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We are absolutely torn between winter vacation spots for the first time ever. Trying to choose between Maui or Nevis in the West Indies. Our most favorite place is anywhere is Kauai. My husband really wants to go to Maui, but I'm afraid that we may find it too crowded and too much like Oahu. I keep hearing about the traffic and all the people and that it's nothin like what you think of when you hear the word "Hawaii". We would stay at Grand Wailea. Can someone give us an honest assessment as to what the island is like, especially if you can compare it to Oahu and Kauai? Nightlife isn't extremely important to us, but good food is. As well as a good pool, shade from the sun and nice islanders. Any help is appreciated!
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When people talk about the traffic on Maui, I think they are mostly referring to the Lahaina and Kaanapali areas, which have changed enormously in the last 20 years.

I've never stayed at the Grand Wailea, but I've eaten there several times and walked around the grounds. It's an exceptionally beautiful and tranquil hotel. Wailea in general is far less crowded than other parts of Maui.

If you like Hawaii, you owe it to yourselves to visit Maui at some point. It is not quite as low key as parts of Kauai, but it is a very beautiful place with unique things to see. Have you considered staying on the Hana side of Maui for a much less crowded experience?
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If you go to the touristy parts of Maui, like Kaanapali, Lahaina, or Wailea, then yes, it might remind you a little of Honolulu/Waikiki. At times, it's very crowded! I would say that Maui falls somewhere in between Honolulu/Waikiki and Kauai. The Grand Wailea is VERY nice, but also VERY crowded with tourists.
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My wife and I just returned from both Maui and Kauai in April. I preferred Kauai, she Maui. Friends of ours were over last fall, she liked Kauai, he liked Maui better. There seems to be a pattern here.... both are great! As far as "crowded", well, if you can put up with driving through Kapa'a at rush hour, nothing on Maui should scare you off. Hey, I would go back to either in a second. And Oahu isn't that "crowded" either, once you get away from the big city. There are all kinds of places to get good food on Maui, no problem with that. By the way, we've been to Maui 4 times, now, and keep going back, and when it comes to progress and development, Maui is not what it was 25 years ago.... but what is? We are not big nightlife people, and we've stayed at Wailea twice, Kaanapali, and Kapalua. But our next trip to Hawaii will be back to Wailea..... and Kauai. Both Maui and Kauai still qualify as "paradise", to us. You can't go wrong!
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Marilyn's suggestion about Hana sounds like a good one. I've stayed in this area before, and up until I started visiting Kaua`i three years ago, it was my favoite spot in Hawaii (I too love anyplace on Kaua`i). Friends stayed at the Hotel Hana Maui last year and thought it was great and loved the spa and pool. They have a shuttle that takes you to Hamoa Beach, which is a gorgeous stretch of beach. I find myself in the same quandry as you and have decided that IF I do make it back to Maui, I will spend at least half the time in Hana. Good luck with your decision making!

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I think the Wailea area might suit your needs, that area was more scenic than Ka'anapali. Maui was not as lush and tropical as Kauai, the land scenery just didn't measure up, but the beaches and snorkeling were top notch. Plus since you will be visiting in winter the island may be a little more green, when we were there it was very dry and looked a lot like southern California. There are plenty of excellent restaurants to choose from, many more than on Kauai. Traffic on Kauai was much worse than any traffic we experienced in Maui. I'm of the belief that people should visit each island at least once. Plus if you choose to visit Maui you can also spend time on Lanai or Molokai.
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The term "Just Mauied" fits it's namesake. Honey-mooners go there for the beauty. I am a bonified "can't go anywhere else" Hawaii-goer and I've never been to the West Indies (I'll bet it is beautiful). I gotta go with the above folks and choose Maui. I have been to all of the Islands many times over and they are each different and wonderful in their own way. Yes, Maui's grid-lock has increased, but so has Lihue's on Kauai. Don't think "Waikiki" when comparing "crowded" on Maui. Oahu is my least favorite place to visit of all the islands because of all of the tall buildings and people (The other side of Oahu is lovely!). Maui seems more spread out and does not have a major city like Honolulu. There is so much beauty to be seen on Maui that isn't on Kauai. If you loved Kauai, you will love Maui; in a different way, but you will love it. Trust me! You won't regret it. Save Nevis for next year. Patricia
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