Is it safe in savannah?

Jun 30th, 2005, 07:35 AM
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Is it safe in savannah?

What are the most safist parts of savannah? Is there is any crime in this city? What are some tips going to a city like this?
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Jun 30th, 2005, 07:54 AM
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No offense, but what a silly question! Of course there is crime in Savannah just like every other city on the planet.

Stay in the main touristy areas downtown and you'll be just fine.
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Jun 30th, 2005, 07:59 AM
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My bodyguard and I have never been harmed

Seriously, this site always tells folks to use good sense in ANY city. Don't go around drunk--don't flash your money, don't linger in the dark spots, stay in your vehicle if you have a flat or accident at night--use cell to call police, don't pick up strange men or women.
If this is a serious question, Savannah is no different than your hometown
Jun 30th, 2005, 07:59 AM
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Someone is pulling our legs, I think. I see that littleone hasn't ever posted before. And just to help you with your grammar, littleone, "most safist" is both poor grammar and poor spelling. The correct expression would be either "most safe" or "safest."
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Jun 30th, 2005, 08:00 AM
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I am not sure what you mean by "a city like this." It is like any larger city. And like other cities, there are bad sections of town where people are not safe. But no tourist would be going there.

There is a large Historic District where thousands walk or take riding tours all year long. Good places to eat and good hotels.

Good advice anywhere and anytime is to not do foolish things. Don't pick up strange people in bars, don't wander around in dark alleys and don't leave your car unlocked or with valubles left in plain sight. Savannah is no different as far as safety than hundreds of other tourist attractions.
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Jun 30th, 2005, 08:14 AM
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Where IS the "associate editor" with his canned "I see you are new here...." routine when you need him to scare people like this away?????
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Jun 30th, 2005, 10:06 AM
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He's on the Europe board, and a pleasure to have around.
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Jun 30th, 2005, 10:19 AM
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No, it is not safe.
I was unable to restrain myself from going to that Praline place on River Street, EVERY day and picking up a bag of chocolate covered pralines.
You can say they are for friends and family, but they know
The restaurants are also very good, so figure you can say goodbye to your waistline until you back to your safe praline free home.
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Jun 30th, 2005, 10:33 AM
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LOL ~ Scarlett, that was beautiful.

p.s. I did want to add to my post, LittleOne, that when my DH and I were there it was only for a daytrip, but we felt very safe and we walked ALL over the hsitoric district, stayed into the evening.
However Scarlett is right, the food is very good, and you could become addicted, lol.

Enjoy, Tiff
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Jun 30th, 2005, 10:43 AM
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Great answers, Scarlett and Fairhope.

Hey Scarlett, remember praline, our resident troll a few months ago? That completely changed my outlook on pralines, and I no longer eat them. So does that mean Savannah is safe for me?
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Jun 30th, 2005, 10:51 AM
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Great, Scarlett! I've often hoped to see an answer like yours--"heavens, no, ____is unsafe under any circumstances--please stay away!"
Speaking of chocolate pralines, have you had Aunt Sally's from the New Orleans French Quarter?
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