Jackson Hole - Priceline - Car Rental

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Jackson Hole - Priceline - Car Rental

Okay, so I started to ask some questions related solely to Priceline, then decided to check today's car rental rates and it almost makes my questions moot. But anyway:

The time period of interest is mid Sept. 2013, 15 days. Please view these questions totally independent of each other.

1. How is it that Dollar can show full size and premium SUVs for $63/day when all others are in the low $100+ to $200+? It's almost as if it's a typo.

2. If Dollar really is at that rate, would you go ahead and rent NOW (for Sept.) at that rate and expect them to honor that rate?

3. Priceline - how do you determine how much to offer for a car? And do you offer for a specific car? For instance, we MUST have a full-size Suburban or at the least a Tahoe, and they normally run close to $200 per day (for example); how much would you offer on Priceline, and can/do you request a specific vehicle?

4. Could I do Priceline NOW and expect that an offer would be accepted for a Sept. rental date?
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1 & 2. Hmmm...it can't hurt to try! Print and screen shot everything.

3. On Priceline (which I have used many times for cars), I usually shoot for 40-60% off the rates I find online. I am not always successful, but I have been amazed at the great deals I have gotten. I don't think you can request a specific vehicle on any rental site, just general sizes and they usually will list examples of each size car for that agency.

4. I am not sure of this one--I would hesitate to do one this far out just because you have to pay for the full rental at the time your bid is accepted and if something happened with your trip, then you'd be stuck with a big bill for a rental car you can't use, but maybe that's just me. My trips are usually much shorter also.

I don't know if any of that helps you or not...
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I go to a site like Travelocity and get the "gist" of what cars are going for where I want it.
Then I go to Hotwire and see what a car will go for--and this shows all the surcharges and add ons for what I want
THEN I go to Priceline and bid, knowing that the surcharges are going to be added on and see what happens.
the advantage of starting early is you can re-initiate the process after multiple bidding
What the above poster says is true--you're gonna pay now--but in some ways, that could help spread your trip costs over a longer time.
And yes, the bid will be good then. Whether it is the best bid--the closer the time, the more it will cost. But do look at Hotwire for some other ides.
And the wide discrepancy in the prices you are finding could have to do with any possible "convention"--or just a great season for visiting.
I'd check for a couple of weeks, and then probably jump on something I could live with. AND then, DON"T look back!!
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Thanks for the great replies!

Priceline - 40-60% is a good number to work with.

I just don't want to request an SUV and end up with a little Honda CRV or something similar. We'll have 6 adults so NEED a large SUV.

So the bid I give Priceline is WITHOUT the surcharges? I guess I need to research some more to see how much is usually added to the base cost.

If I was not having to deal with 3 family units, I would just pick what I want and go with it. But everyone is on a budget and we're going for 2 weeks, so need to keep expenses as low as possible.
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If you can get and SUV from Dollar for $63, then go for that. You should get a confirmation email within an hour or two. Yes, they should honor it. I've never had a car rental price not honored that I had in writing in the form of an email. The only possibility would be that they would simply not have the vehicle, which is possible at any place. It wouldn't be a big deal to me, as we usually only travel with 3 people. I would be slightly concerned with a Large SUV, but I think the chances are at least 90% everything would be fine. I always worry about this when I specifically want a 4 wheel drive vehicle when going to Colorado skiing.

Mid-Sept things are winding down, so I would expect lower rates and not really a problem of getting the vehicle your after. Of course, nothing is 100%. Especially with car rentals.
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I've not used Priceline for cars and don't have relevant information for you.

But Jackson Hole is SO small I would be very concerned about not getting what I expected via Priceline. If the expected fleet of cars is diminished, there's really no other place to get a car.

Maybe I'm a worry wart.
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The town of Jackson is very small but also is a very expensive area to visit.I'd grab Dollar's deal.
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We had no trouble getting a full sized SUV on Priceline, I think it was $65 per day from the Jackson Hole airport. We actually picked it up at Avis. I think it was a Tahoe. I put the bid in almost on a whim--seemed to low for me. If you can guarantee the car you want go ahead and get it.

We were about 2 months in advance and we prepaid (Priceline.) They honored it. Good luck.
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To answer your question, yes, you place your Priceline bid without consideration of any taxes, fees and surcharges...it's been a few months since my last Priceline bid for a rental car, but they MAY tell you the full price, assuming your bid is accepted, before you submit it, but I really can't recall. And with Priceline, you select the size car you are bidding on, just like a normal car rental reservation--they won't give you a Honda CR-V when you have had a successful bid for an SUV, and they always use brand-name rental agencies.

As for Dollar being that much cheaper, I am researching rental cars for a trip next month and Dollar is the cheapest on traditional (i.e. not "Name Your Own Price) Priceline and AAA.com so who knows--that seems like a pretty good deal.
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My concern regarding the size of the car, is SUVs cover everything from the small CRV to huge Suburbans -- the level is just different, I.e., premium, luxury, standard, etc. I don't want to bid on a "generic" SUV hoping to get a Suburban and end up with a CRV. (I'm only using CRV as an example because that's the only small SUV-type car I can think of)
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I just looked at Priceline's standard (i.e. not "name your own price") site for rental cars and you can select mid-size, standard or full-size SUV. And I just checked--you have the same options when you bid.
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Usually a Premium SUV is an Expedition or Suburban. I guess possibly an Escalade, but I would think that would fall under luxry.
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