Las Vegas Bound from the East

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Las Vegas Bound from the East

A friend of mine and I have recently decided that we are moving to Las Vegas in late January 2009. I've googled the best places to live and look for jobs, but I thought it would be wise to ask those who live (or have lived) there. I realize that Vegas can get pricey, but from what I've found housing is cheaper than what I'm paying now for a SMALL 2 bedroom apt (approximately $1000). I get that there is a recession in the economy (everywhere!!!), but I just can't stay at my current location anymore. I'm completely over it. Any advice?
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Hey NVBound,

Vegas is a very reasonable city to live in rent wise but the other costs like nightlife and food are insane. Also, unless you are in the hospitality industry jobs will be hard to find out there. I like Vegas (having lived in So Cal I was able to drive out there my whole life) but living there I think is a different beast altogether. I have had friends move out there and move back shortly after. Where are you living now if you don't mind me asking? Maybe So Cal could be the place for you and your friend

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Due to LV being massively over-built, you can now get great deals on housing. I do have to ask though, what made you decide on LV ?
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I have a distant relative who moved to Vegas. She said, electricity is killing her, A/C all long summer, heating in winter.

Also health insurance - make sure you can continue the one you have now, it was a problem for her, the one she had they didn't have in NV, and she had pre-existing conditions.

But doesn't matter where you live, or move to, there will be adjustments to make. Good luck
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You don;t say what you do for a living - but the job market should be your first concern. Are there jobs available in your field? And are the salaries acceptable?

Low rents are useless if you;re earning $15 an hour.
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I'm actually from Pennsylvania and am an event planner. I'll be looking for something in the same area, however, I have a good doctor friend there who works in the VA and he's trying to get me in there as well. We have decided to move to Vegas basically because we are both tired of our lives here. She is laid off and I've been trying to get out of here for some time now. She actually wanted to go to Oregon, I wanted to go to Cali. However, I have always loved Vegas and during a recent trip there I sort of convinced her. I don't have family here in PA anymore so I feel that this is a good time to make a transition.
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Vegas is an interesting place to live. I moved here in 1999 and discovered it took about 2 years to actually like living here. The heat was (and is still) my biggest drawback to living here. Every August I whine about how darn hot it is, but the winters are awesome. There are fantastic restaurants, great shopping, and quality entertainment available on and off the strip. Of course, it's not uncommon for locals to never visit the tourist areas unless people are visiting.

As for expenses, I think Vegas is in the same price range as any other city. I compare prices a lot with my Mom who lives outside of Denver, and our costs are comprable. Of course, we spend a bit more on electricity but we spend less on gas during the winter. Our house is energy star rated and it's amazing the difference that makes. During the hottest times of the summer, our bill is around $200/month for a 1600 sqft house and we keep our house cool - around 72 when we're home.

Anyway, it is an adjustment living here as it is a very transient town. It can be difficult to make friends unless you get involved in a church group or some other community group. Also, there are many different neighborhoods, each with their own feel. If you decide to move, you should explore all the parts of the valley to find your best fit. SAnParis2 is correct - there are housing deals to be found if you are in a position to buy. There are a ton of foreclosures and builter overstock available at a steal.

The job market here is hit/miss right now. People are hiring, but the unemployment rate is the highest it's been in years. Hopefully Vegas will bounce back quickly (as it did in 2001) but you never know.

One caveat to my response is that I don't drink, gamble, go clubbing, or party. Those really are the most expensive hobbies in Vegas, other than golf. If you want to participate in that part of the city, it will cost more $$ than other cities. Luckily, many clubs and bars do local specials but I'm not the one to give advice on those.

I would not dissuade someone from moving here, but I would definitely recommend a longer visit or maybe renting a place for 6 months or so before committing to living here (e.g. buying a house). I never thought I would like living here as much as I do, so you may be surprised as I was. Oh, and your first summer is always the worst.

Good luck with your decision!
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I have some friends who live in Vegas and also worked in corrections the first few years I lived in Nevada. Most of your higher crime areas and low income housing, gang activity etc. is in the neighborhoods north of the strip. Generally, the communities to the south have a better standard of living.
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I have good friends working in the hotel business and it's tough - they're laying off so many people and it's a highly competitive job market. Not to dissuade you, but just so you're aware. If you enjoy air conditioning you're heading to the right place.
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