Kauai or Big Island

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Kauai or Big Island

Going to Oahu in Oct. with my wife, daughter and son-in-law. We are trying to decide on a four day side trip to either Kauai or the Big Island as we haven't been to either one before. Have been told by friends that the scenery on the Big Island was not very impressive. Anyone been to both please help.
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You need to do your homework and decide. They are both great yet very different. The volcano is very hard to beat but so is the beach at Pali Hali (sp?) state park on Kauai. Enjoy!
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I doubt your friends have been to Waipao Valley on the Big Island. It's breathtaking. Napali Coast and Hanalei are just as amazing on Kauai.
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We recently came back from a trip to both islands and preferred Kauai.
Kauai is lusher. A large part of the Big Island is composed of lava fields. They are interesting at first but not really attractive.
Kauai is smaller, so there is not so much driving to see anything. We did get tired of spending so much time in the car on the Big Island. You could try spending one night in Hilo (but it is rainy, which is why we didn't) or somewhere near the volcano, if you want to spend more than an hour or two at the volcano.
We found very good restaurants on both islands.
If you go to Kauai and have the opportunity, take a helicopter tour. It is fantastic.
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I also recommend Kauai. It is really a gorgeous island and the helicopter is a must! You fly all around the magnificent water falls, it was really the high light of our week in Kauai. I've also been to the big Island. It too is nice but the lava fields are not scenic. Enjoy! Kathy
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While the scenery may not be as lush on the Big Island, the lava viewing at Kilauea is magnificent right now. After a
quiet period it is flowing into the ocean at a very accessible area. Some say the
night viewing of this sight is the highlight of their trip to the islands. It's something to consider. Take a look.
click on kilauea eruption update
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The breakers in Palm Beach is very nice, but there are other choices out there.
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We just came back on Saturday from Kauai and the Big Island. Kauai is beautiful- a must see. The volcano on the Big Island is fantastic right now- especially at night. If you have the chance do them both. We only spent a couple days on the Big Island and wish we had more time. I would recommend a week on each. On Kauai I would recommend the Princeville area- the beaches are awesome.
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Normally I would say Kauai - not even close. However, with reports of the spectacular lava flow, might be a tough choice. Probably would be good to make your choice a get hotel/car reservations soon - I have heard on TV that hotels are filling because of the lava.

PS: The "Idiot's Guide to Hawaii" - not my favorite gudebook, but does have an island decision checklist.
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John R.
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I loved Kauai but...

Green sand beach
Mauna Kea's summit
Oh yeah, don't forget an active volcano

The Big Island gets my vote if I was forced to choose.
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Depends on what you consider 'very impressive'. We certainly found the volcano/lava fields impressive - and that was before the recent lava flows which are supposed to be some of the most accessible ever. Kauai also has some spectacular scenery and is probably the lushest and most 'tropical' feeling of all of the islands.
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Have been to both, and would go back to either one in a heartbeat. The big island is just that - big - and it's scenery is more diverse. It has everything from beautiful beaches, to the volcano, to lave fields, to lush tropical jungle, to pastures. And a different climate for each one. Kauai is smaller and more uniformly lush, but even there is the contrast between the dryer south and the wetter lush green north. You can't go wrong with either, they are both uniquely beautiful.
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