Neighborhoods on the beach in Florida

Oct 30th, 2008, 05:02 PM
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Neighborhoods on the beach in Florida

I am so stumped in Naples, Venice, etc., trying to find which neighborhoods on vrbo are on the beach.

Does anyone have any names for me?
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Oct 30th, 2008, 06:40 PM
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Didn't you like the full list of all the beach names in Naples we gave you yesterday? As I offered then I still offer to help you with any specific questions, but several of us pretty well covered all the beach areas in the vicinity.

If you lost your post, just click on your name here and it will bring up that thread with the answers already there.
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Oct 31st, 2008, 02:58 AM
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It really ticks people off when you repost a question. It is the same universe of people who can answer it, and if they have the answer, they will respond to your first post.

If you were a newbie, I wouldn't bother with this, but anyone with as many posts as you have should know better.
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Nov 1st, 2008, 07:44 AM
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I want specific neighborhoods.

I need more than it saying "Gulf of Mexico" That way why I asked.

So sorry if you were both offended. From my past history of posting obviously I don't repost questions again and again.

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Nov 1st, 2008, 07:54 AM
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Frenchtoile, if you find the other thread, the specific neighborhoods WERE given. Here is my post from that thread which is about as specific as you can get:
"Vanderbilt Beach and Bonita Beach are likely to yield the most "on the beach" condos. There are NONE in "downtown Naples" and only a very few in North Naples (Pelican Bay or ParkShore) that would offer rentals of anything less than 6 months or a year. But if you do find any in those two areas, that would be MY preference."


I'm not sure what more you want. Here they are again -- ParkShore, GulfShore Blvd., PelicanBay, Vanderbilt Beach, Bonita Beach are the main ones and pretty much cover it. Do you want us to tell you the thousands of other places like Lakewood, Glades, Forest Lakes, Pelican Marsh, Bonita Bay, etc. etc. are on the beach? They aren't. If on the other hand you find a rental in one of those areas and it gives you the specific condo or complex name, then by all means post and we can help tell you about it.

I went to VRBO and looked. The "neighborhoods" I specifically gave the names of ARE listed -- particularly Vanderbilt and Pelican Bay. When you click on specific offerings, it's usually pretty easy to tell if they are right on the beach or not. MOST aren't.
Park Shore and also Moorings (which I hadn't mentioned) are listed under WEST NAPLES and are worth a look for some beach FRONT rentals.

Sorry. I wasn't offended by your question, I'm just not sure what more we can tell you AFTER giving you the names of the specific neighborhoods ON the beach.
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Nov 1st, 2008, 09:51 AM
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I still don't know how long you are looking for, or what kind of accomodations, or how much you want to spend -- all MAJOR considerations. And if you are looking for beachfront in February or March of 2009, you may have a really hard time finding anything still available.

Here are a couple of interesting beachfront condos on VRBO that don't require three months:

That last one is at The Continental Club on Park Shore Beach. When you get to it, you can click on Continental Club and see quite a few others -- all apartments in that rather large building do face the beach.
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Nov 2nd, 2008, 06:46 AM
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THANKS for the links!

I've been emailing and trying to get pricing. You know it's sort of frustrating at how many of those places on vrbo look like they are available. But, then it turns out they are booked. I am trying not to get too excited about any of the properties until I know we can stay for sure.

Now I just need it to remain warm for another week and a half and we'll be good to go.
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