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Because it is described as the most Hawaiian hotel and a great location, we are booked at the Kanapali Beach Hotel end of April. Have any of you stayed there? What is your opinion? TIA
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Hi, I've never stayed there but from what I've read about from my Hawaii travel guides (went to Maui last year) it's an old beach hotel that is the most genuinely Hawaiian place to stay; it's not luxury but it's not bad either. It's older and not as fancy as than nearby upscale places but is supposed to have a real Hawaiian warmth and friendly service. The rooms are supposedly spacious, spotless motel-like rooms done in wicker and rattan.
Plus it's beachfront. I stayed at the Whaler which is next to it, and the Kaanapali Beach Hotel certainly looked like a decent place to stay from what I saw with three low-rise wings facing a nice stretch of beach. I really enjoyed staying in that area.
Old Apr 9th, 2000, 02:59 PM
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Stop the phony posts Emily/Heidi! Why would you, as a regular traveler, presume to answer a question about a place you've never stayed in? Anyone can read a guide book -- this forum is for first hand experiences.

Quit the fake questions and answers about Maui all the time.
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noheidi, if you've ever read any of MauiHeaidi's actual postings, it should be clear that Emily is not Heidi; Emily knows how to spell and use English grammar and punctuation. Goodness, you folks spend as much time on your anti-Heidi/anti-everybody posts as Heidi ever did on her own posts.
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Thank you, Emily, for your help. The place seems nice and close to the Whalers Village. I liked that place.

Last time we stayed at the Kahana Beach Condo Hotel. The view was outstanding but like most condos very quiet. Just a short walk down the beach to the right is a great outdoor restaurant on the property of another condo.

And thank you, Heidi. You went way beyond the scope of your job to help people on this forum. I for one took pages of notes on your "free" suggestions on dining, popular beaches, sightseeing, etc. I was crazed when one person actually asked you 17 questions. And thanks for offers of discounts on attractions.

A thanks of all folks who have given helpful info, travel agents or not.
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So now you're posting questions, answering them, and then praising and thanking yourself for doing it all! All in the name of steering people toward the preferred suppliers that pay your travel agency big bucks to deliver customers to them. Yeah, what could be nobler?

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Can someone help me out here? I cant figure out how any accused travel agent using only a fictitious email address gains any monetary advantage by suggesting a hotel on this site. Without knowing the name of the travel agent, no one is going to be able to book a room there through said agent. Where is the financial gain for the poster? Please explain.
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To: TW...Finally...Someone has come up w/ the $64 answer..How would a TA make any money from a hotel unless they know who to credit?

And if a restaurant was recommended, how would that put money in a TA's pocket?
These mean-spirited McCarthy-ites should bug somebody over on the realtionship boards...Maybe they can get some professional non-TA help?
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Haniel Trisna
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I too appreciate what Heidi did to the forum.
It made the forum rich with information on Maui. If you need other Hawaii information then ask someone else.

I am not Heidi btw.

Haniel Trisna
Old Apr 13th, 2000, 02:10 PM
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Then e-mail her, contact her agency or visit any other travel site ou there that she and her fellow agents are allowed to take over and control. Ooh wait, you can just lean over your desk and talk to her, since she's sitting right beside you at her Maui travel agency!
Old Apr 13th, 2000, 02:21 PM
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BINGO !!!! It sure is nice to see that someone,besides me,appreciated and enjoyed following Heidi's info posts.If there is anyone with the nerve to stand up to the neurotic vigilantes sitting at home picking their noses,when they can reach them,how about some kind words for Heidi for a change!!!
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Leave Thursday for Oahu and Maui. Will post highlights when I return to help new travelers like past travelers have helped me. (It is hard to disreqard the insults for asking a question on this forum.) Hopefully, Fodors can solve the problem by the time I return.
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Hope you get this before you go. Husband and I stayed at Kaanapali Beach Hotel last August. We liked it. Nice, clean, but not luxury. Staff was very friendly. Would stay there again.

One thing, don't go to the breakfast luau they have there. It's a scam to get you to purchase tickets, etc., for things to do on the island.

Have fun!
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Don't you know about the great Travel Agent Conspiracy? Maui Heidi and her cohorts have utilize top-secret surveillance technology to track people and the businesses they plug can tell who was referred by them.

Uh oh...I let the cat out of the bag... Heidi's gonna get me now...

Oh no! H-E-L-P!!! Someone help me, I hear the black helicopter, they're coming to get me
Old Apr 17th, 2000, 01:30 PM
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You're right,for once,you certainly do need help.
Old Apr 17th, 2000, 01:45 PM
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All of these travel agent postings are really interesting. It must be a great career. Is there a school or something where I can learn how to give travel advice? Maybe I could own my own agency someday. I always wanted a career where I could help people and give something back.

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