Sep 2nd, 1999, 10:42 PM
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it's me again.lookin for more responses from peopole who stayed at la concha(holiday inn).
also can anyone give me good insight as to the current problem with the beaches i.e. pollution-closings. i have read key wests beaches are not the best but we do luv to spend time at the beach just the same. anyone have opions on swimming there.also love to party looking for lots of nightlife. we luv cancun type nightlife so any info on that would be great.been to all popular websites- anyone know of any other out of the way sites where i might see some pix of key west.
thanks to those who responded to my first message. luv to travel and luv to be informed before arriving in new dstinations.
thanks again
Sep 3rd, 1999, 04:05 AM
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www.keywestcitizen.com for an online version of their newspaper. I thought I saw some pixs of KW on www.keywest.com, and maybe www.fla-keys.com. Try a search on Key West-I had in the past, but lost my bookmarks.
I think I read that people were still going to the beach, just not swimming in them. If you have a car, go to Bahia Honda SP. There is LOTS of night life in KW. It is a big party town. Have fun.
Sep 3rd, 1999, 04:47 AM
Owen O'Neill
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I haven't been there in a year or so and am not familiar with any possible pollution issues but Key West beaches haver alsways been very small and few in number. The best beach in town is at the Maerriot resort and it's about the size of a beach you might have at a nice sumemr cottage. Save your ocean swimming for a snorkel trip. use a charter that caters to small groups and you'll have a better experience - we used "Restless Native" and were very pleased - they have a max of 6 people per boat. I no longer imbibe but it appears that from early afternoon onward, partytime is in full progress on KW
Sep 3rd, 1999, 05:59 PM
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If it's beaches you want, Key West is definitely not for you. Key West is situated on coral, and the few beach areas there have sand imported from other places. The beaches are currently closed due to sewage problems. Having said that, Key West is still my favorite vacation spot!
Sep 5th, 1999, 11:38 AM
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Was just in Key West last weekend (Aug. 28-31). It was definitely HOT! But there were so FEW tourists, it was easy shopping, no dinner reservations, no crowded anything. Stayed at LaConcha. Great location! Right on Duvall street and walking distance to just about everything. I wasn't up for beaching it while we were there, but just as well as I too have heard Key West doesn't have the "best" beaches. If you're interested in deep sea fishing, though, that is the place. My husband loved it!

Hope this helps!
Sep 8th, 1999, 01:18 AM
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I agree with previous posts....the keys are not known for their beaches and most (all?) are man-made. theres a decent one by the fort in K west and yes, Bahia Honda is OK but thats near Marathon not K west. Duval St. is party central of course............last time i checked some beaches were closed due to sewage discharge.....welcome to paradise.
Sep 17th, 1999, 09:07 AM
Al Jordan
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The beaches are open, but don't go in the water, it is polluted with E-coli bacteria. The city is coorecting the problem. One place that has not been affected is Ft. Zachery Taylor State Park. The water is clean there and is also clean offshore at the reefs. There is a small admission for the park, but it's very nice. Just wear something on your feet, like Aquasox, as it is very stony.
As for La Concha, i"ve not heard good things about it on other boards, although they do have a rooftop bar, which is a great place to see the sunset, but that's open to the public anyway. Try one of the B&B's near Duval St. Look at keywest.com for more info
Sep 18th, 1999, 03:04 PM
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I have stayed at 3 B&B in Key West. I highly recommend the Heron House on Simmonton St. They have a nice pool so you can swim(beaches are open but you can't go in the water).Close to Duval St. so you won;t have a far walk to stumble home! I also love Cancun was there in May.

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