Neighborhoods in Queens

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Neighborhoods in Queens

Hello all:

I just returned from a wonderful weekend in New York City. I might later post some of the areas I explored on this trip. My main query for my next trip is this: what are some of the more interesting sections of Queens to explore. I'm not looking for anything touristy. I want to see real neighborhoods with real people (i.e I'm not interested in going to Shea Stadium or Corona Park). I've heard that Astoria and Jackson Heights are interesting. What areas of these neighborhoods are most active (i.e where are the retail sections?). For Jackson Heights, I've heard that it is has a fairly large Indian community. I've also heard that it's predominantely Latino. Finally, I've heard rumors about a fairly large gay population there. Are any/all of these correct? If so, it sure sounds like an area I'd love to explore, but it's hard to find information (guidebooks love to tell you about the "sights" within a five minute walk of Times Square, but nothing off Manhattan, except maybe Brookyln Heights). Anyway, thanks to all who can help me. I've very adventurous and I don't mind getting off the beaten path.

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I'm no expert so I hope someone who lives in Queens or knows it well will answer you with suggestions. <p>Here's what I know: Astoria for mostly Greek food. You can walk around Broadway between 31st St & Steinway (Uncle George's, Omonia Cafe for dessert). By the way the American Museum of the Moving Image is in the area, on 35th Ave between 36th & 37th Streets. There are some food shops along 30th Ave around 31st St. Another area for restaurants, across Astoria Blvd which makes it more Astoria than where I mentioned which can be considered Long Island City, is along 23rd Ave (Telly's) and Bohemian Hall - the last outdoor beer garden in NY - which I found at a Queens website ( - it has descriptions of neighborhoods). <p>Jackson Heights is both Little India and Little Colombia. You can go along 37th Ave from 70th St going east to 94th or 95th. The famous Jackson Diner is at 37th Ave & 74th St. You can also try Roosevelt Ave along the same strip. Patel Brothers, an Indian food shop, is on 74th St between 37th Ave & Roosevelt and Las Americas, a Latin American food shop, is on 37th Ave closer to 93rd St (if they're still open). Don Pepe, a Colombian coffee shop, is on Northern Blvd, more north, and about 85th St. <p>And you didn't mention Flushing, another great ethnic food neighborhood in Queens. You can just walk along Main St, between Northern Blvd and Elder St (where the park, or botanical gardens, is). There's Joe's Shanghai on Main & 37th Ave or have Korean BBQ at Kum Gang San on Northern Blvd & Union St. We recently had dim sum at Gum Tong Gung on 39th Ave between Prince and College Point (west of Main St) and the Flushing Mall is across the street. <p>And while you're in Queens, if it's the summer, see if you can visit Socrates Sculpture Park and the Noguchi Museum (which will reopen at the end of June). They're close to each other on Vernon Blvd, I think, around 31st, 33rd Ave.
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I am no expert either but I live in queens. Patty covered Jackson Heights pretty well. If you continued on the #7 train and get off at Main Street, you will find yourself in Flushing. There are a lot of authentic Chinese stores in the south west section of Main Street and Roosevelt Ave. Along Union Street between Northern and Roosevelt is filled with Korean stores. MOMA just closed its midtown location for renovation and moved into Long Island City. However, I would recommend not staying in Queens late into the night unless you drove. Compare to Manhattan, the train might not be as full and there are NO taxis going up and down the streets looking for passangers.
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I live in Astoria, Queens and the above posters have given you some good info. Astoria is worth checking out, broadway stop will do. Go to Uncle George's (bwy around 35th) for famous, cheap and authectic greek food. Then check out Kolonaki cafe across the street for yummy dessert and coffee. I love Astoria, but I think you will be more entertained by Jackson Heights. It's generally a little busier and does a better job of showing off Queens' multi-ethnic nature than a stroll on Broadway in Astoria. You will find all kinds of food and all kinds of people - it's not really predominantly anything. I've never heard anything in particular about the gay population there, though. Enjoy!
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Hi James,
Here's a general link to Queens neighborhoods:

We go into the various neighborhoods all over Queens to buy all the ethnic foodstuffs that are either not available or way too expensive here on Long Island.

If you take the subway to Queens, on your way into or out of it, consider: Greenpoint, Brooklyn - Take the "G" train at Queens Plaza to Greepoint Ave. stop. NYC's largest Polish neighborhood - with the best and unbelieveably inexpensive cuisine (how's $25. for dinner for 4). My heritage draws me here a couple of times a month.
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Hey Guys:

Once again, the Fodor's travel board comes through in spectacular fashion. Thanks so much I can't tell you how many times I've printed stuff off this board (with some editing) for use in my travels.

In terms of my New Yok trips, I recently bought a book simply called "Brooklyn!" which is an incredibly in depth (but easy to use and read) guide for the grand borough. I have yet to find anything even close to that for Queens. Maybe Queens is just more residential and less historically and culturally interesting? I'm sure that's not the case, but I can usually count on you guys to help me out.

One more question. A few resources have briefly mentioned the Elmhurst and Corona neighborhoods as worth checking out. Would anyone know which areas specifically? Like, what would the "boundaries' to these areas be, and where would be a good place to walk to see the "center" of these neighborhoods.

Once again, thanks to you guys (by guys, I mean girls and guys. hehe)
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Hi, I just came across this post. I live in Elmhurst and I grew up in Jackson Heights. I think Elmhurst starts on the south side of Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights or thereabouts. If you follow Broadway from the 74th St/Roosevelt Ave. subway station and walk south, you'll get into Elmhurst. (You want to walk away from the Indian district on 74th Street.) There is some great Asian food as you walk along Broadway. There's a great Korean restaurant, I think it's called Olympic Garden, just a few blocks down. As you keep walking, you'll hit a small strip mall with an Asian grocery store and Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants. If you keep walking, you'll hit Queens Boulevard, and this area of QB which is pretty boring (two malls and a bunch of furniture stores.)

Sunnyside is a nice area. You can get to it by taking the 7 train to 40th or 46th street in Queens. There are some good bars, a pool hall and some Korean restaurants all along Queens Boulevard. If you take the 7 to 61st Street-Woodside, you'll hit the old Irish section. There are a ton of Irish bars. Check out Donovan's for some good food.

About the gay stuff, Time Out NY just did a whole Gay Pride issue with the kind of info you're looking for. Go to their website and order a back issue; it's issue #352. Hope this helps!
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