Mosquitos in New Orleans?

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Mosquitos in New Orleans?

Hi everyone,

We just thought of something else to ask. We hear that the climate is quite hot and humid, especially at the end of May. Mosquitos thrive in and around swamps so wouldn't that mean that NO is inundated with them?

Also, what is the tap water like? My husband has a sensitive stomach so is there a good water filtration system?
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I'm sure you're not trying to be funny or anything so I'll answer your question the best I can. If New Orleans was innundated with mosquitos I'm sure you would have heard about it on the news by now. Yes, NO has mosquitos just like every other place (big bad ones live in Alaska) but they aren't anything close to being innundating. And NO is not a swamp; it is a city. Yes, it is below sea level but you will hardly find swamps and alligators hanging around in the French Quarter. Sorry, I knew I would have a hard time answering this post without being bad. Forgive me. As far as the water is concerned, I'm sure the tap water there meets all federal regulations. That being said, I still wouldn't drink it just like I wouldn't drink it in any other city. Stick to bottled water.
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I, too, find the original question a tad insulting. Of course the water system has good filtration. In fact, it's one of the best tasting waters in the U.S. according to whichever group ranks such things! Our mayor even seriously considered a contract to bottle it and sell it, ala Atlanta and Dasani.
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I realize that my questions may seen stupid to some people but let me assure you that I wasn't trying to be funny. I'm very much aware that New Orleans is a beautiful city and I didn't mean to make it sound like I thought it was in a swamp.

The weather IS hot and humid so I did wonder if mosquitos thrived more in NO than they would in say, Denver.

As for the water, again, I wasn't trying to be funny. My husband has a sensitive stomach and when we've traveled, bottled water was only permitted in some areas.
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Come here to Cambridge, Ma. when my neighbor over the fence leaves barrels, other containers filled with water after rain and the mosqitoes hatch. I complain to the city but it goes on.
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Because of West Nile, the City of New Orleans has been very aggressive regarding mosquitos. They spray and spray and spray! Not sure if this spray is good for you but it sure beats an illness like West Nile, I guess!
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I usually drink bottled water in coastal communities. I am not sure why, but my stomach almost always gets upset in Florida and the coastal Carolinas. I can't speak to NO.

If your hubby has problems, be cautious with iced tea, fountain sodas, and even coffee.

If my pup is traveling with me, it's bottled water for her too - for the same reasons.
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If you are considering a swamp tour or plantation tour and will be there in the early mornings or evenings - plan to bring some type of spray. If you stay in the city - you will not have problems.

I don't drink the water. It's pure Kentwood for me - that's where Britney Spears is from. The water is the best thing to come out of the place...
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Wow - either there are some people with seriously sensitive stomachs or the water bottling companies have been extremely successful in their marketing.

This isn't Mexico. You can drink the water that comes out of the tap.
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Granted that New Orleans water is perfectly safe, I still don't like the taste of it. I'd suggest you try the tap water when you arrive and then decide whether to buy bottled water. The place I was born isn't too far from Kentwood, and I can vouch for the earlier suggestion that Kentwood Springs bottled water is very good, and easy to get in Louisiana.

However, as to the hot and humid reference, it really isn't bad in May and sometimes not even in June. Now perhaps I'm a bit acclimated to warmer weather, but you will find daytime highs in May ranging from high 70's to high 80's, and nighttime lows from the high 50's to the high 60's. I don't consider those temperatures very bad, and the humidity is normally not unbearable either.
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I can't comment on the water, because I usually don't go to New Orleans to drink water (LOL), however, we have been there twice in the middle of summer and were really surprised by the lack of mosquitos. I brought along bug spray the first time anticipating a problem and never had to use it. We had a much worse experience with mosquitios in Memphis which I wasn't prepared for!
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