Las Vegas Grand Canyon Itinerary help

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Las Vegas Grand Canyon Itinerary help

Is this Itinerary doable and suggestions on what to do?

Monday - 10/21 -- Arrive Las Vegas - Hoover Dam - Sedona
Tuesday - 10/22 -- Full day in Sedona
Wednesday - 10/23 -- Sedona - Flagstaff - Grand Canyon
Thursday - 10/24 -- Full day at Grand Canyon
Friday - 10/25 -- Grand Canyon - Las Vegas
Saturday - 10/26 -- Full day in Las Vegas
Sunday - 10/27 -- Depart Las Vegas

or should I stay a night in Vegas before heading out?
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Sounds quite doable to me. I think you are better off spending the night(s) in Vegas at the beginning OR end of your trip, but not both, so I like your plan.
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What is you plan for Sedona?

For about the same amount of driving you could go to Zion NP from Las Vegas. Then on to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Or go to Hoover Dam on the way back to LV.

From there on to Hoover Dam and then Las Vegas.

I'm not sure I see your timing.

On Wed & Fri. Are those travel days or travel sightseeing days?

There are those who would say you should consider skipping the day in LV for more sights. Have you been to LV before? Would you consider skipping that day (Sat) and putting it somewhere else?
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Doable, yes. As for suggestions, that all depends on your interests of which you have said nothing.

I do think it is a lot of time spent moving from A to B relative to the amount of time spent IN any place. Out of 7 day you are only spending 3 IN places.

I like Sedona (other than the timeshare jerks everywhere)for hiking in the Red Rock and Oak Creek. I've spent a week at a time there several times. The same is true of the Grand Canyon, I've spent a week to 2 weeks at a time backpacking IN the Canyon. Whereas the average visitor to the South Rim spends around 12 minutes actually at the rim looking down into the Canyon and taking the obligatory snapshops before heading for the visitor center and souvenir shops.

As for Las Vegas, 24 hours is more than enough time for me there.

It all depends on what YOU want to get out of your trip.
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It is a pleasure to read a well-thought-out itinerary.

While you're in Sedona you may find it interesting to visit the old mining town of Jerome. Also, on your way from Grand Canyon back to Las Vegas you may find it interesting to visit Williams--one of the better preserved towns on historic Route 66.

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News flash: A trip that simply has a well thought out ROUTE is not necessarily a well thought out itinerary.

i·tin·er·ar·y, noun

1. a planned route or journey.

Many more travelers are aware of Sedona and the Grand Canyon than of Jerome and Williams. That was my intended contribution?

In complimenting the OP's itinerary I was sharing my positive reaction to it which was real and which came from having read hundreds of ill-conceived itineraries on this forum. In what I wrote, my intentions were good. Can you say the same?

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Thank you for all your replies. I've been to Vegas a few times so I do not necessarily need to spend a whole day there. The purpose of this trip is just some hiking, sightseeing and some stress relief. I was thinking of Zion NP, Bryce Canyon, North Rim and surrounding area next summer, hence Sedona for this trip. Of course the trip is not set in concrete so all suggestions are welcomed.
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Does it make more sense to fly into Phoenix if I'm doing Sedona and Grand Canyon instead of Las Vegas?
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We liked Flagstaff when we visited there some years ago, but I think you would be better off taking more time in the Grand Canyon area than stopping there en route from Sonoma.

You can approach the Canyon from the eastern entrance and drive along Desert View Drive to Grand Canyon Village. This is an interesting and very beautiful section of the canyon. You can then drive out to the south to Williams

When we visited the Grand Canyon we flew into LV because my husband and son were going to do some of the Utah parks, too. I think Phoenix might make more sense but then I hate Las Vegas.
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For doing Sedona and the GC, it does make more sense to fly into PHX. Only 2 hours to Sedona, which will give you more time in place and much less travel time. Give yourself 3 full days for Sedona, then head to the GC. We always do as Vttraveler suggests, entering through the east gate. Doing that, you can stop at viewpoints along the east rim drive (must-see, Desert View, Grandview, Lipan) on the way to GC Village. Then you won't need your car again until you leave.

If the plan is for this October, book your GC reservations ASAP. If there is no availability, book something in Tusaya, then keep calling Xanterra for in-park reservations. There are always cancellations, so keep trying.
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I agree with using PHX as your airport (since you've been to Vegas)and then you can add a night to Sedona or possibly visit Page or Monument Valley. Although, those might fit in better with your Utah trip. I've heard great things about Jerome and this change might make it doable.
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