Moving to Plano Texas

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Moving to Plano Texas

Can anyone from Dallas or Plano ares give me some opinions on life in Texas. I am looking to move there in the fall from Boston Mass. I hate the snow here, but was told the summers are brutal. Is it humid heat or dry heat and is it ever not 100. Thanks Jen
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Haven't you read each summer about the elderly people who drop dead from the heat in Texas? They also have ice storms in the winter.
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We made that exact same move in '77, stayed 17 years before being transferred again, and still miss it.

We loved Plano. We arrived at the beginning of its growth, when it was a town of only about 70,000, two grocery stores on the "west side" (anything west of Central), and 4 way stops at intersections where people politely motioned for the other guy to go first, "No you go first", which, after Boston, was somewhat amazing to witness. Unfortunately those days are gone, but it's still a great community, very family oriented, 117 lighted ball fields, great school system. Our daughter, who'd been in a Harvard experimental school outside Framingham, was behind her classmates in Plano.

You'll miss the ocean and the hills, but we found it a great place to raise a family, and vacations we'd head to the beach...usually FL panhandle. I hated the snow as well, and you generally won't see it in North Texas. There is an occasional ice storm and those are terrible as driving is near impossible, and few know how to deal with adverse winter driving conditions. You won't find salt for the roads, and sanders are city dump trucks...if they can round them up!! Ice storms are rare though, and the prospect of snow was actually exciting. The weathermen sure would get hyped about the possibility of even an'll get a kick out of it.

Summers are hot and dry, temps in the mid 90's typically, and several days over 100. Fall and spring are gorgeous, with leaves back on the trees by mid March and so much sunshine, very noticeable for a New Englander used to plenty of cloudy days! You will miss New England summers, but the other 3 seasons are pretty nice.

Our son still lives there so I get back frequently. Traffic from Plano into downtown Dallas is far worse than when we lived there. The new mall coming in around the Tollway and Park or Parker (?) will have Neimans and Nordstrom. There are plenty of good restaurants around and downtown is still within an easy drive if you aren't trying to do it at rush hour.

Hope the move works as well for you as it did for us. I arrived with a typical New England chip on my shoulder about TX, but brushed it off quickly and really loved our time there.
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If you're moving to Plano, Texas, from New England, all I can say is "Bless Your Heart."
And "I'll pray for you."
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I saw your message to me on another posting and thought I'd respond to your original post- that way, others can contradict or back up my opinion.

Life in Dallas-- well, expect to do a lot of driving. The DFW area is incredibly spread out and we don't have great public transportation. Think surburban sprawul. When I go back to visit my parents (I now live in Minneapolis), I'm amazed at what a concrete jungle DFW is in terms of highways and roads. It makes it easy to get around but doesn't really make for an aesthically pleasing city!

Living there though, is very "easy." I love the East Coast cities but I always feel a little cramped. Dallas has plenty of space, there's always parking, good shopping, etc. I would add though that I don't think the city has a lot of personality...Ft Worth has more of a cohesive feel than Dallas.

Dallas is a growing area with very diverse population- hispanic, black, white, asian. I also think it has a good mix of all age groups.

Finally- the weather...I'm not going to lie, it gets pretty d*mn hot! July and August are the worst-- hovering near 100 with a lot of humidity...this is not the dry heat of Phoenix. Good news is that EVERYTHING is air-conditioned to the point that I usually carry a sweater with me! Winters are mild compared to Boston with probably 1 ice storm a year. As Olive Oyl said, these are real "events" for Texans and you can bet that you won't have to go to work or school if even a 1/4 inch of snow is on the ground! Spring is sure to get to down to Hill Country and take a look at some of the amazing wildflowers. Fall is nice- but mostly b.c. the temps go down. It won't be the beautiful foliage that you get in Boston or New England.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other q's.

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Hi Jennifer-

I work in Plano, and live elsewhere in Dallas, and it is not a bad place. Every store imaginable has a location in Plano, and there are 3 major malls to choose from. The park are very nice, and there are plenty of movie theatres, too.

I will recommend that you consider looking for a house in other nearby cities (such as Richardson, Frisco and Carrollton) because real estate in Plano is quite overpriced. Expect to pay $10,000 more for a house just because of the Plano address. You can live much more affordably in the nearby cities and just drive 15-20 minutes to get to work.

Are schools an important consideration? Plano schools are good for overachiever kids, but they are not good for kids who need extra help or are special needs. (Richardson schools are much better for those kids.)

Yes, the summers are brutally hot and usually pretty humid, too. ("Dry heat" in Texas is west of I-35!) But as Jane says, everything is air conditioned so just don't go outside when the sun is up!

Best of luck with your move.
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Lance Armstrong grew up in Plano and has nothing good to say about the experience. Felt that he was treated very poorly because he wasn't rich like the rest of the kids.
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I live and work in Plano.
I grew up on the east coast ( the DC area).

We have MANY days at or over 100 degrees. In the last 5 years I think we've had 40+ and 50+ days of over 100 in the summer. Coming from the east, this is not is drier. We might have a couple days of light snow. And yes, sometimes we have an ice storm....but not all the time and not every year. In the spring, we have a couple of hail storms.

If you have kids, remember that school starts @ August 2...not after Labor day like most East Coast schools. Plano has a good school system.

Plano is getting nearer to buildout. If you plan to build a home, you can't build under $200K. Allen and Frisco are still cheaper to build. takes forever to drive anywhere in the DFW area.

I've been here for 9 years and enjoy it so far.
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This won't make the Plano people happy but I got this off the CNN website.

Authorities say there has been a 500 percent increase in heroin use in Plano and North Texas because dealers have moved outside Dallas and Fort Worth to avoid big-city narcotics squads. Despite community meetings and dozens of arrests, heroin continues to flow into the area.

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We lived in Plano before being transferred to the Chicago area. We were there 8 years and then transferred back to the Dallas area. I was thrilled to get back home and to some decent weather. I'll take a Dallas summer over a Chicago winter any day. However, when we moved back we did not want to deal with the big, overcrowded school system in Plano. I explained to our realtor that we loved our little town of Munster in Indiana and the school system there. She suggested that we might want to consider Coppell. We did and love it here. Small, wonderful town, that will only be about 40,000 at buildout, with good schools, and far enough from the City for me, but probably about equally close to Dallas and Fort Worth. I have been over to Plano about 5 times in the 9 years we have been back here and the traffic and humdrum over there is horrible. I'm not sorry at all that I did not return there.

As to the previous post, it is common knowledge down here about the heroin problem in Plano. But don't think that it is not a problem in your schools too. Believe me, drugs are available on every school campus in the US and you are deluding yourself if you think that is not true.
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Plano does have a drug problem. I went to Plano Senior High School (class of '95) and have had several friends die from overdoses. The main problem is the kids are spoiled with too much money and too much free time.

Their parents care more about their work and their status in society than what their kids are actually doing.

Most people turned their heads and said we did drugs when we were kids and look how we turned out. The difference is most smoke a little pot in college. Maybe some other stuff. Not the herion, cocaine, and other hard drugs that the high schoolers in Plano are getting their hands on.

But this problem isn't just a Plano issue. Schools across the state have similar problems. Plano just has a larger collection of upper middle class and upper class families that appear to live the typical "Beaver Cleaver" lifestyle.

The moral to this story: pay attention to your kids and get involved in their life, even if they don't like it.

But to answer you question, the school system is still very good and overall the city is very nice. I agree with others, though. Look into Frisco or The Colony. Everything is moving there. You will be able to build a house cheapier and in a few years sell it for what Plano homes are going for today.
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Let us say it's quite the cultural (or lack thereof) change to go from Boston, MA down here (yes, I'm also a former northerner).

Fortunately you're doing the move when the worst of the heat will be behind you. However when you do arrive in fall (Sept? Oct?) it WILL FEEL LIKE summer to you (daytime highs in 80's --- if you come in Sept, it still may be running close to 90).

One of the major differences I had to get used to was that people drive everywhere --- used to say that Texans were born with wheels rather than feet. I do so enjoy getting back to New England (still have family up there) and being able to WALK to places or when in Boston, take the 'T'. Dallas does now boast a DART light rail system, but it's VERY limited in where it goes.

On the upside, the winters here are MUCH better than Boston. And springtime (March thru May) is SPECTACULAR. I never really understood what 'Spring' meant; in Boston, you can be trudging thru snow & wearing your overcoat until mid-April.

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One more item I wanted to mention --- the newspaper in this area is the "Dallas Morning News" and you can get some good info (they're on-line) about what's going on here & also, check the weekly "GuideLive" section of paper for listings on happenings, restaurants, movies, etc.

Also, check out websites for the local TV stations (Channel 8 = ABC; Channel 5 = NBC; Channel 11 = CBS).

Here's the URL's for "Chan 11" and "Chan 5":

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Summers are HOT-hot-hot. Doesn't matter if you consider it "humid" --- not as bad as Houston or "dry" --- it's certainly wetter than Phoeni), I'd call it a HOT heat.

If you could figure out a way to spend the worst of it elsewhere (maybe go to Vancouver or Novia Scotia for July & August), then Dallas/Plano is pretty good for the other 10 months.
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Coming here in the fall? Well, put the Texas State Fair on your 'must-do' list.

Here's what they have to say on,

State Fair of Texas Announces Theme:
"Food & Fun: 2001"
Food, glorious food, and fun in every shape and guise will be the focus of this year's State Fair of Texas, Sept. 28 - Oct. 21. More than three million visitors are expected to attend the 24-day event in Dallas. The State Fair of Texas is the largest annual exposition in North America.

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Hope you have a secure job. Recent stories in newspaper have hilighted the recent rise in unemployment in Plano & Collin County. From January thru July of this year, unemployment figures rose from 2500 to over 5000. Majority are the fallout from layoffs in telecomm & high-tech sectors.

The upside of these numbers (if you can call it such) is that many more high homes are finding their way onto the real estate market with owners who are "motivated to sell".
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Jennifer you have rocks in your head!!! Moving from Boston to Plano, Texas to avoid the snow... Move to Cape Cod, move to Atlanta, move to North or South Carolina...Before you make a decision...look at all the colleges in Boston, look at the museums, the retaurants, the theatre.. Snow melts!!!


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