Martha's Vineyard Nantucket or Cape Cod

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Sara Cushman
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Martha's Vineyard Nantucket or Cape Cod

We are heading out east next summer and would like to rent a house/condo in one of these areas. Which do you think is best, and what specific area of each. Is it true that Martha's Vineyard is dry (no alcohol) except in two towns? Would appreciate any info. Thanks
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Somebody please reply! I'm interested in getting this information as well!!
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It's difficult to advise without knowing your personal preferences or how long you plan to stay. We love visiting all three, for different reasons. You may want to pick up a copy of "Cape Cod, An Explorer's Guide", and/or the Access Guide for Cape Cod. Both are excellent and very comprehensive and will assist enormously in deciding where to go and planning your trip. I would recommend, however, that you consider making your trip during June or just after Labor Day. These areas are overrun with "summer folks", vacationers, tourists, weekenders and day trippers during the summer. Rentals are at premium prices. Traffic is horrendous (on the mainland). And, it's simply just not as pleasant or relaxing an experience during July and August.
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Sara Cushman
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We are planning on staying one week. We would like to go to nice beaches, go to some good restaurants and perhaps do some hiking, or biking. Unfortunately, we have to go in July, because we are going to Boston for a wedding and are making this trip sort of an add on.
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I'd vote for Nantucket! It's more compact than MV, and, from my understanding, less "private" than MV. If you want to have a car the cape has plenty of places to explore. To take your car to Natucket you need to make reservations FAR ahead from prime summertime.
In Nantucket you can stay in Wauwinet or in Siasconset ['sconset is how it's referred to..]We managed several stays outside the main town by just using taxis. Not sure if there is bus service.
While there is air service, I recommend the ferry for sheer romanticism. [although our family beagle was less than enchanted!]
Have a *great* time wherever you decide to go!
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Emily Connolly
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If you are looking for nice beaches, good restaurants, hiking and biking, you might also consider southern Rhode Island or Newport instead of the Cape. I love Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and the Cape, but the beaches in Rhode Island (in my opinion!) are much nicer and the crowds not quite as bad. Good luck with your decision!!
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Depends on your interests.
Marthas Vineyard: Larger, less expensive, more to do, need a car (difficulty with ferry reservations-go to Steamship Authority website for info).
Nantucket: harder to get to, more expensive, one town, more quaint.
Both have good beaches, excellent restaurants, good lodging available.
You can also do Nantucket in a daytrip from Cape Cod (Hyannis) or MV (Oak Bluffs)
My choice would be to stay on MV and take a day trip to Nantucket.
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Go to Nantucket! My husband and I went there for our honeymoon and had a ball. The beaches are lovely and you can ride bicycles all around the island. Nantucket Town has tons of neat shops and restaurants. We rented a sweet rose covered cottage out in 'Sconset, which is about 8 miles from Nantucket Town. There are buses that run all around the island, or again, you can ride bicycles. They have a website if it helps: By the way, we went in mid-July and didn't have a problem with crowds.
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I like all three but would never take a car take a car to Nantucket. A hassle to get it there and to park, etc. Can get around just fine without one as it is only one city. I probably would prefer Martha's Vineyard for a stay of a week as there is more to do and see and several towns. Cape Cod can be very busy in the summer (they all can) but there are places that are less congested than others. I also agree Newport, R.I. is great. Some neat mansions to tour, good restaurants, shops, etc. Kind of depends on your preference. We get bored just sitting in sun for a week so would opt for Martha's Vineyard. Have a great time as it is a wonderful area.

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