Las Vegas trip-first time-help!

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Las Vegas trip-first time-help!

My husband and I have been trying to decide where to take a quick 3 night vacation for a ten-year anniversary in June to somewhere we've never been and are considering Las Vegas. We haven't traveled the world much or seen very many States outside of Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Cozumel (I know that's sad).

Several people we know have gone to Vegas and loved it. I really don't like to gamble much but have been told there is so much other stuff to do that I'd still enjoy it. We're not real picky or hard to please as far as taking a vacation, and we love to sight-see. Oh yeah, heat doesn't bother us (we're used to it!)

So I am seeking advice on whether or not this would be an enjoyable ten year anniversary for us. I know that would be hard to judge when you don't know us, but we're trying to look at many options and would appreciate opinions of people we don't know. Any recommendations on where to stay, where to eat, what to see or where to stay away from?

We've also been told San Francisco would be a great place to go, and there's always Niagara Falls, New York City or even Hollywood, but Las Vegas is cheap leaving from Dallas, and those places would cost a little more. We're not seeking any type of Caribbean resort because we are planning that in August, and we are on a pretty low budget for that reason. So any ideas, opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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My personal opinion: 3 nights are just right for Vegas, save San Francisco for longer. I'm not a gambler, there are sights and shows, museums and day trips from Vegas. Try to stay in the center of the strip, Ceasar Palace area, depending on your budget it can be Bellagio or Flamingo. Do a search of this site for more advises, and a Google search.
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I love going to Las Vegas. It is great for a romantic getaway, especially if you are on a budget. Although there are many ways to blow a fortune there, my husband and I always find a lot of value for our money. There are tons of restaurants and shows in every price range. I don't really gamble either, but enjoy watching my husband play craps. Many of the casinos also offer free lessons in the different games in the morning. It's hot in August, but there is AC everywhere and also misters that keep the air cool on the sidewalks and by the pools. I think it is perfect for what you're looking for- short trip, close, can experience some luxury for not that many $$$. We swear by the 'Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas' it has always been right on for restaurants and shows for us and is well worth the cost. We even learned how to play craps from the chapter on gambling and did pretty well!
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I think its a great idea to go to Vegas, especially if you are not gamblers, just seeing the various casino hotels is pretty amazing and the new monorail will be handy also.

Red Rock Canyon in the summer has outdoor theater on the green doing musicals and what not and it was a fun experience for us.

Spend a day and go to Hoover Dam, something you should see, since you haven't been around that many places. Stay center strip is a great idea, and go from Sunday to Tuesday, cheaper days for rooms -- you could get rates around $40 to $50 in the summer for some of the better hotels. Check out!!!
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If you're a fan of hanging out by the pool (especially in the June heat) Mandalay Bay has the best pool. I'm a fan of the hotel because it's at the end of the strip, a little quieter, but still easy to get to everything. The House of Blues is there and they usually have great music going on. I've also stayed at the Venitian and they have great big standard rooms. It's more centrally located. No matter where you stay, Vegas is an incredible city and there's plenty to do without gambling. Happy Anniversary!
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I agree that Vegas will be a great option for your anniversary. There are so many things to see and do there! If you love to just wander and be amazed by opulent hotels and people in general, you'll get a huge kick out of Vegas. 3 nights is a good length of time to spend there, especially for your first trip. Lots of people on this forum will only stay at Bellagio, but IMHO, there are many other hotels that are a lower price and will work just fine for you. Check out www.cheapovegas for some hilarious reviews and good info.

I'm also from Dallas, and I just booked a Vegas trip for May. Believe it or not, the best prices I got for a hotel + airfare were through American Airlines. I didn't like the flight times from the charter package services (late arrival/early departure), and it was no cheaper to book the room separately through the hotel. We're going to stay at Caesar's this trip.
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yes, yes, is the perfect place for a 3 night vacation. anywhere else you'd want longer but most people feel they've had an excellant time but have had enough after 3 night. it's a blast even if you don't gamble. (there are nickle slots you can try.)
we drove out to the valley of the fire one day. left at about 10:00 and got back at 2:00. in time to relax by the pool. it was very enjoyable.
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You gotta experience Vegas once in your life!
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Go to Vegas. Hubby and I just made our first trip at the end of March and we've been married 24 years! Just was never a priority for us. We don't gamble and we really didn't at all there but we had a blast. If you can swing tickets for Elton John if he's was amazing and worth it. We got the cheapest tickets and it was still the BEST. Lots of cheap eats and the most romantic FREE entertainment was the Belagio fountains. Could have watched them for hours. We stayed at the Monte Carlo for $79 a night, upgraded for $35 to the executive floor but on our visa they only charged us $99 a night. Go figure, when we didn't eat or gamble there. It was a lovely place to stay and nice location. In retrospect, we wasted too much time and energy going through all the casinos when we don't even gamble. Was fun to see Caersars and Venetian but other than that, for me a casino is a casino. I wish we would have taken a day trip out to the Hoover Dam. Oh well, there is always next time. The last night in Vegas we splurged on drinks at the Fontana lounge at Belagio. Two glasses of wine each was $30 total plus a tip. We considered it a bargain considering the very romantic atmosphere with the fountains just outside, a gorgeous lounge and top notch entertainment.
Then we went to dinner at Olives at Bellagio. Not outrageously priced...good food...but to my disappointment it was too windy for the fountains. I loved it though and so did my husband. Vegas is an inexpensive place for fun, relaxation and if you don't can be quite inexpensive. Great for a short getaway and I never in a million years would have thought I would say that!
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While I love New York and San Francisco is fun, I think three days in Las Vegas is just enough time. I do not gamble, but I always have a great time. There are several great shows, the food is good, fun to enjoy the shops and it's nice getaway. Have a great trip.
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Enjoy Vegas - 3 nights is all you need all of the major hotels are great!
definately go see the hoover dam or the red rock canyon one of the days as suggested.
Vegas can accomodate whether you are on a budget or not !
enjoy - note it is really getting hot in june, yet the casinos are a/c so bring sweaters you can throw on or off
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I agree...go Vegas. You can get such great packages with airfare, room, shows and buffets. You will have a blast! Marianne
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