Internet Explorer problem - help?

Old Jan 24th, 2005, 01:33 PM
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Internet Explorer problem - help?

I posting this from my work pc.

When I return home, I'm going to be unable to reply to anything or make new posts since no matter what I do, the Fodors website says my system is not accepting cookies. It most certainly is, and the security setting I have is also set to put Fodors in a trusted group. So I don't think security should be an issue. I'm kinda at my wit's end, what can be done about this?
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Check the little toolbar at the bottom of your screen, there's an icon that looks like a red circle with a white line through it. It's called "privacy report" - double click and see if Fodor's is listed. If so, right click and choose "always accept cookies from this site". See if that helps. Also, you can try holding down the Control button when clicking on Fodor's, but that only overrides your (incorrect) setting.
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Have you tried Firefox? Its a fast download and its easy to use.Here is a link to download it, and tips on migrating from IE to Firefox.
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Switch to Firefox or the current version of Netscape.

You will have less problems here and much less spyware and related problems.

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I use Firefox too. It is better. In addition, I use Thunderbird for e-mail access.
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When I saw this thread, I figured the OP might be having the same problem as me. I have just upgraded my system and now every time I open IE, a bottom tool bar pops up and I can NOT get rid of it, no matter what I try. It even stays there when I'm using non-internet programs.

I know I can use Firefox instead, but I still prefer IE.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get rid of that lower tool bar? I've tried everything I can think of. Surely someone else has had this problem.
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Check security (Tools -> InternetOptions -> Security)

One of my pc's stopped allowing me to make posts, and I'd found that someone had made the security too high. Once lowered, I could again post.
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I got logging in and posting worked out. I set it to accept all cookies and put Fodors in the trusting internet area for security purposes.

To Statia, that toolbar may be the result of spyware. Take a look at the add/remove programs on the control panel and see if there's anything there you didn't install yourself. You could use a spyware removal tool too. I use one called "Adaware" by a company named Lavasoft. Do a google search to get their URL. Adaware is free for personal use.
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John, thanks for the info. I have now tried to go into add/remove programs and deleted anything I thought might be the no avail. I have also run spybot and come up clean.

Thanks for the advice anyhow. (sigh)
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And now, the rest of the story.

Sorry to say, I was unable to find a way to fix the problems via any of the several thousand options available through windows XP, IE or Zone Alarm.

So what I did to fix all the problems was to buy a new hard drive and reinstall the whole kit and kaboodle. I'm sure some of you have done that at one time or another. It's a lot of trouble, but now that an entire weekend has passed with me staring at the big glass eye, it's over. There is still a thing or two to reinstall, and some stuff (mostly games and hopefully uninvited spyware in it's ilk) is gone for good (yeah, sure). It's much cleaner now and for the moment running a lot smoother.
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