L.A. is a traveler's paradise

Old Dec 2nd, 2001, 07:00 PM
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I lived in LA a long time ago.Lived in San Diego and San Francisco as a child, loved LA. Wish I were there now, would love to get my born and raised in NY husband to want to live there.I want to garden all year round, not just a few short hot sticky summer months,I want a convertible, that I can use all year,I want to see hummingbirds again (my house was in Hollywood Hills and I had hummingbirds in my flower vines outside the bedroom window) .. can anyone in NY say the same? Traffic-yes ,LA always had bad traffic then , so does every other large city in the US.I would rather go to Malibu than the Hamptons, plain flat boring beach, give me a California rocky beach..SO-maybe if I keep working on him, I can be back in LA soon
Old Dec 3rd, 2001, 11:49 AM
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Shhh, I think it is better that people think L.A. is awful. Don't tell them the nice, pleasant places to live and commute. Let them stay away so we can keep it that way. I bet scores of newcomers decide to come to CA. after looking at the Rose Parade. Pretend we are all miserable.
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Ah Nancy,true so true I take it back, I got so bored with all of those beautiful days, I hated spending summer nights at the Hollywood Bowl,my birthday at the beach,shopping on Rodeo Drive.It is so much more challenging living in NY,being hardy and living through dark cold winters...spring would be meaningless if I didn't think it would never come!Who wants to live in LA? Not me
Old Dec 3rd, 2001, 05:01 PM
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You're right, when I race through the streets of LA, I have to duck to avoid bullets shot by angry minority youth. Some times I can't duck because I can't see the bullets for the thick smog. I shouldn't duck, then I wouldn't notice the carjacker behind me. Only when I emerge from the crime-ridden ghetto into the superficial city of LA (though 3 hours later because of traffic), do I feel safe, if detached from my fellow citizens, who very well may be made entirely of silicone.

This place really sucks. Give me NYC or SF anyday. I love 60-degree days in August and 100% humidity in the summer. Really, really I do.
Old Dec 3rd, 2001, 06:53 PM
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Fine ,Angeleno-you come live in the charming urban area of NYC that resembles the same area in LA and I will trade my house in the woods for a house in the hills in LA.
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I love how Angelenos' sole defense of the city is the weather. The reason? Because that's all it has going for it.

I would much rather live with SF's 60 degree Augusts or the East's 100% summer humidity and live among vibrant individuals than live among the vacuous, superficial wannabees who dominate the LA scene.

This is one Southern Californian who is happy to have escaped.
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Maybe where I lived in LA is the reason why I still remember it so fondly..I just do not see the difference in the people in La vs San Francisco or even NY..My neighbors were a mix or actors,computer types,office guys and old residents who were more interested in their families and gardening,taking the dogs to the park and meeting their "dog pals".Of course,Hollywood and all that goes with it, is a big part of the city-but that isn't really what I remember about Los Angeles...I remember waking early in the mornings and seeing hummingbirds in the flowers outside my window..the old man up the hill bringing us apricots from his tree in his garden..walking anywhere at any time with my dog..never worrying about the weather when we made plans to do something outdoors..going to the beach in April..Spending an entire afternoon in a little outdoor restaurant when friends would drop by and we would just sit and talk..the produce! shopping at the Farmers mkts and bringing home fresh fruits and vegs every day...Maybe if you live in another California town,these things don't mean as much to you, but when you go from Ca to NY-there is a huge difference! So,like I said,anyone in LA that is really fed up, fine! I'll trade with you ...

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