3. It is much less crowded in Nov...
the crowd's have not arrived for the holidays yet..

4. The best Helicopter trips...
Hawaii Helicopter or Sunshine Helicopters...both are great...

5. As for a smaller Luau try the new
one " The Feast At Lele" it is put on
by the same people that run " The Old
Lahaina Luau" the nbr 1 Luau on the

6. Try the Castaway Cafe located at
The Aston Kaanapali Villas great food
good prices and right on the beach.

7. For romance try The Bay Club located
up in Kapalua the Kapalua Bay sunset views on the west side..

8. A romantic day trip get a picnic lunch...and drive upcountry to the Tedeschi Winery ...try some wine buy some wine and then go and enjoy your lunch...

9. The best nightlife is on Front St.
in Lahaina..try Maui Brews..The Hard Rock...Bubba Gumps...Moose McGillacuddys
to name a few...if you want some thing
a little diffrent try Warren And Annabells magic Night club located on
Front St...great evening of music and

If you need more info from a local...
drop me a line...

[email protected]


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